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Bitten By a Caterpillar, Now What?

One of our readers wrote to us in distress because her mom was bitten by a caterpillar. We think she should be just fine, but encourage her to see a doctor if she is fearful for her health. Continue reading [...]

Cluster of Worms On Side of House are Moth Larvae

One of our readers discovered a cluster of creatures on the side of her home. We believe these specimens are inchworms. They are harmless and shouldn't be a source of worry! Continue reading [...]

What Are Worms Coming From Air Vents?

A reader found caterpillars coming from her vent and spread throughout her room. We aren't entirely sure what kind of caterpillars they are, but in order to say goodbye to them she will need to properly seal her vents! Continue reading [...]

“Eggs” On Catawba Worms Are Wasp Larvae Cocoons

A reader reached out to us because his catawba worms are covered in white "eggs". These are not actually eggs, but cocoons of parasitic wasps. Continue reading [...]

Worms Hanging From Light Shade Probably Inchworms

One of our readers discovered tiny brown worms hanging from the light shade in his bedroom. We are confident that these are inchworms. They are not dangerous, harmful, or considered to be household pests so we don't think our reader needs to worry about the presence of these creatures. Continue reading [...]

Gray Worm in Garden Is Lasiocampidae Caterpillar

One of our readers recently got in touch with us from Israel. He found a worm-like organism in his garden. He didn't ask any specific questions, but we assume he is curious about the species of the creature. He provided an excellent photograph: The creature in question has a gray body with two bands near its head. It has long brushes of gray hair lining the edges of its body. This is a caterpillar, which is the larva of a moth or butterfly. To be specific, we believe this is the larva of a Lasiocampidae moth. Lasiocampidae are a family of moths that are commonly referred to as lappet moths, snout moths, and eggars. Each of these nicknames has significance. Lappet means a small fold or or flap, so the name "lappet moth" stems from the decorative skin flaps on the caterpillar's prolegs. Continue reading [...]
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