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What Did Reader Find in Washing Machine?

We received a very interesting message from one of our readers. She wrote us on behalf of her friend, who discovered something odd in her washing machine. Continue reading [...]

Mysterious Worms That Love Plastic Storage Containers

One of our readers has found some odd worm-like organisms around her home. Unfortunately, we don't know what she is dealing with. Continue reading [...]

Ragworms May Be Planting Gardens so They Can Enjoy the Harvests

Every gardener has seen worms and larvae living alongside their plants. Unfortunately, most gardeners have also had to deal with the little critters eating those same plants. However, very few of us have seen worms that plant their own gardens. That is exactly what a research team headed by Zhenchang Zhu discovered when studying the ragworm (Hediste diversicolor). They described their findings in the December, 2016 article entitled Sprouting as a Gardening Strategy to Obtain Superior Supplementary Food: Evidence from a Seed-Caching Marine Worm that was published in the journal Ecology. Ragworms live in the ocean and have been previously admired for their effective food gathering methods. While remaining safe in their dens, ragworms spread webs made of mucus across the dens’ openings. Continue reading [...]

Man May Have Mold-Eating Larvae in His Room

Today we will try to help a reader who is having some issues with black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens) in his room. At least, he thinks that is their species. He has included a photograph. Continue reading [...]

Creatures in Pram May be Sawfly Larvae

A worried mother wrote to us from Melbourne, Australia. She is concerned because she has found some worms or larvae in her baby’s pram (stroller). The creatures move quite quickly and are about 2mm (a bit less than 1/10”) long. She would like to know what they are, if she should be worried for her baby’s health, and where they came from. Continue reading [...]

“Worms with Shells” are Case-bearing Moth Larvae

Today, we will discuss an email from a woman who has found an unusual creature in her room. She describes the creature as being less than an inch long. She also says that it has a single black line around that head, which she describes as black or dark brown. The oddest thing, she says, is that seems to be carrying some sort of shell with it. This shell appears to be hairy and looks a bit like a cocoon. Continue reading [...]
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