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Parasites or Harmless Larvae? These Small White Worms Invade this Man’s Home

A man found small white worms in every piece of wood in his house and hopes that we can help identify what they are. The image sent in below is difficult to make sense of; there appears to be a smear of white in the center against the green background (which we assume is supposed to be the worm) as well as rings of white surrounding it on all sides. Continue reading [...]

Clear Worm Crawling on Man a Flea Larva, or Something Else?

A reader of ours contacted us about finding a little worm crawling on him after coming inside with dogs. He asks that we help him identify this worm, which appears to be clear, with a black inside. Continue reading [...]

Simple, but Effective Steps To Follow for Any Worm Infestation

A reader located in the United Arab Emirates recently reached out to us after finding black worms in her home. She describes the worms as being a little bit hairy on top, and white on their underside. Unfortunately, our reader did not include any pictures to provide a visual depiction of the worms. Continue reading [...]

Allergy-Inducing Worms the Size of Salt & Pepper Show Up in the Wake of Bedbugs

A woman reached out to us about a curious case of worms she cannot figure out. The worms, which she found in her home, appear to be minuscule in size, curled up in a 'U' shape, but come in two different colors. Our reader found both white and black/brown worms in her home. Continue reading [...]

Green Worms Show Up in the Wake of Dog Tapeworms

A woman recently contacted us about discovering that worms were crawling on her and her mattress when she woke up for two days in a row. The worms appear to be somewhat oval in shape (though it could be the worm contracting its body to make itself smaller) and are described as being almost flat and a 'greenish' color by our reader. Continue reading [...]

Palm Flower Caterpillars Found in this Woman’s Las Vegas Apartment

A reader who recently moved to Las Vegas, Nevada has been finding worms in her apartment and wishes that we help identify them. The worms appear pink in color, with a white underside, an orange head, and small legs sprouting from its underside. Continue reading [...]
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