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Cream-Colored Worms in Soap Dish Aren’t Parasites

We believe the cream-colored specimens our reader found are either drain fly larvae, maggots, or some other type of larvae. We would recommend using an organic cleaning gel to thoroughly scrub out her kitchen sink and drain, as well as wiping down all the surfaces in her kitchen. Continue reading [...]

Worms In Shower Are Unrelated to Cats

The organisms our reader found in his shower are drain fly larvae! Drain fly larvae breed and feed on the gunk that builds up inside a drain, so our reader will just need to clean it out in order to say goodbye to them. We are confident that these larvae don't have anything to do with his cats, but if he is worried about his pets we recommend that he have them checked by a vet, just to be sure. Continue reading [...]

Reader’s Apartment Suddenly Full Of Bugs

One of our readers reached out about several different specimens he discovered in his apartment. We have identified these creatures as a carpet beetle, a carpet beetle larva, a cockroach, and probably drain fly larvae. Continue reading [...]

Is Brown Striped Worm in Foot Spa Parasitic?

One of our readers found some tiny worms living on her daughter's foot spa. We have identified these specimens as drain fly larvae, which are common (and harmless) household pests. Continue reading [...]

Slithering Black Worms in Toilet Probably Drain Fly Larvae

One of our readers asked us about two specimens she found in her toilet, fearing that one of them might be parasitic. We believe both organisms are drain fly larvae. Continue reading [...]

Worm on Shower Curtain Could be Drain Fly Larvae

One of our readers discovered a tiny organism on her shower curtain, which we think might be a drain fly larva. Since she already cleaned her bathroom and threw out the shower curtain, we don't think she needs to spend any more time worrying about these creatures! Continue reading [...]
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