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Hairy Caterpillars: Cuddly or Dangerous?

We are blessed to live in a world where fuzzy caterpillars exist. Looking like little bundles of fur, are these critters as utterly harmless as they appear to be, or are they hiding something far more sinister under their dazzling coats? Continue reading [...]

Red Worm with Hooks Found Near Dog

A red, legless worm was found on the tile where this reader's neighbor's dog was sitting outside. According to our reader in South Africa, the worms are 2-4cm long, and have two "hooks" coming from their heads. Continue reading [...]

Endangered Worms and Why They Should Be Protected

Worms are vastly regarded as 'gross' or 'disgusting' creatures, and as a result of that, many tend to have little regard for their lives. Thus, when certain animal habitats are destroyed to make way for housing developments or farmland, though many protest the lives of the mammals and birds that live among the trees and bushes, many do not stop to consider the lives of those underground, or under foot. Continue reading [...]

A Crash Course on Worm Composting

Worm composting is a phenomenon that only grows in popularity among gardeners over time, and it has been a while since we provided a comprehensive guide to this useful tool. This article will provide an updated, crash course guide to worm composting. Continue reading [...]

The 3 Things NOT to do When You Find a Worm

Our job is receiving and responding to the many queries we get from readers all over the world regarding the worm-like creatures they discover, but far too many times there have been cases where readers have limited themselves from getting a proper identification by handling the worm improperly. This article will outline some points on what NOT to do when you find a worm, so that you can maximize your chances of identifying the worm and figuring out how you can solve the potential problems that arise with this discovery. Continue reading [...]

Remarkably Thin Slug Found in Battersea, London

"Blimey!" says this reader, who found "the thinnest slug" that he has ever seen. The slug in question appears to be minuscule in size, our reader including an "inch-wide star handrail" in the photograph he sent in for size comparison, and is a dark brown color. Continue reading [...]
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