Dark Brown Worm Found in Toilet is a Caterpillar

"I found this strange-looking, dark brown worm in my toilet, just floating there," states this reader about the organism pictured below. She thinks it was already there before she used the toilet, and she asks if we know what the creature is. Continue reading [...]

Boyfriend Vomits Black, Round Worm: Medical Consultation is Advised

"My boyfriend hasn't been feeling well the last couple of days," starts this reader in her submission. She states that she "would like to try to ID the worm", and while we will not be able to do this for her, we will nonetheless do our best to respond to her boyfriend's situation with helpful information. Continue reading [...]

Strange Infestation Occurs Under the Skin of Man: Medical Consultation is Advised

"I have a very strange infestation under my skin," states this reader concerning the "black, worm-like creatures" he details in his submission. He includes no pictures with his query, but he does give plenty of context, and asks that we give him ideas for how to get rid of this infestation. Continue reading [...]

Moth Infestation Spawns Concerns Over Parasites

"We seem to have an infestation of moths and what we're thinking might be larvae," states this reader in her submission regarding the array of photos below. Our reader wonders if the appearance of this moth and its larvae could be connected to parasites "in some way." Continue reading [...]

Worms Crawl Through This Woman’s Skin and Lay Eggs in Her: Medical Consultation is Advised

"What kind of work will do its best to crawl in the skin and leave you with eggs coming out of your skin?" asks this reader in her submission. When she blows her nose, "egg-like things" come forth, and she is understandably "scared" for herself. Continue reading [...]

Worms Masquerade as Reflections of Light and Plague this Woman’s Body: Medical Consultation is Advise

"This creature can pretend to be light reflecting in hair," states this reader concerning the "weevil"-like creatures she has been finding all over her body. She wonders if they are plaster bagworms and hopes that we can shed some light on her issue. Continue reading [...]
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