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Creepy, Glossy Black Worm is Likely a New Guinea Flatworm

"Can you identify this creepy thing? Thanks!!!" is all this reader writes in his submission to us. The "creepy thing" he is referring to is the long, black worm pictured below, with bulbous bulges protruding from the length of its body. Continue reading [...]

Caterpillar-like Creatures on Plant are Dogwood Sawfly Larvae

"What are these caterpillars collected in Western North Carolina on pagoda dogwood in mid August?" asks this reader of the creatures in the photograph below. The critters, as we can see, are black and yellow in color, with clear segments divided by gray lines and multiple legs on the underside of their bodies. Continue reading [...]

See-through Bugs Surrounding Bathroom Sink are Either Worker Termites or Ants

A reader who recently moved into a new home in Richmond, MO has been finding a lot of "little bugs" around her bathroom sink and wonders if we can identify the "pesty insect." The insect in question is a glossy, brownish-gray transparent color, with six legs sprouting from its ovate body and a pair of antennae atop its round head. Continue reading [...]

Red Organism with Antennae Found in Shower Drain is a Centipede

"What is this!?!!!" begins this query, sent in by a first time mom who is "slightly terrified" of the organism she found when unclogging her shower. At first she thought this long, reddish-brown critter with antennae was a parasite, but after a while became uncertain and hopes that we can identify the organism for her. Continue reading [...]

Snake-like Creature Found in This Man’s Toilet

"I found this live worm in the toilet," says this reader, who asks if we can identify the worm which he trapped in a bottle to capture this amazing photograph for us. The worm is a translucent, beigy-pink color, has dark vein-looking marks along its body, and has one end that appears to be more pointed than the other. Continue reading [...]

The Incredibly Tiny Barbados Threadsnake

There seems to be no shortage of tiny snakes that people mistake for worms that we can cover in articles. The Barbados threadsnake is so incredibly tiny and incredibly cute, and this article will take a quick look at this quirky critter. Continue reading [...]
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