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Insect Infection Lasting Three Years Has Man Searching for Answers

"I have been infested with insects going on three years," states this reader in his query. He thinks that he is infected with "toilet flies" that have come from drinking water. Continue reading [...]

A Battle with Mold and Parasites has This Reader Examining Carpet Beetle Larvae Under a Microscope

This reader shares "microscopic pictures" of "carpet beetle larvae that came out of the skin of [her] foot." In addition to this, she suffers from a parasitic infection from living with "multiple types of mold." Continue reading [...]

Man Dealing with Parasites That Eat Red Blood Cells Shares His Story

A man contacted us with reports of drain fly larvae latching on to his clothing and skin and causing all sorts of symptoms. He does not pose any questions directly, nor does he attach any photos, but we will relay his story nonetheless. Continue reading [...]

Woman Dealing with Parasites for Over a Year Shares Her Story

A woman who has been struggling with what she believes to be parasites has contacted us with her story. She does not ask any questions, but simply wants to share some sentiments regarding people suffering from parasitic infections. Continue reading [...]

Wife Pulls Bugs/Worms from Her Skin: Medical Consultation is Advised

"She is literally being eaten alive by these bugs or worms", says this man in his submission concerning his wife. They live in Roscoe, Texas, and ask that we help them find help for our reader's wife. Continue reading [...]

Unknown Pink and White Organisms Found by Reader: Where He Can Go for Further Information

"Can anyone tell me what stage and type of worm or worm pupa these could be?" asks this reader in his submission regarding the various organisms pictured below. "Any ID help would be greatly appreciated!" Continue reading [...]
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