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Yellowish-Brown Worms Found On Bed Next to Cat

"A couple of worms" have been found on a bunk bed where this reader's cat was laying, and she wonders if we can tell her what they are. Our reader's son discovered the worms, which are approximately 4mm (1/5-inch) in length, "slightly yellowish/brown" but "a little darker at both ends", have legs and appear to be segmented. Continue reading [...]

Fat, Black Larva on Bed is a Bot Fly (Botfly) Larva

A fat, black "worm/larvae-looking thing" was found on this woman's bed in Yorkshire, UK. Near this one-inch worm, our reader discovered a small amount of dried red liquid, which our reader speculates could be blood. Continue reading [...]

Tiny Clear Worm on Hand is a Flea Larva

A reader located in Indiana recently reached out to us about a worm found on her hand. After killing the first of its kind, an identical worm was found a few hours later. The worm appears minuscule in size and transparent in color, with a black inside. Continue reading [...]

Worm Discovered in Cat’s Vomit

A reader sent us a photo and asked, "What are these creatures?" She explained that she found them in her cat's vomit and she suspects they are caterpillars. Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

Raw Sunflower Seeds As a Cure for Worms in Cats?

One of our readers asked us about using sunflower seeds as a home remedy for treating her cats with worms. Since we aren't medical professionals, we can't give advice on this matter. We recommend that she bring her cats in to be treated by a vet at a free pet clinic. Continue reading [...]

Are Reappearing Worms and Reader’s Cat Related?

One of our readers found some little worms in her bed and wanted to know if the worms might be around because of her cat. We can't guarantee anything without a photograph, but we think our reader might be dealing with flea larvae. Continue reading [...]
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