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Centipede and Millipedes Coexist in this Reader’s Home and She has Questions

"I live in Spain and often find what I believe to be millipedes in my apartment," starts this reader in her query. She has also found what she suspects is a centipede, and wonders if millipedes and centipedes can coexist, as well as if "Raid is the best thing" to use to "get rid of them." Continue reading [...]

Multi-legged, Yellow Worm-like Creature is a Centipede

"Is this strange, worm-like creature parasitic to my dog?" asks this reader about the long, multi-legged creature photographed below. This beige-colored worm with antennae on its head has our reader worried for his dog, who "threw up with specks of blood" prior to the creature's discovery, and who already has fleas our reader is trying to control. Continue reading [...]

Black, Segmented Worms Found on Golf Course are Millipedes

"I found a bunch of these worms on a golf course green. Can you tell me what they are?" asks this reader, who sent in a lovely photograph of a tiny, segmented creature. The creature is black in color, with a long, tubular body, and looks like a millipede. Continue reading [...]

Wriggly Brown Worms May Be Millipedes or Earthworms

"What is a small brown worm with antennae and definitely no legs?" asks this reader in his query to us. Although he sends no photographs with his submission, he describes the worm as being approximately one-and-a-half inches long and "very skinny." Continue reading [...]

Red Organism with Antennae Found in Shower Drain is a Centipede

"What is this!?!!!" begins this query, sent in by a first time mom who is "slightly terrified" of the organism she found when unclogging her shower. At first she thought this long, reddish-brown critter with antennae was a parasite, but after a while became uncertain and hopes that we can identify the organism for her. Continue reading [...]

Hoards of Millipedes Infest This Reader’s Vegetable Garden and Basement

"I am assuming that these are harmless millipedes," states our reader about the organisms that she has been finding in her garden and basement. She lives in Portland, Oregon and is experiencing an "infestation" "after bringing leaf mulch" into her garden "from another garden two years ago." Continue reading [...]
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