Worms Crawl Through This Woman’s Skin and Lay Eggs in Her: Medical Consultation is Advised

"What kind of work will do its best to crawl in the skin and leave you with eggs coming out of your skin?" asks this reader in her submission. When she blows her nose, "egg-like things" come forth, and she is understandably "scared" for herself. Continue reading [...]

Worms Masquerade as Reflections of Light and Plague this Woman’s Body: Medical Consultation is Advise

"This creature can pretend to be light reflecting in hair," states this reader concerning the "weevil"-like creatures she has been finding all over her body. She wonders if they are plaster bagworms and hopes that we can shed some light on her issue. Continue reading [...]
woman skin scarred damaged parasites in humans

Get Lab Tested for Parasites Without a Doctor through Our Partnership with Life Extension Labs

We get a lot of email from readers who are dealing with internal parasites. It's heartbreaking to know that scores of our readers have gone to medical professionals to get help with the parasites that are infesting their bodies, only to be turned away as 'delusional', accused of being on drugs, or worse. Now our readers can get lab tested for parasites from the comfort of their own home, and without a doctor visit being required. Continue reading [...]

Red Larva is Indeed a Bloodworm, Though Concerns About Parasites are Raised

"Is this a bloodworm or a parasite?" asks this reader in his submission regarding the creature photographed below. The critter in question appears to be a bright red color, with a thin, segmented body that is seemingly quite bendy. Continue reading [...]

Tiny White “Parasites” Plague Man: Where He Can Seek Medical Advice

"For about two years now, I've been covered in what appears to be different parasites," states this reader in his submission concerning the "tiny white things" that "crawl all over" his skin. Our reader does not ask any specific questions, but we will do our best to help him with his situation nonetheless. Continue reading [...]

Woman and Family Plagued By White Larvae Should Seek Medical Advice

"I've been dealing with this issue for 4 years now" starts this reader from Chesapeake in her submission. She and her family have been putting up with with larvae coming from their hair and bodies, and our reader asks for our help. Continue reading [...]
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