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Woman Believes She Suffers from Blood-Sucking Cutaneous Parasites; Where She Can Go For Help

"I have had a brown/white [...] blood-sucking cutaneous [...] parasite that besieged me in July 2019" says this reader in her query to us. After having gone to several dermatologists and her GP, who have all dismissed her problem, she is itching to know where she can go for genuine help from someone who will take her problem seriously. Continue reading [...]

Black and White-Striped Worm Found on Bed is a Redbud Leaffolder Caterpillar

"I found this worm in my bed this morning" says this reader about the black and white-striped creature we see in the photograph below. The "worm" is approximately 1.5-inches in length and has no visible legs. Continue reading [...]

Black and White-Striped Caterpillar with Brown Head is a Striped Garden Caterpillar

"What is this?" is all this reader asks about the brown-headed, black and white-striped worm-like creature he found in the photograph below. In this article, we will do our best to tackle this profound question. Continue reading [...]

Deep Orange Worms with Black Legs on Passion Vine are Milkweed Assassin Bugs

"I have this worm that is deep orange with black legs" writes this reader about a creature she found on her "passion vine". Our reader does not provide any photographic evidence of these "worms", but asks if we can let her know how she can get rid of them. Continue reading [...]

Grandmother and Grandchildren Discover Tiger Swallowtail Caterpillar

'My grandchildren and I found a tiger swallowtail caterpillar in Wilson, NC" says this reader in her submission to us. As we can see in the photo below, this caterpillar is an olive green color, with speckles of light green and white adorning its body, and it has a large head with two eye spots with a black stripe underneath. Continue reading [...]

Speckled-Brown Bug with Pincers is Either an Earwig or Beetle Larva

"Can you identify this fast-moving, worm-type bug?" asks this reader in California who found such a bug on her white linen bed sheet when she was making the bed. The bug is brown in color, with six legs, antennae, and a pair of pincer-like appendages at its long, segmented rear. Continue reading [...]
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