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Worms with Flat Bodies and Thicker Heads Found Daily are Hammerhead Worms

"I'm seeing these worms daily in my house," says this reader about the creatures with "flat" bodies of around 2-2.6-inches and "thicker head[s]". Our reader is growing uncomfortable as she fears the worms may enter her body and she asks for any suggestions we can provide as to how to prevent their entry into her home. Continue reading [...]

Group of Gray, Spiky Bugs on Bedroom Wall are White Ermine Moth Larvae

"I found these bugs in my children's bedroom [...] on the WALL. What are these?" asks this reader, who is a mother of two children. The creatures appear to be gray in color, minuscule in size, with bulbous heads and segmented bodies. Continue reading [...]

Multi-legged, Yellow Worm-like Creature is a Centipede

"Is this strange, worm-like creature parasitic to my dog?" asks this reader about the long, multi-legged creature photographed below. This beige-colored worm with antennae on its head has our reader worried for his dog, who "threw up with specks of blood" prior to the creature's discovery, and who already has fleas our reader is trying to control. Continue reading [...]

Brown, Stick-like Worm Found on Deck is a Stick Caterpillar

"I found this thing on my back deck on some rugs I took out to shake," says this reader about the long, brown object in the photograph below. Our reader says that "it had split at the darker end" but that it is "tubular at the other end." Continue reading [...]

Glossy Black Worms Found by the Hundreds May Be New Guinea Flatworms

"I found hundreds of these worms on my covered walkway," says this reader about the glossy creatures seen in the photographs below. The "specimens" are about 5-6cm (approximately 2 inches) long, "very dark brown to black", have "no obvious mouth parts at the moving end" and "seem to survive fine in water." Continue reading [...]

Shiny Slime Found by Dead Hammerhead Worms is Indeed a Secretion

"I found a dead, black hammerhead worm in a shiny, clear substance in my garage. Does this worm secrete this substance?" asks this reader in her query. The photo she sent us displays a long, thin worm lying in a pool of the aforementioned shiny substance. Continue reading [...]
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