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Man Suffers “Buzzing Legs” Among Other Symptoms of a Parasitic Infection

"I have had buzzing legs since 2014 or before," writes this reader from in his query to us. He reports dealing with a number of symptoms, as well as worms and "items" that come out of his excrement, and he would like to know exactly what it is he is dealing with. Continue reading [...]

Organisms of Various Appearances Infest this Woman’s Hair, Bed and Clothes

"I have these all over my house," says this reader about the organisms pictured in a series of photographs. The organisms in question vary in appearance from something that resembles a stick, to an angry, red mass floating in water. Continue reading [...]

Man and Woman Deal with Hooked Worms Coming From Nose and Sores

"This one worm with the hook on it came out of his nose, the other one that had 2 in it came out of a sore in my leg," this reader writes to us. She wonders if we can tell her what these worms are. Continue reading [...]

Multiple Family Members of This Woman Experience Parasitic Infection of Hairy, White Bugs

"My sister has been sick with some type of parasite bug," begins this reader, who writes to us about a parasite that she believes has infected multiple members of her family. Her sister in particular has faced the worst of it, and our reader hopes that we can help. Continue reading [...]

Married Couple Battle Doctors and the Internet in the Hope That Their Parasitic Infections are Taken Seriously

"My husband and I have been battling parasites and doctors for two years now," says this reader, who reaches out to us in a desperate time in which her health is declining and she is not getting the help she needs. Our reader and her husband have been diagnosed with strongyloidiasis, Morgellons and some type of filarial infection, among other things. Continue reading [...]

Man Finds Clear White Worms in Stool and Questions Their Relation to Blood Clotting

"I found this worm in my stool 2 days ago," says this reader of the clear white worms displayed in the photographs below. He has recently had clotting problems and wonders if this has anything to do with it. Continue reading [...]
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