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Spiky, Black Worm-like Insect on T-Shirt is an Immature Caterpillar

"I found this worm-like insect on my t-shirt" says this reader about the black, spiky creature in the photo below. Although our reader provides no more context than this, we will do our best to identify the creature, or at the very least provide some helpful tips regarding the discovery of worm-like creatures such as this one. Continue reading [...]

Brown Worm with Cartoon-like Yellow Eyespots is a Western Tiger Swallowtail Caterpillar

"What is this?" is all this reader writes to us about the brown caterpillar in this excellent photograph below. At the tip of this cute creature sits its voluptuous head, adorned with pink, triangular markings, as well as some cartoon-like, yellow eyespots. Continue reading [...]

Group of Gray, Spiky Bugs on Bedroom Wall are White Ermine Moth Larvae

"I found these bugs in my children's bedroom [...] on the WALL. What are these?" asks this reader, who is a mother of two children. The creatures appear to be gray in color, minuscule in size, with bulbous heads and segmented bodies. Continue reading [...]

Worm that Reminds Woman of “Alien vs Predator” is Just an Inchworm

"You are my last hope or I'm about to call it an alien invasion" says this reader, starting her query off with a bang. This beige, wood-colored worm-like creature "has no legs on the middle part of his body" and as a result "walks quite strange." Continue reading [...]

Man Saves Life of Brown-Striped Caterpillar but Hits a Roadblock; What He Can Do Next

"I found a little critter on my bathroom floor a few weeks ago" says this reader about the worm-like creature with "a dark red head", "striped brown" body and "a bunch of little feet." Having saved the creature from a worse fate out in the cold, our reader is concerned that the critter is dying as he does not know what species it is, nor what food it needs. Continue reading [...]

Black and White-Striped Worm Found on Bed is a Redbud Leaffolder Caterpillar

"I found this worm in my bed this morning" says this reader about the black and white-striped creature we see in the photograph below. The "worm" is approximately 1.5-inches in length and has no visible legs. Continue reading [...]
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