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Man Has Had “Something” Crawling All Over Him For 15 Years; Where Can He Go for Help?

A man has been having "something crawling all over" his face, ears and clothing for 15 years and wonders where he can go to receive help. Despite not providing any photographs, and very little context, we will do our best to provide some helpful information to this man. Continue reading [...]

Worm Infestation of the Skin in Australia; What to do in This Situation

A woman contacted us asking if we could identify the type of worms that have been living in her skin. Our reader resides in Victoria, Australia and wonders if she has more than one thing living in her house. She also states that she has, in fact, been to see a doctor, who looked at her "stupid". Continue reading [...]

Liver Flukes Plague Grandmother and Grandson

"Liver and lung and skin flukes" have been plaguing this grandmother and her five-year old grandson. As both of the victims of this parasite are fighting this infection, the grandmother reports that her lungs are "not looking good" and that her grandson's gall bladder is in need of surgery. Continue reading [...]

Potential Symptoms of a Parasitic Brain Infestation

"What are the symptoms of worms in the brain?" asks one of our readers. No worm in particular is specified, nor is any context given, but we will do our best to answer this question nonetheless. Continue reading [...]

Woman Suffers Pain and Skin Damage from Parasitic Infestation

A woman contacted us who has been suffering from a parasite infestation. According to our reader, and the photographs provided, the parasites resemble toilet paper, and have been noticed to exit our reader's body after taking a shower or bath. Continue reading [...]

What To Do if Your Doctor Does Not Believe You Have Parasites

A woman reached out to us saying that she and her husband had the same kind of infestation of bugs living in their skin, and they wonder what they can do about the problem. They have sought medical advice, but found that doctors were not helpful. Continue reading [...]
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