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White Worms with Brown Heads Infesting Angora Couch are Casemaking Clothes Moth Larvae

"I'm really freaked out. Please help!" exclaims our reader in her submission concerning the larvae and casings she recently found in her sofa. "The worms are white with a tiny bit of brown on the end." Continue reading [...]

Pinkish-white Worm Found on Curtain by Baby’s Bed is a Clothes Moth Caterpillar

"My sister found a worm in her baby's bed curtain and we didn't find out what kind of worm it is," states this reader in his submission to us regarding what appears to be a pinkish-white larva-like creature with a black/dark brown head. Our reader wonders if it is dangerous, and hopes that we can tell him what the creature is. Continue reading [...]

Small White Organisms Found on Wooden Structures in Home are Woodworms

"We have been finding small white things (as well as other strange things) all around our house for at least a year now," states this reader in her submission regarding the organisms displayed in the photographs below. She describes the situation as an "ongoing and life-consuming nightmare" and appreciates any advice we can give her about the creatures' identity and how to get rid of them. Continue reading [...]

White Worm-like Critters with Brown Heads Popping Out from Behind Stove are Pantry Moth Larvae

"What is this type of worm? Is it dangerous?" asks this reader in her query regarding the white creature photographed below. "Only one pops out every four weeks [...] around the stove area and we cannot find where it is coming from." Continue reading [...]

Yellow Shell of Worm-like Bug is the Shed Skin of a Carpet Beetle Larva

"I found this weird worm-like bug in my couch months ago and then today, I was dusting and found what looks like a shell of it on a picture frame in the same living room," says this reader about the yellow matter in the photograph below. Our reader asks for our help in identifying the creature, as well as with answering the question of whether or not she needs to call an exterminator. Continue reading [...]

Black, Shiny Worms Weaving In Between Couch Cushions are Black Carpet Beetle Larvae

"I have found these black, shiny worms [...] weaving in and out of my couch under the cushions in the creases" says this reader about an unphotographed critter that has been causing her trouble. She asks if we can help identify them for her. Continue reading [...]
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