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Brown Caterpillar Discovered Hiding in Broccoli

Today we responded to a reader who found a brown specimen on some store bought broccoli. We agree with our reader that the creature is likely a cutworm, which is a type of caterpillar. Continue reading [...]

Cluster of Larvae Discovered on Limestone

Our reader discovered a cluster of moth larvae on the limestone wall of her house. She can wash her walls to get rid of these creatures, but they are nothing to be worried about! Continue reading [...]

Clusters of Worms Found in Garden Under Stones

Today we will discuss some worm-like organisms that a reader discovered under stones in her garden. She wrote that she keeps finding large clusters of them and is curious about what they are. Continue reading [...]
Worm Frass

Using Eri Silk Frass as a Soil Fertilizer

A reader recently reached out to us with this question, "What is the best way to prepare eri silk frass to become a soil fertilizer for food crops?" Let's dive in by breaking down this question! Continue reading [...]

Reader Discovers Caterpillars in Corn

We believe the caterpillars our reader found on her corn plant are corn earworms. We hope finding these worms didn't stop our reader from enjoying her corn, since coming into contact with these larvae isn't considered dangerous or harmful. Continue reading [...]

Worms On Old Trailer Window Probably Moth Larvae

Today we responded to a reader who found tons of tiny white worm-like organisms in her trailer on two occasions in one week. We are confident these specimens are actually moth larvae! Continue reading [...]
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