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Should We Let Centipedes Live in Our Homes?

Centipedes are often at the forefront of people's bug-related phobias, next to spiders. However, the common house centipede can prove to be beneficial to keep inside one's home, and this article will address the question of whether or not we should allow this to happen. Continue reading [...]

Red Worm with Hooks Found Near Dog

A red, legless worm was found on the tile where this reader's neighbor's dog was sitting outside. According to our reader in South Africa, the worms are 2-4cm long, and have two "hooks" coming from their heads. Continue reading [...]

A Short Guide to Dangerous Worms

Many a dangerous worm exists in this world, many of which are overestimated, but just as many of which are severely underestimated. This article will outline some of the worms that you may encounter that pose some level of threat toward yourself and others. For the sake of organizing the content of this article, we will split this up into three categories, namely parasites, venomous worms and marine worms (many of which you will never have to actually worry about). Continue reading [...]

Curious Pink Worm with Antennae May be an Underdeveloped Centipede

Curious little worms were found by this reader in their Texas home. The worms in question appear to have minuscule bodies, a clear pink/off-white coloration, and one pair of antennae. No legs are visible, and from the video our reader sent in, the worms wriggles and slithers to move about. Continue reading [...]

The Key Differences Between Centipedes and Millipedes

Centipedes and millipedes are two of the most commonly feared creepy crawlers, along with spiders. These long, worm-like creatures both have a multitude of legs, which is what terrifies the many haters of these creatures, and are thus often confused with one another. This article will tackle how centipedes and millipedes are actually distinctly different in a plethora of ways. Continue reading [...]

Segmented, Brown Worm on Stovetop is a Millipede

A dark-brown, segmented creature was found by this reader, who wonders if it is a drain fly larva or a millipede. The critter was found on our reader's stovetop at night; it was not moving and the spot on the stove where it was found was dry. Continue reading [...]
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