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Worm on Mattress is Carpet Beetle Larva

We believe the orange creature our reader found in his bed is a carpet beetle larvae. He should start the daily cleaning regime we laid out above ASAP to ensure he doesn't end up dealing with an infestation. Continue reading [...]

Horsehair Worms Found Along Bike Trail After a Rain

We believe the worms our reader noticed on the ground during his bike ride are horsehair worms! These worms need a wet environment to survive, so it is no surprise he noticed them after a heavy rain. Continue reading [...]

Hundreds of White Worms Emerge From Lemon Tree Pots

We recently heard from a reader who is quite worried about her lemon trees. She explained that in the last few months she has noticed a few worm-like organisms in her lemon tree pots, but it became a real issue after she fertilized her plants. Continue reading [...]

Mysterious Grey Larvae Lurk in Cupboard

We recently heard from a reader who found some dark grey larvae in her home. She is hoping we can tell her what the mysterious creatures are and advise on how to get rid of them. Continue reading [...]

Larvae Rappel From Bathroom Ceiling

we believe the string of larvae our reader discovered in her bathroom are moth larvae! They are harmless and aren't typically destructive creatures inside a home, so our reader doesn't need to lose any sleep over their presence. Cleaning her bathroom and sealing up potential entryways around her home should keep them from returning. Continue reading [...]

Mysteriously Appearing Earthworms Due To Sewer Line Gap

One of our readers discovered earthworms in her sink. We agree with her that they are probably coming from the gap in her sewer system. Since she already had it fixed, we don't know what else she can do to stop worms from appearing. On the bright side, earthworms are harmless and truly benefit the environment! We wish our reader the best of luck! Continue reading [...]
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