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Striped, Bristly Creatures in Bag of Dehydrated Chicken are Carpet Beetle Larvae

"I found these in a bag of dehydrated chicken" states this reader, kicking off his query with a rather odd, but intriguing scenario. By "these", our reader is referring to brown and black-striped worm-like creatures with long bristles extending out from their bodies, all of which vary in size. Continue reading [...]

Creepy Maggots Found in Bathroom Could Be Housefly or Drain Fly Larvae

"Every once in a while I'll find a maggot or 3 on the floor in the bathroom" says this reader. She asks us if we can tell her what to do, how to get rid of said maggots, and what might be causing them to appear. Continue reading [...]

Fuzzy, Brown Creature Nibbling on Geraniums Could Be Cream-spot Tiger Moth & Fox Moth Caterpillars

"Who is this guy nibbling my geraniums?" asks this reader, who states she does not "have the heart to evict him and his buddies." This creature "and his buddies", as photographed by our reader, appear to have brown, fuzzy bodies, and are perhaps an inch in length, judging from the size comparison to our reader's fingernail. Continue reading [...]

Pink, White and Brown Matter Found in the Toilet Bowl of This Woman Seeking Help

"Is this a worm or pieces of one," asks this reader, who sends in a picture of pieces of pink, white and brown matter in a toilet bowl, from what we assume to be her excrement. Our reader states that she has a lot of gas, she eats a lot without gaining weight and she cannot afford a doctor. Continue reading [...]

Flat, Black Worm Found in Toilet is a New Guinea Flatworm

Finding this creature in his toilet caused this Floridian to "freak out a bit." The creature in question appears to be a dark brown/black on its topside, and has a lighter, grayish underside. He asked his "biologist friend" to take a look at it, who said it looked like a New Guinea flatworm. Continue reading [...]

White, Cottony Substance Torments This Woman’s Health, Dog and Home

A "white cottony substance" covers the walls of this reader's home in Angels Camp, California, and she wonders if we can identify what is leaving it behind. She states she has been living with this "infestation" for two years and that it has spread to her entire home, and to herself and her dog. Continue reading [...]
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