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What are Segmented Worms With Hard Exoskeletons?

We aren't sure if the specimens our reader found in the soil are mealworms or wireworms! We wish her the best of luck with her garden! Continue reading [...]

Little White Worms Are Likely Mealworms

We believe the white worms our reader found on her counter are mealworms. We don't think these larvae are related to her husband's cat, but if she is worried about the health of the cat we encourage her to bring it to the vet! Continue reading [...]

Reader Finds Mealworm And Palm Flower Moth Larva

One of our readers found two organisms that we have identified as a palm flower moth larva and a mealworm. Saying goodbye to these creatures primarily involves cleaning! Continue reading [...]

Brown Worms in Front Room are Mealworms

One of our readers found several brown, segmented "worms" in her home. We believe these creatures are mealworms, which are common household pests. As with most insects, eliminating mealworms from a home just requires a little investigating and some dedicated cleaning. Continue reading [...]

Reader Needs Alternative Food Source For Leopard Gecko Colony

A reader reached out to us about food source options for his colony of leopard geckos. We have provided some information on the ideal diet for these lizards, and we see no problem with him introducing black soldier fly larvae as the main food source for his leopard geckos. Continue reading [...]

Keeping Mealworms Away From Radishes

One of our readers asked for advice to get rid of mealworms. We have supplied a few solutions that don't include pesticides! Continue reading [...]
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