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What Worms Are Destroying Palapa?

We received this message from a reader, "I have these worms in my palapa that are literally destroying it. Is it possible that they came from Mexico with the leaves? They aren't on any of the other plants or trees in my yard." Continue reading [...]

Moth Larvae “Take Over” Reader’s Car

One of our readers found a ton of small worm-like organisms in her car. We are confident these are moth larvae. They are not harmful or dangerous and she can get rid of them by cleaning! Continue reading [...]

Reader Finds Crane Fly Larva in Garden

A reader reached out to us about a gray worm-like organism she noticed in her garden. We are confident that she has discovered a crane fly larva. Continue reading [...]

Soldier Beetle Larvae Found All Over Porch

We wish our reader the best of luck while dealing with these soldier beetle larvae and encourage her to remember that they are actually doing a lot to help her yard and garden! Continue reading [...]

Cluster of Worms On Side of House are Moth Larvae

One of our readers discovered a cluster of creatures on the side of her home. We believe these specimens are inchworms. They are harmless and shouldn't be a source of worry! Continue reading [...]

Are Worms in Water Bucket Mosquito Larvae?

Today we will respond to one of our readers in Florida. She wrote to us about some interesting creatures she noticed in her animals' water bucket that she thinks might be mosquito larvae. She wrote, "I've never seen this before, the worms have made mucus-looking huts/tunnels all over the bottom of the bucket. The worms look pink when they get bigger and brown when they are smaller. When they are calm they swim in slow S-shape motions, but when they are disturbed they jerk around. They were hiding in their tunnels until I dumped the bucket." Along with this detailed message, our reader included two photographs. The first shows a bunch of gold particles in the bottom of the bucket: We aren't sure if the gold areas are the worm-like organisms or the tunnels/huts our reader mentioned. We Continue reading [...]
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