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Cream Colored, Tailed Worm in Toilet is a Rat-tailed Maggot

"What is this worm?" asks our reader about this cream-colored creature she put in a glass jar. The creature looks to be an ovate shape, with a thin tail emerging from one end of its body. Continue reading [...]

Stubby, Segmented Worm-like Creature Found in Lounge is a BSFL

"Found these in my lounge," says this reader about the gray-brown critter photographed below. According to our reader, this segmented creature is approximately 3/5-inch in length and 2/5-inch in width, and she has been finding an average of one per day for the past few weeks. "What is it?" Continue reading [...]

Small Cream Colored Worms Show Up in the Mornings on this Woman’s Patio

"Small, cream colored worms" have been found by this reader on the concrete on her patio in the mornings. She does not know where they are coming from and thanks us for any insight we can give into why they are showing up and how she can get rid of them. Continue reading [...]

Brown, Stick-like Worm Found on Deck is a Stick Caterpillar

"I found this thing on my back deck on some rugs I took out to shake," says this reader about the long, brown object in the photograph below. Our reader says that "it had split at the darker end" but that it is "tubular at the other end." Continue reading [...]

“What parasite is this?” Asks Man About Irregularly-shaped Blue Worm

"What parasite is this?" is the only thing this reader writes to us in conjunction with this photograph of a blue worm-like creature. What resembles a shriveled leaf lies stretched out over a wooden surface, its body seeming to move from tubular to flat as one scans its body from top to toe. Continue reading [...]

Glossy Black Worms Found by the Hundreds May Be New Guinea Flatworms

"I found hundreds of these worms on my covered walkway," says this reader about the glossy creatures seen in the photographs below. The "specimens" are about 5-6cm (approximately 2 inches) long, "very dark brown to black", have "no obvious mouth parts at the moving end" and "seem to survive fine in water." Continue reading [...]
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