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Moth Infestation Spawns Concerns Over Parasites

"We seem to have an infestation of moths and what we're thinking might be larvae," states this reader in her submission regarding the array of photos below. Our reader wonders if the appearance of this moth and its larvae could be connected to parasites "in some way." Continue reading [...]

Yellowish Caterpillar Could Be an Armyworm, or Something Else Entirely

"Located in central PA and can't figure out what this worm is I just found on my floor," says this reader in her one-line submission. The worm in question appears to be a yellowish color, with a segmented, semi-transparent body and dark-brown stripes running down its sides. Continue reading [...]

Purplish-brown Worm-like Creature Found in Toilet Could Be a Black Cutworm

"I found this worm/larva in the toilet bowl on top of one of my bowel movements," says this reader about the purplish, brown creature in the photo below. He has no idea if the creature came from him or if it was already in the toilet, and he asks if we can identify it for him. Continue reading [...]

Dark Blue Caterpillars Found on House Wall and Day Lilies are Actually Sawfly Larvae

"What kind of worm or caterpillar is this?" asks this reader in Northeastern New York State. His question pertains to the caterpillar-like creature pictured below, which seems to be a dark blue or purple color. Continue reading [...]

Bright Green Worm-like Creature is a Cabbage Looper Caterpillar

"What is this?" is all this reader asks about the bright green creature in the photo below. From what we can make out, the creature has multiple appendages along its body, which could either be legs or bristles, and may be segmented. Continue reading [...]

Green Caterpillar Found Kitchen Counter is an Armyworm

"Just found this worm/caterpillar in my kitchen on the counter" writes this reader in Rochester, NY about the green creature below with a bulbous brown head. Our reader does not ask us any questions, but we assume she wishes to know what it is. Continue reading [...]
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