Horsehair Worms Found On Patio After Heavy Rain

We believe the dozens of white worms our reader found on his patio are horsehair worms. These worms are often found in large groups after heavy rains! Continue reading [...]

Worm Hanging Out in Bicycle Shop Is Black Soldier Fly Larva

Black soldier fly larvae, a.k.a. BSFL, are common and widespread creatures. They aren't considered pests or vector species, which means they generally don't cause damage, destruction, or bring up any health concerns. Continue reading [...]

Worm Found in Cupboard Might be Carpet Beetle Larva

We think the specimen our reader discovered in her cabinet is a carpet beetle larva. Getting rid of carpet beetle larvae depends solely on cleaning! Continue reading [...]

Could Worms In Chinchilla’s Bowl Be Carpet Beetle Larvae?

We believe our reader has discovered carpet beetle larvae in her chinchilla's food bowl. Although they can be annoying houseguests, carpet beetle larvae are not considered to be harmful or dangerous towards humans or pets. Continue reading [...]

Worms On Old Trailer Window Probably Moth Larvae

Today we responded to a reader who found tons of tiny white worm-like organisms in her trailer on two occasions in one week. We are confident these specimens are actually moth larvae! Continue reading [...]

“Soft-Shelled Prehistoric Crustacean” Likely A Sowbug

We believe the segmented creatures our reader found are sowbugs, which are land-living crustaceans. Fun fact: they are more closely related to shrimp than insects! Continue reading [...]
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