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Worm Discovered in Cat’s Vomit

A reader sent us a photo and asked, "What are these creatures?" She explained that she found them in her cat's vomit and she suspects they are caterpillars. Continue reading [...]

About the Fall Armyworm (or Fall Army Worm) and Beet Armyworm (Beet Army Worm) Infestation

The "wanted dead or alive" outlaws of the worm world are currently two caterpillars that are causing some serious issues around the world. The Fall Armyworm has eaten its way through Africa and is now spreading through Asia, destroying maize crops and leaving farmers in economic distress. The Beet Armyworm population is predicted to spike in England, causing similar issues for onion and scallion crop farmers there. Continue reading [...]

Adorable Yet Dangerous…Introducing the Asp Caterpillar

We have written articles about caterpillars that look like sticks and caterpillars that look like snakes. We have identified caterpillars that are marked with beautiful colors and intricate patterns and caterpillars that are covered in crystals. This article will be about a caterpillar that resembles a hairpiece! Continue reading [...]

Did I Share My Apple With A Worm? Should I Worry?

One of our readers recently reached out to us in concern. She explained that she ate an entire apple before noticing a mysterious brown hole on the bottom. She thinks a worm was probably living in the apple and she wonders if it could make her sick, especially if there is a chance that she might have eaten it. Continue reading [...]

Southern Armyworm Caterpillars Munch on Zinnia Plant

A reader asked us about the worms she noticed on her zinnia plant. We believe the creatures are southern armyworm caterpillars. We have offered a few ways to protect her plants from these voracious eaters. Continue reading [...]

Caterpillar or Christmas Ornament? Meet the Spun Glass Slug Caterpillar

The spun glass caterpillar, known in the scientific community as Isochaetes beutenmuelleri, is found throughout the United States. These caterpillars are so delicate-looking with their intricate appendages that they might even be mistaken for Christmas ornaments if you saw them on an indoor festive tree rather than their preferred host plant, the swamp oak tree. Although beautiful, these caterpillars are quite dangerous. Continue reading [...]
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