Cat Claw Found Amidst Infestation of Various Organisms in This Woman’s Home

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EXCITING UPDATE! We have recently come across a new medical provider who actually believes what is going on, and has said they are happy to work with anybody experiencing these symptoms, including remotely. Please see their information by going to our resource page here and looking for “Lighthouse Complex Care”. We are not affiliated with them, and we do not receive compensation or anything else from them, we just have been impressed with how caring they are.

“What the hell is this?” asks this reader about the two objects pictured below: one a white, sharp-looking thing, and the other a lump of brown material. “They’re all over my house. They’re eating the wood deck. They’re on clothes, on furniture and they seem to bore through anything. They’re on the walls and the ceiling. They leave fuzzy, white, linty substances like fabric, hair and wood.” Based on the photo our sent us, the white object looks like a claw, specifically a cat claw. We do not know if our reader actually owns a cat, but given the fact that she has found holes in her clothing, furniture, and elsewhere, it would make sense that a cat is tearing holes in these objects and leaving the lint and fluff all over the home.

That said, she has also specifically stated that multiple organisms have been found, and that they have also been found on the walls and ceiling, where cats are obviously not able to go. Besides, finding multiple cat claws would be concerning. So, this begs the question of what that orangey-brown lump next to the claw is. To be honest, we have no idea. It does not look like any worm-like organism we know of, or any organism at all that we know of.

What we can say is that if there truly are organisms munching on her wooden deck, clothing, and furniture, then they are likely all different organisms. Organisms that typically eat wood include wood boring beetle larvae, carpenter ants and termites. Organisms that will munch on clothing and furniture (specifically upholstered furniture) include clothes moth larvae and carpet beetle larvae. However, neither of the two objects in the photo look like any of these organisms. In any case, we recommend that our reader give her home a thorough clean. She will want to vacuum her home, launder her clothing (specifically that which is even partially organic in make), sanitize all surfaces, and clean her drains. Doing these things regularly helps prevent a variety of worm-like organisms and insects from entering the home. Likewise, she may want to contact a professional if there truly are organisms boring through the wood, as that is very difficult to take care of oneself.

In conclusion, the white object in the photo looks like a cat claw, and that’s what we think it is. However, we have no idea what the brown thing is. Unfortunately, we are unable to identify the apparent multitude of organisms infesting her home. If she wants specific answers, we recommend that she sends more pictures of the various organisms, or that she takes samples of them to her local county extension office to have someone physically examine them. We hope we were able to help to some degree, and we wish our reader the very best!


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Cat Claw Found Amidst Infestation of Various Organisms in This Woman's Home
Article Name
Cat Claw Found Amidst Infestation of Various Organisms in This Woman's Home
"What the hell is this?" asks this reader about the two objects pictured below: one a white, sharp-looking thing, and the other a lump of brown material. "They're all over my house. They're eating the wood deck. They're on clothes, on furniture and they seem to bore through anything. They're on the walls and the ceiling. They leave fuzzy, white, linty substances like fabric, hair and wood." Based on the photo our sent us, the white object looks like a claw, specifically a cat claw. We do not know if our reader actually owns a cat, but given the fact that she has found holes in her clothing, furniture, and elsewhere, it would make sense that a cat is tearing holes in these objects and leaving the lint and fluff all over the home.

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Author: Worm Researcher Anton

10 thoughts on “Cat Claw Found Amidst Infestation of Various Organisms in This Woman’s Home

  1. Everything I’ve read so far is all that I’ve gone thru plus so much more! ? are we bound to die this way? The ignorance of Drs today is scary and really against their Hippocratic oath. Just because they can’t imagine it happening doesn’t mean its not happening! It’s criminal to let us continue to slowly die this way.
    I am going thru the exact same thing and it’s been a personal living hell. I live in ft worth tx and started seeing my symptoms after my daughter’s dog died because his body was beyond consumed by these little demons. But I’m noticing one thing no one else has mentioned, the secretions that fall mainly from my head and burn my back smell like some kind of fruit sap but prior to this the smell coming from my scalp was atrocious and
    After much research I believe it is some form of a stink bug but today after i got out the shower i saw what looked like a centipede but upon looking online i see things like it’s some of nematode parasite. Today my flare up is horrible the dogs are constantly shaking their heads when they get near me and I’m beginning to literally see these things spraying out of my body every where. I am very fearful of what’s going to happen if i don’t get help soon. I pulled what anyone would have thought was a booger from my nose and looked at it and it started moving, when I use my camera to take video of these things the footage is horribly shaky and it’s because there’s so many of them flying against my phone i cannot for the life of me hold it steady. Also i noticed that my footage goes very grainy that’s how you can tell how bad your flaring up. I’ve recently discovered that these things go crazy under bright light and then glow as what i can only guess they are exploding. I’ve never ever seen anything like this but when i put it under the light the other night i could see it was hurting it but after a few glowing and i do mean glowing beams of lights flashed my dogs started choking and shaking their heads viciously after that my room looked almost like it was full of smoke when in actuality it was millions of these things! I put one in a glass And found that there’s a part of them the one that looks like hair but with a dot on it literally sprays this yellow substance non stop and if i had to guess when i vacuum the substance up i can hear buzzing. I don’t know if anyone else has had flies pop out of their body but when I’m vacuuming these things up my vacuum literally buzzes like when a fly gets near your ear. Tonight im laying here and it feels like it’s raining from my body, i can see these flashes or sprays of this stuff just shooting out of my body. Afterwards you can see the dark wet spots on my carpet and they buzz too. When i got out of the shower tonight i found what looked like a centipede but isn’t. When I’m in the shower i can hear my dogs in the next room screaming because I’m shooting so much off my body they somehow shoot thru the wall and door into them.
    I put a flashlight to my back where i could see how they’d be when i did another unsteady video due to how much was flying out of my back then i watched these creatures burrow out from under my skin and glow so bright as what i can only guess their dying but after that my back didn’t have so much of that constant sharp burning pain i always feel which ive read when looking up the nematode worm which looks a lot like that “centipede” i found after i showered. Upon further research I read this nematode worm can literally melt it’s enemy with what sounds like fn crazy but it’s true and even at this very moment my head and body keep pouring down like rain causing my dogs coats to change color to a yellow tint and they feel wet and viciously shake their ears. ?
    I am in horrific pain as they are in my bones and joints and have recently been causing my legs to ache horrifically at night i can’t fall asleep because my legs behave like restless leg syndrome.
    I feel like most days i wake just to lay back down as they continue to take over my body and even in my eyes along with losing my teeth, hair, last night one of these things crawled out of my gums and landed on my tongue and when i pulled it off my tongue and examined – it was very much so alive.
    I feel like I’m already dead and trying to wrap my mind around it all and trying so desperately to come up with a way to save my life.
    I too feel like this thing is going to kill me and it scares the crap outta me.

  2. Oh my God… finally other people are attesting to what I have been knowingly living with since 2017. It covers every inch of my home, and the apartment I moved into in hopes of avoiding what I contracted in my home. Every doctor I went to wrote me off as crazy, and when you combine that with sores all over your body, w/ what appear to be living fibers covering every piece of fabric, and learning this parasite is also in both mine and my dogs nails, skin, & ears. It has became more than I can handle. I felt more crazy with every day that passed. I don’t know what this is but it can change its texture, & color to blend perfectly in with its surroundings. Moreover, not only does it have traits similar to an octopus, but I discovered by putting specimen in plastic medicine container that that have some type of webbing they use, similar to a spider.

    I have wondered if the organism is a type of biofilm that covers and controls other organisms. Like someone mentioned above, what ever this is it also eats the wood baseboards in my apt. I have found nothing that will permanently kill it. I have spent considerable time studying the organism and the things it is capable of doing is without a doubt ~ unbelievable. I am at a loss for where to go to get help. Btw ~ I reside in CO, but have also witnessed this “phenomena” in Ok as well.

    1. Have you had yourself or your home tested for toxic mold or fungus? I have something similar going on, I have been chronically sick with an unknown illness causing skin lesions, nausea, horrific thick discharge from sinuses for 3 years now. Certain traits regarding the skin lesions, my symptoms and the gross, unexplainable debris I find in every corner of my house have changed over time in some way. In the beginning I thought I had contracted or developed a Demodex parasitic infection however there were a few classic traits that you have if it is Demodex that I didn’t have so I became more suspicious and kept researching for answers. It’s a long story but I found my way into the world of mold and fungus. In July I sent my urine to a lab for testing and the results were profound and telling. I have alarmingly high levels of Aspergillus mold and four other mycotoxin’s present in my body. Next step was to have the house tested and that report was shocking and scary. The home I have been renting since 2016 has 21 of the 36 molds that are concerned to be toxic to humans. The number of colonies detected are in the millions, 69 million to be exact which were made up from 3 very toxic bacteria that come from the mycotoxins. The part of this that is very important is that unless you know what your looking for, there are very few signs that you can see with the naked eye throughout my home that would indicate it has a massive mold and fungus problem. I don’t have fuzz or giant black spots on the walls, in bathrooms or anything. Over time I have noticed weird spots on almost everything I own that when looked at with a magnifying lens you can see that it’s not a normal ding or explainable blemish from normal daily things that occur as we live in out home. What’s essentially happening is where the developed colonies are (attic, crawl space, behind walls, etc.) when they omit their spores, those spores travel all over my home on the normal dust particles. Totally invisible but ready to create hell and havoc to whatever they land on and are able to remain there long enough to start to grow. Again, these organisms are so small you don’t ever know their there. This entire nightmare started after there was a leak or intrusion of water and the damages were not properly remediated. This house was built in 1981, sold in 2013 through a foreclosure which is when my current landlord acquired the home, she did a cosmetic flip and began renting it out. I am the 3rd tenant since then and I have lived in the rental the longest as the previous other two moved in less then 1.5 yrs and 6 moths. Since I have lived here we have had a couple issues that may not have been properly addressed, however, in trying to figure it all out I have learned that the home was infested with mold when my landlord purchased it. I don’t know how she cleaned it up but I am assuming it wasn’t the right way so now, almost 10 yrs later, all that mold that started way before I moved in has had time to morph into toxic mold. I am currently dealing with them and my doctors to rectify the issues that have been caused by this and that’s a different story. I was just researching the specific fungus on my report as it’s become all I do anymore and came across this page, read the post and comments and wanted to share my story in hopes it just might help someone else who is going thru the same nightmare. My heart goes out you regardless what the culprit is that’s causing these problems for you. Until 6 moths ago after getting my urine tested I felt the same, crazy. Everyone was annoyed with me and my persistence to solve this mystery. I have been accused of being on meth because of the skin infection on my face. My friends have all left my life, I can’t work as I am always sick and my kids are so sick of listening to me cry, complain, yell, plead to god and just being distracted by this 24/7. Get your body tested for mold and mycotoxins. You can have them in your system and not be sick. If the are present then you know to have your environment tested. It’s not cheap, you must have a reputable company do both. It was worth every penny as I now know what is going on and I can finally seek proper help as I know where to look. Best of luck to you!

  3. Demerdex mites!!!! I have had them for 5 years now and nothing topical really helps as there are millions in your skin. They get worse after a few reinfections which usually comes once a year. They usually will go away after 3 months with a complete change of diet. Permethrin cream helps as well hazel witch to soothe your skin. It cleans them off well. Use this along with oral vimectrin. My parasite issue started when I contracted Hep and after yearsy immune system got compromised and can’t fight them off like normal mammals. I’m currently in treatment for my immune system and hep but still need support. Take D3 and Multi D, VITAMIN B AND BIOTIN, Colloidal Silver WORKS GOOD REALLY GOOD FOR CLEANING, FOOD GRADE CALCIUM BENTONITE AND MSM POWDER. RAMP UP YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM AND IT WILL GO AWAY YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR CLOSE 2X DAILY AND THATS IF YOUR CLEANING YOUR HAIR 2X DAILY. THERE COMING FROM HOUR HAIR FOLLICLES UNTIL IT GETS TO MY STATE AND LIVES UNDER YOUR SKIN EVERYWHY. ITS UNDER MY SCALP, IN MY NECK, EARS, EAR CANAL, NOSE LOST NUMEROUS TEETH FROM THEM IN MY GUMS WHICH WERE ALL NEW ROOT CANAKS AND HAVE MY Good TEETH REALLY LOOSE. BE CAREFUL WITH THEM. I HAVE SO MANY I PISS AND SHIT THEM. I FEEL THE INFEST UP AND DOWN MY BACK THEOUGH MY LEGALS AND I HATE TO SAY IT, IN MY NUTS AND PRIVATE. THEY ARE NASTY AND INLY GET WORSE AND WORSE. CHANGE YOUR SHEETS AT LEAST EVERYOTHER DAY AND BLANKET. TEA TREE HELPS A LITTLE. MAKE SURE TO VACUUM ALL THE TIME. DON’T ITCH THEM, don’t pick them. Don’t look at them. Leave them alone. This is a form of MANGE. STAY AWAY FROM YOUR PETS. YOU CAM REINFECT EACH OTHER.





  4. I’m in Australia and have been told I’m crazy to stop searching and talking about this! My Doctor has said it’s scabies I’ve done treatment after treatment and nothing has helped! I have noticed it is in my food, my dogs are infected and every person I know around me are infected too but are all denying it even though I can see these parasitic things around their homes and their skin looks like mine. I’ve tried everything and am out of options. I change my bed linen everyday. I’ve steam cleaned my mattress and I have got to the point I will sleep curled up with plastic underneath me as I see them pop out through the linen sheets. It is literally driving me insane. My health and those around me are at its worse. I’ve been living like this for over a year now. I will be in touch with those that have left emails surely between all of us we will figure this out one way or another.

  5. I am suffering the same thing. Trips to the ER and NO HELP. I was discharged with their diagnosis of having Parasite delusions and methamphetamine dependant. I have videos of them swimming in my blood, pictures of the weird things I have pulled out of my body. They are now in my eyes,ears,nose,lungs as well as my skin. They can be seen coming out of my skin and they go back in it. They cause me to itch so bad and I feel like I’m getting stung by bees. I have what looks like white dog hairs appear all over my clothes. I went to a dermatologist, they said I scratched my skin. I have had small cocoon looking things grow on my so called scabs. My feet itch intensely. My vision is failing, my health is declining rapidly. I lose so much sleep. My family swears I’m using meth because of the sores they leave. I have come to the conclusion this is what I will die from and I’ve been begging for medical help for over a year now.

  6. IM LOSING MY ISH RIGHT NOW!!! I can’t believe there’s other people going through this! I’ve got the joint pain, face rash, alopecia, the slugs, cat claw, “crumbles” all over the house!!!! Not to mention, sleepless nights and restless days, and medical professionals that think I’m delusional!! I literally screen shot this entire conversation and sent it to everyone I know that I’ve told n agree with the doctors. I emailed Vanessa and Nicole, but I didn’t have Sandra’s info…we need to establish a lil community and expand, I’m sure do dine out there has got to know whether the hell is going on!! I need answers! Have you guys tried anti parasitic meds ? I had permethrin cream=work for a while on the rash , but it came back. And I’m taking ivermectin every week for 5 weeks now. I don’t notice a difference—

  7. Valerie. I’m exhausted from the same thing. It’s everywhere. I have an appointment today and I don’t even know if I should bring it up cuz of all the doctors that thought I was crazy. Although my primary does believe e me somewhat. I gave him a lot of larva samples from my body Monday. Hopefully I will see an specialat mcv. Email me ni*****@gm***.com. I’m so done w this shit.

  8. Valerie…OMG, THANK YOU -THANK YOU -THANK YOU…. FINALLY! I really appreciate your courage to put it out there. Ditto Kiddo. I could have written your comment. Anyone else have this PLEASE lets talk. We need to stick together. After reading your comment I ran downstairs to my husband and insisted he read it because he has accused me of having parasitic psychosis. Wonder if anyone who is diagnosed with parasitic psychosis was also tested for toxoplasmosis.

    Also, wondering where you are located? I am in Cambria County Pennsylvania area and I was beginning to wonder if a parasitic infection is possible in our tap water…. before I get too crazy…id like to talk to you in private.


  9. We too find the split cat claw type things all over our carpets. Then slug type ? creatures in the drain or near water. Also the get into EVERYTHING from lint, rust, clothing, and food. This all started about a year ago right after my mother passed and I started breaking out in a horrible rash and these things literally soften your skin to the point of almost “dissolving” it to make it habitable for them to invade. As crazy as it sounds, we are pulling slug/snail creatures out of our poop, out of our skin, and also live in my gums and teeth which are now jacked. BTW-they disguise themselves as a scab but the scab itself is alive. I know because I was saving samples (for the doctors to NOT want to see) and these little Hellions stayed alive in liquid past 4 days!!! Heat nor freezing does not kill them. These things are tough and ruthless. Mine and my son’s health took a nosedive and is at its worst since this began a year ago last May. Our joints pop out of place, legs and ankles swell, I’m scarred all to Hell from still pulling these creatures out if the wounds they create, my blood was so sticky and black from whatever enzyme the secrete and are stealing from me, my hair is falling out, they have wrecked my teeth and gotten under my gums and inside lip too. NOBODY will help us or listen!!! I’ve been suffering with this for over a year now and I. Too have basically given up and prepared for the worst. That’s how sickly and fatigued I ALWAYS am. When I found out how they do their parasite testing simply using their eyes and a smidge of a smear (why do we give them all that poop to only take a smear?) I was pissed because they said nothing is there and we hand picked these suckers out just to be sure!!! How the hell would anyone find anything doing it like that??? I’m so sick of this crap and I 10000% believe that there’s something nefarious and strange going on here. I just don’t believe that these people are all that blind to all of us.
    *AT THE RISK OF BEING LABELED EVEN CRAZIER* WORD OF ADVICE TO EVERYONE, START LOOKING AT YOUR FOOD AND I DO MEAN EVERYTHING!!! But once you see your food doesn’t seem quite right, you can’t unsee it. I have found these weird things in brand new unopened packaged food. I have noticed these things in literally every little thing. Well I am too the point if buying the animal albenzedole at my local Farm and Fleet because they aren’t going to help us. Sit back and watch how many more cases we start seeing on here. I say we ban together and sue the crap out of these worthless POS “doctors”. 2 ER trips, 3 Convenient Care trips, 3 dermatology appointments, and 1 entirely different hospital ER trip. It is an effing joke. Let’s turn the tables on them…. Power in numbers people. Praying for each and every one of you. Know you AREN’T crazy and you AREN’T alone.
    va********@gm***.com anyone that cares to chat, hit me up.

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