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Striped, Brown, Worm-like Creature Found in Dryer Lint is a Carpet Beetle Larva

Two live, small, brown worm-like creatures were found crawling on the blanket of this reader. She thinks they may be carpet beetle larvae and asks for our thoughts on the matter. Continue reading [...]

Mysterious Gray Larvae on Bed May Be Cutworms

Two worms of a matte gray appearance have been discovered in the bed of this reader, who wonders what type of worms they are and if she needs to change her mattress. As she has a baby, she states that she is being "extra careful", and hopes that she does not have to worry about them. Continue reading [...]

Two Species of Whitish Worms Found in Bedroom are Clothes Moth Larvae and Possibly Flea Larvae

What seems like two different worms have been turning up consistently for over a month in the bedroom of this reader in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and she wonders if we can help identify them for her. From the pictures provided and the descriptions given by our reader, we know that one worm is an off-white color and around 1/5-inches in length, and the other is completely translucent in color and 3/4-inches. Continue reading [...]
apple worm

Worms You Can Find in Your Food Part 2: Fruit Worms

The last place anyone would probably want to find a worm is inside the food they were about to put inside their bodies. As a follow up to our previous article on the same subject, this article will cover specifically worms you can find in your fruit. Continue reading [...]

Creepy Cluster of Larvae on Wall are Fall Armyworms

A "creepy thing" has been found on the upper part of this reader's living room wall. The thing in question appears to be a massive cluster of some kind of grayish-black worm, and our reader says she would appreciate any kind of information on this phenomenon. Continue reading [...]

Colorado Potato Beetle Larvae and What To Do About Them

The Colorado potato beetle is a common garden pest that many have to deal with. This article will outline the biology and behavior of potato beetle larvae and give some insight into how to deal with infestations of this pest. Continue reading [...]
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