Reader Curious About Parasitic Worms Retrieved From Cheek

One of our readers recently reached out to us requesting help. She explained that she had some "worms of parasitic nature" retrieved from her cheek. She acknowledges that she should see a doctor but is hopeful that we will be able to identify these worms before she reaches out to a physician. Continue reading [...]

Small Black Worms Take Over Koi Pond

We believe the small black organisms our reader found in her pond are either leeches or black fly larvae. Both are similar in appearance, though leeches are slightly bigger, and both are commonly found in ponds. Neither species are considered invasive and neither should damage her pond or cause any problems with the fish! Continue reading [...]

Tiny Worms in Laundry Basket Are Carpet Beetle Larvae

These are carpet beetle larvae. Carpet beetle larvae are the most common household pests that we write about. They are especially annoying because they can eat basically anything, live for long periods of time without food, and sneakily travel to different rooms searching for additional things to eat Continue reading [...]

Beige Worm Found In Laundry Hamper

We weren't able to identify the beige organism our reader found in her laundry hamper. We don't think it is a carpet beetle larva or a common household pest, so it isn't something she should stress about. If any of our other readers recognize this creature, we invite them to comment below! Continue reading [...]

Worms Living Among Ground Coffee Beans

One of our readers recently contacted us about some specimens he noticed in his bean-to-cup coffee machine. The creatures were in his coffee ground tray. He was a little alarmed to find them and is wondering what they might be and if they are dangerous. The photo he sent shows two brown worms: Sometimes when we see a photo of a worm we instantly recognize it and can identify it. This is not one of those times. While we know that these creatures are small and brown, we can't see any other distinguishing features. We can zoom in to a certain extent and it looks like the specimens might be segmented, but any further and the image just becomes blurry. Based on what we can see, we think these might be mealworms. Despite having the word "worm" in their title, mealworms are Continue reading [...]

Black Wiggling Worms In Toilet Likely Drain Fly Larvae

We believe the black worms our reader noticed in the toilet at her work are drain fly larvae and did not come out of her body. Since she did mention having symptoms, even if she thinks they are psychosomatic, we encourage her to see a doctor if she is truly worried about her health or thinks that these might be parasitic specimens. Continue reading [...]
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