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Beige-Pink Worm Found in Toilet in Nepal is an Earthworm

"I rescued this guy from my toilet in a 4th floor apartment," says this US resident about the worm she found during her visit to Nepal. The organism in the photograph appears to be mostly beige in color, with brown and pink accents along its body, has a segmented, elongated body, and is quite long in relation to our reader's fingers. Continue reading [...]
moth fly larva in toilet

Furry Moth, Accompanied by Black Larvae, May Be a Moth Fly or a Fall Armyworm Moth

"A few days before" removing black larvae from her living room ceiling, this reader "had seen a rather large, dark, furry moth." She believes the larvae to be moth fly larvae (otherwise known as drain fly larvae), but wonders if this moth, which was an inch in size and width, was indeed a mother moth fly, or something else entirely. Continue reading [...]

Dark Creature with Many Legs in Kansas City Apartment Complex is a Millipede

"It was dark and had many legs", said this man. living in a "hotel-like apartment complex", about something he found curled up on his floor. The creature in question is an elongated shape, has multiple pairs of legs sprouting from each section of its segmented body, and is a dark brown/black in color. Continue reading [...]

Hordes of Flat, Red Worms Infiltrate this Woman’s Back Porch in Arkansas

"How do I make them goooo?" asks this reader, who found hordes of these worms roaming and climbing the pillars of her back porch. The worms are red in color, extremely long, with virtually featureless bodies, and the images our reader sent in are a sight to see. Continue reading [...]

Slimy, Brown Worm Found in Shower is a Hammerhead Flatworm

"Flatworm?" asks this reader, who found a peculiar critter in his shower. The critter in question appears to be black in color, with a gray/beige underside, and a thin, but long body that is able to curl up on itself. Continue reading [...]

Long, Dark and Striped Worm in Toilet is a Pheretima Earthworm

A black and white-striped worm of considerable length was found by this reader in his toilet in the morning. After finding our website, which "seem(s) to be an authority on worms!" (thank you very much), he hopes we can tell him if the worm is anything to worry about. Continue reading [...]
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