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Various Organisms Infest this Woman’s Home for Three Years; Who She Can Turn to for Help

"I am going on three years now having had strange organisms in my clothing and home" states this reader in her query regarding the creatures in the photos below. Our reader is leaning toward the explanation that "humans and human homes are made up of the same cells and material which would leave behind the same debris", but she would still like our opinion on the matter. Continue reading [...]

Dark-Red Worm that May be a Horsehair Worm Found Alongside White, Cloud-like Matter

"I need help please" starts this reader in his query in which he asks for our "thoughts on these" organisms pictured below. The first photograph shows what looks to be a long, thin, dark red worm-like organism tangled in hair and other debris, and the second photo displays what we can only describe as white, cloud-like matter. Continue reading [...]

Long, Striped Worm Found in Toilet is a Red Wiggler

"Is this an earthworm that I found in my toilet?" is all this reader writes in his submission. The "earthworm" he is referring to is the long, red-striped worm in the photo below, which is a screenshot from one of the two videos our reader sent in. Continue reading [...]

Pink Worm in Toilet is an Earthworm

"I have seen the worm in the picture in our toilet bowl on two separate occasions," states this reader about the pink worm we can see in the picture our reader is referring to. At first, our reader attributed the discovery of the worm to flushing his cat's excrement down the toilet, but now only he has been using the toilet, and he is curious as to where it might be coming from. Continue reading [...]

Jumping Worms Found in Mississippi

"What worm is this?" asks this reader about the brown-pink worm in the photographs below. She reports having seen "several before" in Northern Mississippi where she is located and is fairly certain that they are jumping worms or crazy snake worms. Continue reading [...]

‘How Do Earthworms Get Into Our Toilets?’ Wonders Reader After Finding One in His Bathroom

"I would like to know how [this worm] could have gotten in the toilet?" asks this reader in Medway, Kent, who found this worm in his upstairs toilet. The worm looks to be thin and long, with a pink-brown body and no obvious appendages or bristles. Continue reading [...]
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