Woman Finds Microscopic Worms on Wood Laminate Floor with Moisture Problems

"It seems to contain worms" says this reader about the organisms she has been finding on her wood laminate floor in her bedroom. She hopes that we can identify the worms she has found, though every picture seems to display something different. Continue reading [...]

Segmented, Black Worm-like Creature is a Black Soldier Fly Larva

"What is it?" asks this reader in June Lake, California about the organism in the photograph below. This black and brown creature sports a segmented body with seemingly no legs attached, and has no discernible face. Continue reading [...]

Yellow Shell of Worm-like Bug is the Shed Skin of a Carpet Beetle Larva

"I found this weird worm-like bug in my couch months ago and then today, I was dusting and found what looks like a shell of it on a picture frame in the same living room," says this reader about the yellow matter in the photograph below. Our reader asks for our help in identifying the creature, as well as with answering the question of whether or not she needs to call an exterminator. Continue reading [...]

Black, Shiny Worms Weaving In Between Couch Cushions are Black Carpet Beetle Larvae

"I have found these black, shiny worms [...] weaving in and out of my couch under the cushions in the creases" says this reader about an unphotographed critter that has been causing her trouble. She asks if we can help identify them for her. Continue reading [...]

Eggs Found Between Window Panes of Door

Eggs of some kind of organism have been found in between the window panes on this reader's back porch door. Although it is difficult to see from the photos, one can make out white specks on the rim of the window's inside, and our reader is asking us to let her know how she can clean the inside. Continue reading [...]

Brown-Striped Larva Found in Baby’s Crib is a Carpet Beetle Larva

A light brown ovate creature with dark brown stripes has been found for the second time in the crib of this reader's baby. "I don't know how it gets there! Is it coming from the baby's mattress? Please help me find the reason why it keeps showing up!" our reader exclaims. Continue reading [...]
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