Woman Living on Californian Golf Course Bombarded By Multiple Organisms and Medical Conditions

A Californian living on a golf course thinks she may be dealing with several different worm-related problems. She says she has been experiencing an infestation both outside and inside her house for the past two years, and describes multiple different organisms and the effects they have had on her life. Continue reading [...]

Mystery Larvae Infest Reader’s Home, Hair and Dog for Two Years

An infestation of "worms or larvae" have been troubling this reader for two years, taking over her home and her own body. These larvae have been found everywhere, from the fabrics in her home, to her refrigerator, to her dog's hair and her own! Continue reading [...]

White, Fuzzy Critter on Plant in Belgium is a Mealybug

A white, fuzzy creature was found on a plant stalk in Ghent, Belgium by this reader, who wonders what it may be. According to our reader, the creature is as little as 5mm in length, and seems to be able to cling to the stem with no visible legs. Continue reading [...]

Orange and Gray Bugs Found on Sage Plant are Harlequin Ladybird Pupae

Two interesting looking bugs have recently been discovered on this reader's sage plant in Oxfordshire, England. The creatures in question are of two different colors, orange and black, but of the same appearance, being an ovate shape, with segmentation along the body and spots marking their bodies. Continue reading [...]

Pinkish “Bugs” Found Around Arizona Apartment are Palm Flower Caterpillars

A reader in Tucson, Arizona asks "what bug is this?" after finding a few interesting creatures outside his door. The creatures in question appear to be a worm-like creature of sorts that is a "pinkish color", "as well as a yellow and yellowish brown color", according to our reader. Continue reading [...]

Newly-Hatched Armyworm Clusters Found On the Walls of UK Home

Clusters of small, dark worm-like creatures have been found by this reader in the UK, who would like to know what these critters are. Our reader reports finding two such clusters in her house, both times finding them "high up on walls", and describes them as being the size of a "50p coin" (slightly larger than a quarter). Continue reading [...]
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