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Cream-Colored Worms in Soap Dish Aren’t Parasites

We believe the cream-colored specimens our reader found are either drain fly larvae, maggots, or some other type of larvae. We would recommend using an organic cleaning gel to thoroughly scrub out her kitchen sink and drain, as well as wiping down all the surfaces in her kitchen. Continue reading [...]

What Is “Maggot-Like Worm” In Closet?

We think the creature our reader found in his closet is probably a carpet beetle larva! Although they can be annoying and sometimes destructive, carpet beetle larvae aren't usually considered to be dangerous. Continue reading [...]

Did Reader Find Crane Fly Larvae In Toilet?

We believe the creatures our reader found in his toilet are crane fly larvae! These larvae don't bite, sting, or carry/transmit human diseases! Continue reading [...]

Reader With Morgellons Disease Seeks Comfort

Today we respond to a reader who has been diagnosed with Morgellons Disease, and has been finding worm-like organisms on his body. Continue reading [...]

Mysteriously Appearing Earthworms Due To Sewer Line Gap

One of our readers discovered earthworms in her sink. We agree with her that they are probably coming from the gap in her sewer system. Since she already had it fixed, we don't know what else she can do to stop worms from appearing. On the bright side, earthworms are harmless and truly benefit the environment! We wish our reader the best of luck! Continue reading [...]

Worms In Shower Are Unrelated to Cats

The organisms our reader found in his shower are drain fly larvae! Drain fly larvae breed and feed on the gunk that builds up inside a drain, so our reader will just need to clean it out in order to say goodbye to them. We are confident that these larvae don't have anything to do with his cats, but if he is worried about his pets we recommend that he have them checked by a vet, just to be sure. Continue reading [...]
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