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Worms You Can Find in Your Food Part 2: Fruit Worms

The last place anyone would probably want to find a worm is inside the food they were about to put inside their bodies. As a follow up to our previous article on the same subject, this article will cover specifically worms you can find in your fruit. Continue reading [...]

Creepy Cluster of Larvae on Wall are Fall Armyworms

A "creepy thing" has been found on the upper part of this reader's living room wall. The thing in question appears to be a massive cluster of some kind of grayish-black worm, and our reader says she would appreciate any kind of information on this phenomenon. Continue reading [...]

Colorado Potato Beetle Larvae and What To Do About Them

The Colorado potato beetle is a common garden pest that many have to deal with. This article will outline the biology and behavior of potato beetle larvae and give some insight into how to deal with infestations of this pest. Continue reading [...]

Clear-White Worms in Bathtub are Ant Larvae

A few worms have been found inside a bathtub inside this reader's bathroom in his home. A photograph of one of these worms next to a cotton earbud tells us that this worm is minuscule in size, clear-white in color, and is dark on the inside. Continue reading [...]

Carpet Beetle Larva Discovered Inside a Pill Box

A small, striped worm-like creature was found inside the pill box of this reader, who has identified the creature as a carpet beetle larva. She wonders if the carpet beetle larva may have some how come from inside her vitamin and if that is at all possible. Continue reading [...]

Remarkably Thin Slug Found in Battersea, London

"Blimey!" says this reader, who found "the thinnest slug" that he has ever seen. The slug in question appears to be minuscule in size, our reader including an "inch-wide star handrail" in the photograph he sent in for size comparison, and is a dark brown color. Continue reading [...]
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