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Two Hammerhead Flatworms Discovered on Patio in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

Two hammerhead worms were found on this reader's patio in Oak Ridge, Tennessee within the span of two years. The first one is very long and black in color, while the second one is shorter, with a beige-brown body. Continue reading [...]

Tiny, Skinny Little Thing On Shorts is Likely an Inchworm

"I found this tiny, skinny little thing on my shorts after coming home from a run," says this reader, who asks if we can identify the worm-like creature. Although it is difficult to tell from the photograph, which was taken at a distance from the worm, the creature appears to be a dark color (perhaps a black or dark brown), with a thin, elongated body. Continue reading [...]

Fuzzy, Brown Creature Nibbling on Geraniums Could Be Cream-spot Tiger Moth & Fox Moth Caterpillars

"Who is this guy nibbling my geraniums?" asks this reader, who states she does not "have the heart to evict him and his buddies." This creature "and his buddies", as photographed by our reader, appear to have brown, fuzzy bodies, and are perhaps an inch in length, judging from the size comparison to our reader's fingernail. Continue reading [...]

Flat, Black Worm Found in Toilet is a New Guinea Flatworm

Finding this creature in his toilet caused this Floridian to "freak out a bit." The creature in question appears to be a dark brown/black on its topside, and has a lighter, grayish underside. He asked his "biologist friend" to take a look at it, who said it looked like a New Guinea flatworm. Continue reading [...]

Round, Dark Spots in Upstate New York Home are Fall Armyworms

Two large groups of small black worm-like creatures were found in this woman's upstate New York home. She asks if we can tell her what they are likely to be. Continue reading [...]

Maroon Worm Found On Bed Comforter is an Inchworm

"The tiny thread-thin worm taped to the card [...] was crawling, inch-worm-like on my bed comforter one night" says this reader, perfectly encapsulating her experience with the worm in the photo below. The "inch-worm-like" creature in the photo is a brownish-red color, is lying on its side in a shape that inchworms do make when they make their way across a surface, and is, from what we can tell, quite small in size. Continue reading [...]
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