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Black Worm Found in Tub is a Drain Fly Larva

"I found this on our water while I was filling the tub", states this reader in her query concerning the black worm pictured below. She is not sure if they are leeches or something else, and wants to know if it is harmful. Continue reading [...]

Cream-colored Worms Appear in This Woman’s Trailer Two Years in a Row

"I have found cream colored maggots with brown heads two years in a row at this time of year in November," says this reader. She does not provide photographs, but instead a decent amount of context that we will use to try and figure out how best to help our reader. Continue reading [...]

What is Sufficient for Cleaning a Drain Properly and Controlling Bathroom Pest Populations?

"If I do have moth larvae and you say to keep drains clean and of course dry, is cleanser adequate or do we need something super duper?" asks this reader in her query about "transparent worms" she has been finding in the kitchen and bathrooms. The creature in the photograph appears to be minuscule in size, a green/gray color, and has two rows of spots going down its back. Continue reading [...]

Dark Gray Larvae Found in Bathroom After Leak Could be Drain Fly Larvae or Carpet Beetle Larvae

"EWWW!!!" says this reader upon finding larvae crawling up from the baking soda she put on a bathroom carpet in an attempt to clean it. The larvae in question are a gradient of colors, their bodies moving from white to dark gray, with a black tip on the lighter end. They also appear to be bristled, and from the video our reader sent it is clear that the larvae have no legs. Continue reading [...]

Little Tiny Black Worms in Bathtub are Drain Fly Larvae

"We found these little tiny black worms in our bathtub and was wondering what they are," states this reader in his submission. From the pictures he sent us, we can see that the worms look more brown than they do black, with horizontal stripes running along their bodies and dark tips at either end. Continue reading [...]

Yellow and Reddish-Brown Striped Worm in Toilet is a Drain Fly Larva

After leaving her house in South-East England empty for three months, this reader has found a worm in her toilet and wonders if we have any ideas about what it could be. The worm is described by our reader as having "yellow and reddish-brown stripes", and zooming in on the photograph she sent us confirms, at the very least, that the worm is striped. Continue reading [...]
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