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Bright Green Worm-like Creature is a Cabbage Looper Caterpillar

"What is this?" is all this reader asks about the bright green creature in the photo below. From what we can make out, the creature has multiple appendages along its body, which could either be legs or bristles, and may be segmented. Continue reading [...]

Earthworms Emerge Through Concrete Patio: How to Control Their Populations

"Earthworms keep pushing the grout up, breaking the seal" says this reader about the creatures who have been emerging from "between the slabs" of his concrete patio in his backyard. Our reader asks us if we know how he can get the worms to "get out from under the slabs." Continue reading [...]

Green Caterpillar Found Kitchen Counter is an Armyworm

"Just found this worm/caterpillar in my kitchen on the counter" writes this reader in Rochester, NY about the green creature below with a bulbous brown head. Our reader does not ask us any questions, but we assume she wishes to know what it is. Continue reading [...]

Black Worms with White Spots Gathering Underneath Mattress are Lily Caterpillars

"What are these worms gathering underneath my son's mattress?" asks this mother from Melbourne Australia. Her question pertains to the minuscule, black worms with white polka dots in the photos below. Continue reading [...]

Shell-like Critters Hanging From the Ceiling by Threads of Web May be Inchworms or Something Else

After finding several organisms that resemble "white shell[s]" hanging over her bed, this reader contacts us in the hope that we can help with this recurring issue. "Sadly", our reader did not send any pictures, but she hopes nonetheless that we can identify the creatures and give some advice as to how she can ensure they do not reappear. Continue reading [...]

Gray and Yellow Worms Forming Webs in Grandmother’s Plum Tree are Tent Caterpillars

"What kind of worms are these and how do you get rid of them?" asks this reader about the gray and yellow-patterned creatures in the photographs below. "They are ruining my grandmother's plum tree," our reader states. Continue reading [...]
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