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There is Nothing as Punk Rock as the Spiky Peacock Butterfly Caterpillar

Upon laying eyes on the peacock butterfly caterpillar for the first time, we were instantly transported to the early 2000s, where goth and punk rock clothing styles consumed the internet with the rise of bands of the same style. This caterpillar seems to be stuck in that time period, and this article will touch upon the biological aspects of this radical caterpillar. Continue reading [...]

Is It a Worm? Is it a Snake? No! It’s a Legless Skink!

Legless skinks are a rather unknown creature, and upon looking them up, one might be confused as to what they are. This article will answer the question of the mysterious identity of the legless skink and provide some information on its behaviour and biology. Continue reading [...]

Three of the Most Breathtaking Caterpillars (Part 2)

"When you think of worms and worm-like creatures, maybe the word ‘beautiful’ isn’t the first word that comes to mind" is how we introduced our first article on this very same topic. However, and we hope, that after having read the first article, this statement may no longer rings true for our readers. This article will address three more stunning caterpillars in a further attempt to expose people to the aesthetic wonders of the world of caterpillars! Continue reading [...]

Creepy Cluster of Larvae on Wall are Fall Armyworms

A "creepy thing" has been found on the upper part of this reader's living room wall. The thing in question appears to be a massive cluster of some kind of grayish-black worm, and our reader says she would appreciate any kind of information on this phenomenon. Continue reading [...]

The Snake that Looks Like a Worm

The brahminy blind snake is a snake so tiny that many mistake it for a worm. This article will take a quick look at this friendly little fellow and outline its physical and biological characteristics. Continue reading [...]

Caterpillar Symbolism and Mythology

The term 'caterpillar' encapsulates an innumerable number of butterfly and moth larva species, but generally it is met with positivity. This article will delve into how the caterpillar has been viewed throughout history in terms of its symbolic meaning, as well as its role in mythology. Continue reading [...]
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