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Jumping Worms Found in Mississippi

"What worm is this?" asks this reader about the brown-pink worm in the photographs below. She reports having seen "several before" in Northern Mississippi where she is located and is fairly certain that they are jumping worms or crazy snake worms. Continue reading [...]

‘How Do Earthworms Get Into Our Toilets?’ Wonders Reader After Finding One in His Bathroom

"I would like to know how [this worm] could have gotten in the toilet?" asks this reader in Medway, Kent, who found this worm in his upstairs toilet. The worm looks to be thin and long, with a pink-brown body and no obvious appendages or bristles. Continue reading [...]

Brownish-Pink Worm Speculated to Correlate With This Man’s Weight Loss

"As my husband has been losing a bit of weight, he was wondering if [this worm] was something other than an earthworm!" writes this reader to us about the creature photographed below. In the photo, we see a long, thin, pinkish-brown worm lying on what looks to be a piece of toilet paper. Continue reading [...]

Wriggly Brown Worms May Be Millipedes or Earthworms

"What is a small brown worm with antennae and definitely no legs?" asks this reader in his query to us. Although he sends no photographs with his submission, he describes the worm as being approximately one-and-a-half inches long and "very skinny." Continue reading [...]

Pink & Brown Worms Crawling Up From Shower Drain are Earthworms

A concerned woman recently wrote to us about her mom's discovery of worms in her bathroom. The worm in the picture below appears to be pink and brown in color, and is a long, tubular shape. Continue reading [...]

Pink Worms With Dark Entrails in Shower Could Be Sexually Immature Earthworms

"There have been three occasions that when my husband showers, I find these worms in the shower and don't know if they are parasites," a reader writes in her query. One of these worms is pictured below, and appears to be pink in color, with semi-transparent skin revealing a long dark strand of entrails running the length of its thin, long body. Continue reading [...]
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