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Worm Found on Puppy’s Paw is a Beetle Larva/Grub

"Can you help me identify this worm found on my puppy's paw after going outside?" this reader asks of this white, larva-looking critter crawling around on the floor in a video she sent in with her query. Her puppy recently had a tapeworm and so our reader is understandably "freaking out". Continue reading [...]

White Larvae in Virginia Garden Composting Worms or Pests?

Worms of approximately 1/2-inch long were found in a large mass in the moist mulch of this reader's garden in Earlyville, Virginia. The worms in question are a clear white color, with dark markings along their bodies, and a bulbous brown mass on either end of their bodies. Continue reading [...]

Pile of Worms Could Be Powderpost Beetle Larvae

One of our readers might be dealing with powderpost beetles and their larvae in her home. We recommend she begin by locating the wood that they are inhabiting, and then start the process of saying goodbye to the pests. Continue reading [...]

Worm Discovered Near Bags of Rice Could be a Grub

One of our readers discovered a large grub near a bag of basmati rice. We think the specimen bears some resemblance to a rice weevil grub, but we aren't sure that this is a match because of its large size. Continue reading [...]

Tiny White Worms Coming From Wood Floor

A reader wrote to us because her wooden floor was covered in small, white larvae. We think these larvae are either woodworms or maggots. Continue reading [...]

Wood Boring Organism Probably Beetle Larva

One of our readers asked us about larvae that could be damaging her wood furniture and sent us three great pictures. We are confident that she is dealing with wood boring beetle larvae. Continue reading [...]
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