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Outrageous Infestation of Small Brown Worms Are Millipedes!

A reader concerned about an "outrageous infestation" of small brown worms outside her home sent in this image below of a small worm with a triangular tipped tail and a brown, ridged body. Continue reading [...]

The Impact of Thin Black Worms on Plants

One of our readers asked about the impact of "thin black worms with many legs" on her plants. We believe she is probably dealing with millipedes, and that she shouldn't worry because they are typically beneficial. Continue reading [...]

Worm On Ceiling Might Be Millipede

One of our readers recently sent us a photo of a worm-like organism she noticed crawling on her bedroom ceiling. She described it's slow movement and mentioned 2 antennae. The picture shows a thin brown organism: Despite not being able to see this organism clearly, we still think we know what it is. We believe it is a millipede. Millipedes have the same thin, long body that this creature has, and they also have antennae! Furthermore, they are discovered by readers in and around their homes fairly often! In the outdoors, millipedes live on forest floors where there is an abundance of dead and decaying wood and plant matter to eat. When they sneak into homes, they seek out similarly dark and damp environments. They are usually found in bathrooms and basements where they eat dust, dirt, Continue reading [...]

Worm Discovered in Shower is a Millipede or Centipede

We believe the creatures our reader found in his bathroom are probably millipedes. Millipedes are harmless and not usually classified as household pests, which means they don't cause damage or destruction inside a home, so our reader has nothing to worry about! Continue reading [...]

Small Worm Found in Shower is a Millipede

We identified the brown organism our reader found in her shower as a millipede. These arthropods are considered to be harmless and are not parasitic as our reader feared. Continue reading [...]

Worm With Antennae and Tiny Legs Is A Centipede

The dead creature our reader found in her bathroom is a centipede. These arthropods are commonly discovered in homes and shouldn't be a cause for concern. Continue reading [...]
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