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White Grub-like Creature Found in House is Likely an Immature Black Soldier Fly Larva

“What is this creature I found in my house in Coventry, UK?” asks this reader concerning the organism pictured below. The creature in question appears to have a white and gray, thick body, and a square of black sticking out from one end of its body.

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Unfamiliar Gray Worm Found Decomposing and Oozing Goo

“Have you ever seen one of these?” asks this reader in Florida about the gray worm pictured below. “It was quickly decomposing and it had goo outside that was melting away”, he adds.

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Brown Worm with Antennae Found in Sink is a Baby Centipede

“Found in bathroom sink”, states this reader in North Carolina about the minuscule, reddish-brown creature pictured below. The organism has a slender body, and a pair of antennae atop a lighter-colored head.

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White Worms Found in Puppy’s Play Area are Clothes Moth Larvae

“I live in South Carolina, and woke up this morning to dozens of these”, states this reader concerning the white larva-like creature pictured below. “What are they, how can I get rid of them and prevent them in the future?” she asks.

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Small, White Worms in Toilet May Be Flea Larvae

“I keep finding these small worms in the toilet”, states this reader concerning the minuscule, clear-white organism pictured below. “Can you confirm what they may be?”

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Small, Yellowish Larvae Hanging from Silk Threads are Oak Leaf Rollers

This reader found “small white/yellowish larvae floating on silk threads in Northern Michigan” and states that they were “coming out of oak trees”. Besides the photo attached below, this is all the context provided, but we will do our best to provide information on these larvae.