Brewing and Using Compost Tea

Do you have a garden? Are you always looking for ways to keep your plants healthy and free from pests? Look no we will explore compost tea! Continue reading [...]
Worm Frass

Using Eri Silk Frass as a Soil Fertilizer

A reader recently reached out to us with this question, "What is the best way to prepare eri silk frass to become a soil fertilizer for food crops?" Let's dive in by breaking down this question! Continue reading [...]

Worm Crawling on Bathroom Floor is Carpet Beetle Larva

The organism our reader found in his bathroom is a carpet beetle larvae. Continue reading [...]

Tiny Black Worms are Drain Fly Larvae, Not Parasites

We believe the tiny black worms our reader found in his toilet are drain fly larvae, not parasites. Drain fly larvae aren't considered harmful and aren't known to carry or transmit human diseases. Continue reading [...]

Is Worm Found Near Dog Flea Larva?

We believe the larva our reader found near her dog's bed is a beetle larva, not a flea larva. If she is worried about her dog having fleas or is concerned about his health, we recommend she take him to the vet! Continue reading [...]

Reader Discovers Caterpillars in Corn

We believe the caterpillars our reader found on her corn plant are corn earworms. We hope finding these worms didn't stop our reader from enjoying her corn, since coming into contact with these larvae isn't considered dangerous or harmful. Continue reading [...]
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