Parasites in Humans that Look Like Hair: Reader Discovers a Cure!
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Reader Discovers a Cure for Parasites in Humans that Look Like Hair!

A regular All About Worms reader named Heidi has, after extensive research, discovered both what are these parasites that look like hair that are infecting humans (or at least her), and a cure to eradicate them!

Reader Discovers Symptoms are Not Parasites but Mold Sickness
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Reader Discovers Symptoms are Not Parasites but Mold Sickness

An All About Worms reader has discovered that the symptoms they were experiencing, including little threads of hair-like things, and the thread-like things stinging them, are not parasites at all but instead turned out to be mold illness caused by previously undetected mold in their house. Ken urges people to consider this possibility and get your house tested for mold.

woman skin scarred damaged parasites in humans
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Get Lab Tested for Parasites Without a Doctor through Our Partnership with Life Extension Labs

We get a lot of email from readers who are dealing with internal parasites. It’s heartbreaking to know that scores of our readers have gone to medical professionals to get help with the parasites that are infesting their bodies, only to be turned away as ‘delusional’, accused of being on drugs, or worse. Now our readers can get lab tested for parasites from the comfort of their own home, and without a doctor visit being required.

carpet beetle larva larvae
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GUEST ARTICLE: Carpet Beetles & Carpet Beetle Larva

Carpet beetles are a household pest. While the adults cause little damage, their newly hatched eggs become larva that are very destructive.

medical caduceus
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Immiticide Heartworm Medicine Shortage: 2012 Update

Those who own or have treated dogs infected with heartworm have been waiting for an update on the 2011/2012 Immiticide shortage. The veterinary profession went into a near panic when drug giant Merial, makers of the only canine heartworm treatment on the market, Immiticide, announced in August of 2011 that they had to temporarily halt distribution of the drug for several weeks to several months. Citing a “technical issue in the plant,” the company went on to say that their inventory of Immiticide was depleted and that veterinarians should work on alternative protocols for treating and managing heartworm disease, such as a combination of steroids, antihistamines and preventative heartworm medication.

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Worm Snake

Worm snakes do not eat organic matter like earthworms, they actually feed almost exclusively on earthworms, but these creatures have a number of enemies themselves. They may be eaten by birds, mammals, and other snakes. Worm snakes mate in the fall and spring. The female worm snake lays up to a dozen eggs in the early summer.

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Help! My Cat Threw Up Two Tapeworms

Symptoms of worm infections are similar regardless of the worm that has infected the cat or kitten. The only way to be 100% sure of the types of worms infecting your animal is to provide a stool sample to your local veterinarian for testing.

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What Are the Different Worm Species?

An inchworm is the larvae of moths, of the family Geometridae (phylum Arthropoda, class Insecta, order Lepidoptera). This large, widely diffused group has more than 1,200 species indigenous to North America.

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Sunflower Seed Worms

Outside of ingesting some extra protein and niacin, the Indian meal moth larvae does not have any known diseases, it doesn’t carry any known parasites and it doesn’t carry any harmful pathogens.

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Tongue Worm

Many species of tongue worms have superficial ringlike markings. This gives them the appearance of being segmented.

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Are Earthworm Bites Poisonous?

Earthworms are gentle creatures. They do not bite, and they do not excrete poisonous juices. In fact, earthworms are just the opposite of poisonous.

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Bag of Worms (Varicocele)

The condition does not have anything to do with worms, but it is often called “bag of worms” because the scrotum can often feel like carrying a bag of worms.

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Feline Worm Identification

Ringworm lives in dead skin, while hookworms, tapeworms, roundworms, and whipworms, live in the cat’s intestines. Also known as dermatophytosis, ringworm is an infection in the dead layer of the skin, hair, and nails. The fungus uses dead tissue, called keratin, in the skin as a source of nutrition.

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How to Eat Fried Worms Summary

How to Eat Fried Worms is a classic children’s story that was originally published in 1973. The book has sold more than 3 million copies worldwide and it’s author, Thomas Rockwell has received numerous awards including The Mark Twain Award, The California Young Reader Medal, and The Sequoyah Book Award for How to Eat Fried Worms.

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How Light and Heat Affect Worms

While light will not kill a worm on contact, the effects of sunlight will. If a worm spends too much time in direct sunlight, usually one hour, it will become paralyzed.

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Red Worms for Sale Near Vancouver, WA

While there are plenty of places to find red worms for sale near Vancouver, WA, you can also purchase red worms online through dozens of retailers. You can buy worms from sites such as Planet Natural and Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm.

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How Do You Know If Your Dog Has Worms?

If you don’t have your pet screened often, you will have to become familiar with the symptoms of worms. One of the most obvious ways to determine if your dog has worms is to take a quick look at your pets feces. Worms can be seen protruding from your dog’s waste without examining closely.

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Vegetable Eating Worms

Early detection is a good way to prevent vegetable eating worms from multiplying out of control. All you have to do is inspect your plants daily to check for signs of brown or gray moths and white butterflies. You should also inspect for eggs and larvae (worms).

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Lsasblaster Worm Remover Download

There are several things you can try to remove the lsasblaster “worm.” (1) You can download Norton Internet Security 2010 and use as a removal tool or (2) you can attempt to remove the worm on your own.

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Silk Worm Farm

It is estimated that approximately 75 million pounds of raw silk are produced each year on silkworm farms. It takes more than 3,000 cocoons to make one pound of silk and more than 10 billion pounds of mulberry leaves to feed the silkworms that produce the silk.