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White Worm-like Creature That Eats Through Wood, Porcelain and Ceramic is a Mystery

"There appears to be a worm on the floor along with white dots that are eggs I guess," states this reader, who thinks she may have found pinworms in her home. The worms in question appear to be white in color, with a flat body. Continue reading [...]

‘Do Palm Flower Caterpillars Eat Clothes?’ Asks Reader from Arizona

Three palm flower caterpillars were recently found in a bedroom in this reader's house in Scottsdale, Arizona. Before that, our reader's son spotted a "'very large' moth," and our reader asks if these caterpillars will get into her clothes. Continue reading [...]

Skinny, Red Worms in Sandbox in Florida are Midge Fly Larvae

Red worms were found in the sandbox of this reader's daughter in the south of Florida; our reader wonders if he needs to be concerned about the worms, or if they are harmless. The worms in question are a bright red color, skinny, and vary in length from below an inch to "3 inches long". Continue reading [...]

See-through Worms Found on Bed are Flea Larvae

A "bunch" of this worm-like creature was found on this reader's bed, who is scared as to what it may be. The creature in question appears to be almost completely transparent, with a black string of matter on its inside. Continue reading [...]

Light Pink Larva Surprises Woman as it Crawls Up Through Computer Crack

A "light pink or light orange" worm-like creature "came crawling up from the crack" of this reader's computer as she was sitting on her bed. Our reader has only found one of these worms, but is worried about what it may be. Continue reading [...]

Mysterious Black Worms with Antennae Roam the Bedroom Walls of England Resident

"Strange black worms" have been appearing all over the bedroom walls of this reader in the South West of England. The worms in question appear to be minuscule in size, black in color, and sport a pair of antenna. Continue reading [...]
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