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Red Worm Found in Toilet is an Earthworm

“Is this an earthworm?” asks this reader about the red worm pictured below. “It was in our upstairs toilet.”

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Worm Found Next to Dog Poop is Likely a Red Wiggler, Though Owner Worries About Intestinal Parasites

“Can you identify this worm?” asks this reader about the striped, red worm pictured below. “I found it right next to my dog’s poop.”

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Red Worms in Scalp and Car Bother Reader Seeking Help

“Can anyone identify these red worms?” asks this reader in her submission. “They are in my scalp.”

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White Worms with Brown Heads Found in Uncooked Pasta are Pantry Moth Larvae

“Are these worms pantry worms?” asks this reader concerning the white worm-like creatures with brown heads pictured below. “Is it possible an infestation of pantry worms could be found in items purchased from the grocery store?”

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Posted in Black Soldier Fly Larvae - BSFL Composting Worms Worms Found in the House

White Grub-like Creature Found in House is Likely an Immature Black Soldier Fly Larva

“What is this creature I found in my house in Coventry, UK?” asks this reader concerning the organism pictured below. The creature in question appears to have a white and gray, thick body, and a square of black sticking out from one end of its body.

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Unfamiliar Gray Worm Found Decomposing and Oozing Goo

“Have you ever seen one of these?” asks this reader in Florida about the gray worm pictured below. “It was quickly decomposing and it had goo outside that was melting away”, he adds.