Clusters of Worms Found in Garden Under Stones

Today we will discuss some worm-like organisms that a reader discovered under stones in her garden. She wrote that she keeps finding large clusters of them and is curious about what they are. Continue reading [...]

What is Tiny Brown Worm Found in Carpet?

We think this might be a carpet beetle larva. Since our reader found this worm in her carpet, this seems especially appropriate. Continue reading [...]

Worm On Mattress Is NOT Carpet Beetle Larva

We aren't sure if the creature our reader found on her bed is a moth larva or beetle larva, but we are confident that it isn't a carpet beetle larvae. We think changing her sheets and washing her bedding is a good idea, but we don't think she needs to begin an intense cleaning regime or purchase a new mattress! Continue reading [...]

Reader Concerned About Worms Coming From Her Pores

A reader reached out to us about worms that are coming out of her pores and potentially causing open sores on her skin. Since we aren't medical professionals, her request for help lies outside of our area of expertise. We encourage her to see a specialist and we hope she receives the care she needs! Continue reading [...]
worm from bowel movement

Reader That Found Worm in Bowel Movement Should Seek Medical Care

Our reader found a worm in her bowel movement, so we think it might be a parasite. However, since we aren't licensed professionals, we can't provide medical advice of any kind, and therefore encourage her to see a doctor ASAP. Continue reading [...]
tiny worm in tub

Are Tiny Worms Drain Fly Larvae?

A reader recently sent us some photos of worms he found in his bathtub. He wrote, "I believe they may be drain worms. I think there might be eggs around too. Your input would be great." Continue reading [...]
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