Foot Long Worm is Probably Horsehair Worm

A reader asked us to identify the super-thin brown worm he found in his yard. We are confident this creature is a horsehair worm! Continue reading [...]

Worm Discovered in Cat’s Vomit

A reader sent us a photo and asked, "What are these creatures?" She explained that she found them in her cat's vomit and she suspects they are caterpillars. Continue reading [...]

Hundreds of White Worms Emerge From Lemon Tree Pots

We recently heard from a reader who is quite worried about her lemon trees. She explained that in the last few months she has noticed a few worm-like organisms in her lemon tree pots, but it became a real issue after she fertilized her plants. Continue reading [...]

Earthworm or Intestinal Parasite?

The red worms our reader has been finding in his toilet are earthworms, not intestinal parasites. That being said, if our reader is truly worried about his health, he needs to address those concerns with a medical professional who is licensed to give medical advice! Continue reading [...]

Small Worm Found in Shower is a Millipede

We identified the brown organism our reader found in her shower as a millipede. These arthropods are considered to be harmless and are not parasitic as our reader feared. Continue reading [...]

Worm In Toilet Probably Not From Reader’s Body

We believe the brown worm our reader found swimming in her toilet is an earthworm! We think it probably came from the plumbing system and not from her body! If she is convinced it came from her body, she should see a medical professional ASAP. Continue reading [...]
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