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Man Plagued with Organisms for Two Years; Where he Can Go for Help

"Can you identify these please?" asks this reader in Olean, New York who has been plagued by these organisms for almost two years. His dermatologist says he is better off getting help from an exterminator to diagnose his skin ailment. Continue reading [...]

Spiky, Black Worm-like Insect on T-Shirt is an Immature Caterpillar

"I found this worm-like insect on my t-shirt" says this reader about the black, spiky creature in the photo below. Although our reader provides no more context than this, we will do our best to identify the creature, or at the very least provide some helpful tips regarding the discovery of worm-like creatures such as this one. Continue reading [...]

How to Find a Doctor to Test and Treat You When You Have Worms or Parasites in Your Body

"I was wondering if you know of any doctor in my area for me to go get tested for these parasites" asks this reader from Wichita, Kansas. He wonders "who would really help [him], unlike the rest of the doctors who just automatically dismiss [him] even though [he] could actually have a parasitic infection". Continue reading [...]

Minuscule, Black Worms on Daughter’s Jacket are Flea Larvae

"I just found these on my daughter's jacket hidden under her dresser" says this reader about the creatures photographed below. Our reader asks us if we have any idea what these black-colored creatures are and how she should handle them. Continue reading [...]

Woman Finds Microscopic Worms on Wood Laminate Floor with Moisture Problems

"It seems to contain worms" says this reader about the organisms she has been finding on her wood laminate floor in her bedroom. She hopes that we can identify the worms she has found, though every picture seems to display something different. Continue reading [...]

Segmented, Black Worm-like Creature is a Black Soldier Fly Larva

"What is it?" asks this reader in June Lake, California about the organism in the photograph below. This black and brown creature sports a segmented body with seemingly no legs attached, and has no discernible face. Continue reading [...]
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