Newly-Hatched Armyworm Clusters Found On the Walls of UK Home

Clusters of small, dark worm-like creatures have been found by this reader in the UK, who would like to know what these critters are. Our reader reports finding two such clusters in her house, both times finding them "high up on walls", and describes them as being the size of a "50p coin" (slightly larger than a quarter). Continue reading [...]

Dark, Multi-Legged Creature is a Centipede

"What kind of worm is this?" wonders one of our readers, who recently sent in a photograph of this dark goliath. The creature in question appears to be black/dark brown in color, with a long, segmented body, a bulbous head with pincers on either side, a forked tail and many, many legs. Continue reading [...]

Bug Found Alive in Rice Container is an Indianmeal Moth Larva

A "bug" was found alive in this reader's container of rice in Nipomo, California, and she has seen nothing of the sort before. The bug in question appears to be a worm-like creature which is not even close to being as big as a grain of rice, is an off-white/beige color, has a darker-colored head, and is clearly segmented. Continue reading [...]

Striped, Brown, Worm-like Creature Found in Dryer Lint is a Carpet Beetle Larva

Two live, small, brown worm-like creatures were found crawling on the blanket of this reader. She thinks they may be carpet beetle larvae and asks for our thoughts on the matter. Continue reading [...]

Mysterious Gray Larvae on Bed May Be Cutworms

Two worms of a matte gray appearance have been discovered in the bed of this reader, who wonders what type of worms they are and if she needs to change her mattress. As she has a baby, she states that she is being "extra careful", and hopes that she does not have to worry about them. Continue reading [...]

Grout Worms: What are They and What Do They Look Like?

What looks like small, black worms were photographed by this reader, who wonders if they are grout worms. The photographs display organisms with an array of various body shapes; there are small curled up bodies, long straight ones and the last photograph is of what simply looks like a black dot. Continue reading [...]
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