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Organisms of Various Appearances Infest this Woman’s Hair, Bed and Clothes

"I have these all over my house," says this reader about the organisms pictured in a series of photographs. The organisms in question vary in appearance from something that resembles a stick, to an angry, red mass floating in water. Continue reading [...]

Legless Amphibians: What are They and Should We Be Afraid of Them?

Ginormous worms or slimy snakes; what are these translucent, pink worm-like creatures that no one has heard about? The answer is: legless amphibians, a class of amphibians only discovered in the late 1900s. Continue reading [...]

Parasites Resembling Toilet Paper Live Inside the Skin of This Woman

A worm that lives in human skin has been photographed by one of our readers, who wonders if we can tell her what kind of worm it is. The worm in question appears to be a pinkish-yellow color and is attached to a long piece of flat, white matter. Continue reading [...]

Is Dead ‘Worm’ in Man’s Home a Slug or Leech?

A reader wonders if the creature in this photograph is a dead slug. From the photo we can tell that the creature has black coloration, a smooth exterior, a shape that is bulbous at the head but thins out towards the tail, and is small compared to the $10 bill our reader exhibited for size comparison. Continue reading [...]

Man Says He Suffers from Parasite-Induced Pain and Scabs

A reader says that parasites are plaguing his life, and he hopes that we can help identify the parasites for him. He has been experiencing severe pain in his leg and later realized he had "a row of small scabs" on his shin, which he proceeded to scrape off. Continue reading [...]

Florida Woman Reports Parasitic Worm Infestation; What To Do

A woman in Florida states that she is infested with parasites (as seen in the images below), and that she is desperate to get them identified. The first image displays a black worm, with an arrow-shaped head and a thinner, red tail, and the second image displays a long, semi-transparent worm. Continue reading [...]
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