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Mother and Daughter May Have Symptoms of Morgellons Disease

We received a rather heart-breakingly desperate letter from a mother who is worried about herself and her 2-year-old daughter. They live in Walker County, AL and she is convinced that they are both infested by worms or another parasite. The symptoms she lists include: Continue reading [...]

Are Sinus Problems Parasite-Related?

One of our readers believes she might be coughing up a parasite that is infecting her sinuses. Since we aren't medical professionals, there is not much we can do to help our reader out in this scary situation. Rather, we think she should see a doctor immediately. Continue reading [...]

Worm Found in the Toilet Bowl is Probably a Millipede

One of our readers has shared a photo of a dark-colored cylindrical worm with antennae she found in the bathroom. Her concern is largely whether this is an intestinal parasite or could have been in the toilet bowl before it was used by a person. With its cylindrical body shape and antennae, we think it's not a worm, but an arthropod, alarmingly named the snake millipede and harmless to humans, and was most likely in the bowl before she noticed it. The black (or white legged) snake millipede (Tachypodoiulus niger) and blunt-tailed snake millipede (Cylindroiulus punctatus) are among those most common to the UK and parts of Europe. The blunt-tailed snake millipede grows up to 25 millimeters, is typically pale brown with a striped appearance, and often has darker spots along its sides. Continue reading [...]

Several Types of “Worms” Inhabit RV

One of our readers reached out to us to voice her concerns about finding various worms in her RV. Just when she thinks she has found and disposed of the final one, another one pops up. The situation is causing her a lot of anxiety. Continue reading [...]

Hairy Worms Reader Found on Back Deck are Actually Caterpillars

A reader in Pennsylvania asked “what are the hairy worms all over my back deck?” Her children were able to sweep the caterpillars into ice cream buckets several times a day from their redwood deck, and the worms left feces and leaf litter behind. If the children tried to pick them up with their fingers, the worms would “rear up” and seem to defend themselves! The worms are about two inches long with legs, have dark brown or black eyespots on yellow heads, red and blue dots on their backs, and tufts of hairs that make them look hairy or spiny. Unfortunately, the worms our reader has written to us about are actually European gypsy moth (lymantria dispar) caterpillars that are defoliating the oak trees over her backyard. Waves of these caterpillars have moved across New England and Continue reading [...]

White Worm Attacking Ant and Reader

A reader just asked us this question: How can I get rid of worms such as tapeworm in my yard? She said these larvae are attacking food, ants, and also her. She said they are specifically attacking her eyes. She sent us two photos. One is of the specimen in her eye (ah!!), which is apparently causing an infection. Continue reading [...]
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