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Minuscule White Worms Found in Coffee Resemble Threadworms a/k/a Pinworms

Minuscule white worms were found by this reader on her coffee maker when she was preparing her coffee for the next day. She found another of the worms in a glass of tap water she had left out overnight, this one being dead, and wonders if we can tell her what these worms are. Continue reading [...]
bottom of glass terrarium

Will Tiny Worms In Terrarium Kill Plants?

Our reader has begun an eternity terrarium (pictured), and after three days has started seeing white, threadlike worms in the soil. The soil looks like yard or garden soil, which widens the search, but we think the soil introduced nematodes or nematomorpha-- young horsehair worms. Alongside nematodes, garden soil plays host to a near-limitless number of invertebrates and micro-organisms including bacteria, fungi, protozoans and algal forms. Each can contribute fundamentally to the recycling of organic matter into topsoil with the vital nutrients that plants need to grow. It’s estimated that as many as a billion of these micro-organisms reside in a single gram of soil. Eggs and tiny larvae can hitch-hike in with these microorganisms, on unwashed rocks and shells, or any other backyard Continue reading [...]

White Worm Might be Threadworm

A reader sent us a video featuring a thin white worm wiggling around. The worm almost identically resembles a threadworm, but since we are not medical professionals we cannot confirm if this is a parasite or not. Continue reading [...]

Small White Worm with Rough Edges

Recently we heard from a reader that has been finding small worms or larvae in various parts of her house, but mostly in the bathroom. She sent us a video, and also mentioned that these creatures appear to be reflective and seem to either be sticky or have the ability to latch on to items. Continue reading [...]

Thin Orange Worm on Toilet Paper

We heard from a reader (via our Facebook page) who found something interesting on his toilet paper roll. The accompanying photo features a very thin orange thing that might be a worm. It has rough edges, and the head and tail end both look very similar. Continue reading [...]
Horsehair worm in pool

Nematomorpha (Hairworm)

The horsehair worm looks like the thin hair of a horsetail. Horsehair worms are typically dark brown in color, but some are tan, yellow or black. They usually peak during the late summer as well as during the fall months. Continue reading [...]
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