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Getting A Worm Infestation Abroad and How To Deal With It

A woman wrote to us about getting infested with horsehair worms while visiting Costa Rica, and wanted advice on how to permanently rid herself of them. Continue reading [...]

Outrageous Infestation of Small Brown Worms Are Millipedes!

A reader concerned about an "outrageous infestation" of small brown worms outside her home sent in this image below of a small worm with a triangular tipped tail and a brown, ridged body. Continue reading [...]

To Identify Your Larva, Let it Grow!

We get a lot of inquiries from readers wanting identification of (not-so) creepy crawlies, and we do our best to answer these. To do this we use information such as the geographic location in which the animal was found, what food sources are readily available to the animal, whether it was found indoors or outdoors, and what it looks like. However, much of the time we are offering our very best educated guesses, because so many larva and caterpillars look alike. This is not surprising, as current estimates state that there are between 2 million and 30 million species of insect and approximately 75% of those go through a larval stage. This means that there are between 1.5 million and 22.5 million different caterpillars and larvae out there. So, some of these are bound to look alike. Identification is further complicated by the fact that many larva go through several instars (or phases), and a single animal may look quite different over time. Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

Worm Survival in Lateritic Soil

A student reader recently asked us if we knew of any species of worm that can survive in lateritic soil. If we don’t know of any worms with this ability, she wonders if there is another species of decomposer that can. Continue reading [...]

Can worms see and how?

One of our readers wrote to us and asked us if worms can see and if so how do they do so. This is a question that has come up a lot with our readers. There are quite a few types of worms that are blind, but some worms have specific ways of seeing or sensing light in order to crawl their way around the soil or a specific place. Continue reading [...]
earthworm on carpet

Do Worms Regenerate or Grow Back Body Parts?

One of our readers wrote into us asking if worms could grow back body parts. This is a question that seems to be asked quite often. Many times, the question is about the regeneration of a worm and if it is cut in half, will it regenerate? This is a simple yet complex subject. Continue reading [...]
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