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Snake-like Creature Found in This Man’s Toilet

"I found this live worm in the toilet," says this reader, who asks if we can identify the worm which he trapped in a bottle to capture this amazing photograph for us. The worm is a translucent, beigy-pink color, has dark vein-looking marks along its body, and has one end that appears to be more pointed than the other. Continue reading [...]

The Incredibly Tiny Barbados Threadsnake

There seems to be no shortage of tiny snakes that people mistake for worms that we can cover in articles. The Barbados threadsnake is so incredibly tiny and incredibly cute, and this article will take a quick look at this quirky critter. Continue reading [...]

Did We Come from Worms?

New discoveries in evolutionary science suggest that humans may originally have come from worms, which gives us an excellent opportunity to further stress the importance of worms, not only to our planet, but now to our evolutionary origins as a species. This article will take a simpler approach to a matter that can often be bogged down in scientific terminology, so that our readers can get a basic understanding of this finding and what is going on. Continue reading [...]

The Hickory Horned Devil: North America’s Largest Caterpillar Species

The hickory horned devil is a caterpillar whose name alone would grab the attention of just about anyone, let alone its startling appearance. What's even cooler about this spiky critter is the fact that it is North America's largest caterpillar species. Continue reading [...]

There is Nothing as Punk Rock as the Spiky Peacock Butterfly Caterpillar

Upon laying eyes on the peacock butterfly caterpillar for the first time, we were instantly transported to the early 2000s, where goth and punk rock clothing styles consumed the internet with the rise of bands of the same style. This caterpillar seems to be stuck in that time period, and this article will touch upon the biological aspects of this radical caterpillar. Continue reading [...]

Is It a Worm? Is it a Snake? No! It’s a Legless Skink!

Legless skinks are a rather unknown creature, and upon looking them up, one might be confused as to what they are. This article will answer the question of the mysterious identity of the legless skink and provide some information on its behaviour and biology. Continue reading [...]
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