Various Organisms Infest this Woman’s Home for Three Years; Who She Can Turn to for Help

"I am going on three years now having had strange organisms in my clothing and home" states this reader in her query regarding the creatures in the photos below. Our reader is leaning toward the explanation that "humans and human homes are made up of the same cells and material which would leave behind the same debris", but she would still like our opinion on the matter. Continue reading [...]

Dark-Red Worm that May be a Horsehair Worm Found Alongside White, Cloud-like Matter

"I need help please" starts this reader in his query in which he asks for our "thoughts on these" organisms pictured below. The first photograph shows what looks to be a long, thin, dark red worm-like organism tangled in hair and other debris, and the second photo displays what we can only describe as white, cloud-like matter. Continue reading [...]

Shell-like Critters Hanging From the Ceiling by Threads of Web May be Inchworms or Something Else

After finding several organisms that resemble "white shell[s]" hanging over her bed, this reader contacts us in the hope that we can help with this recurring issue. "Sadly", our reader did not send any pictures, but she hopes nonetheless that we can identify the creatures and give some advice as to how she can ensure they do not reappear. Continue reading [...]

Gray and Yellow Worms Forming Webs in Grandmother’s Plum Tree are Tent Caterpillars

"What kind of worms are these and how do you get rid of them?" asks this reader about the gray and yellow-patterned creatures in the photographs below. "They are ruining my grandmother's plum tree," our reader states. Continue reading [...]

Man Faces Infestation of Organisms for Years and Seeks Help

A man in Sanford, Maine reaches out to us in need of help as he has been dealing with organisms that his body has 'extruded' for years. These organisms include the matter in the photos below, as well as "hairlike worms coming out of [his] knuckles" and eggs coming out of his mouth. Continue reading [...]

Pinkish Matter Found on Scalp Forces this Woman To Seek Out Answers

"What is in my scalp?" asks this reader about the pinkish matter photographed below. She also sends in pictures of what we assume to be her hair, as well as of a green, leaf-like object. Continue reading [...]
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