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Worms Crawling on to Cement to Avoid Moisture May Be Earthworms or May Not – Here’s How to Get More Accurate Worm Identification

Worms found on this reader's concrete are disturbing her as they "come to get away from water" and "dry up". She says she cannot "get them off" and asks what she should use to fix this problem. Continue reading [...]

Dark Brown Worms are Either Carpet Beetle Larvae or Millipedes

Five bugs/worms were found by this reader which are "brown to dark brown" in color. Our reader says she searched our site and read through our articles but could not find any information on what she was looking for. Continue reading [...]

Dark, Multi-Legged Creature is a Centipede

"What kind of worm is this?" wonders one of our readers, who recently sent in a photograph of this dark goliath. The creature in question appears to be black/dark brown in color, with a long, segmented body, a bulbous head with pincers on either side, a forked tail and many, many legs. Continue reading [...]

Pink Worms with Brown Tails in Palm Plant are Millipedes

Pink worms with brown tails were recently discovered in this reader's palm plants which she bought from IKEA. Our reader wishes to know what these worms are and if we can help her figure out what to do about them. Continue reading [...]

Soft-Bodied Worm-like Creature in Kosovo is a Centipede

What is described as a "soft-bodied worm-like creature" has recently been found by one of our readers based in Kosovo. He hopes that we can help identify this creature, which appears to have a long, but thin body, dozens of legs sprouting from the sides of its body, two antennae on its head, and a red-to-brown gradient along its body. Continue reading [...]

Garden Worms You Want to Stick Around

Worms are typically thought of as the bane of a gardener's existence. They chew through the leaves and stems of the very plants they spend time cultivating and nurturing and end up killing them, making it very frustrating for gardeners who are trying to get a good crop harvest going. However, there are certain garden worms that people do welcome, both for purposes of benefiting the miniature ecosystems they are building in their backyard and for the roles they play in superstition and folklore. Continue reading [...]
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