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Green Worm with Prickles is an Emperor Moth Caterpillar

A green, segmented worm was found by one of our readers this summer, and she wonders what it is. According to our reader, this critter was similar to a tomato worm in its color, texture and possession of a "pincher mouth", but was much larger, and had "little blue and yellow" knobs patterned along its body with black prickles sprouting from them. Continue reading [...]

Caterpillar on Window Screen in Illinois is an Ilia Underwing Moth Caterpillar

A woman discovers strange-looking worm on her window screen in Illinois and wonders what in the world it is. From the image sent in below, the worm appears to be brown or gray in color, with a grainy texture/pattern that makes it resemble tree bark. Continue reading [...]

Pink Worm in Phoenix is a Palm Flower Caterpillar

A reader of ours from Phoenix, Arizona recently sent in this image of a species of worm she has been finding once a day, in or near her hall bathroom. The worm appears pink in color, with a white underside, and is segmented with multiple sets of legs. Continue reading [...]

Worm Caught Eating Dahlia Leaves is a Caterpillar

A reader recently sent in this image of a black worm-like creature he caught eating dahlia leaves. He asks that we identify the creature, which is 1cm (0.39-inches) in length, black and gray in color, and with a white stripe down the middle of its underside. Continue reading [...]

Brown Caterpillar Discovered Hiding in Broccoli

Today we responded to a reader who found a brown specimen on some store bought broccoli. We agree with our reader that the creature is likely a cutworm, which is a type of caterpillar. Continue reading [...]

Cluster of Larvae Discovered on Limestone

Our reader discovered a cluster of moth larvae on the limestone wall of her house. She can wash her walls to get rid of these creatures, but they are nothing to be worried about! Continue reading [...]
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