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Worm Frass

Using Eri Silk Frass as a Soil Fertilizer

A reader recently reached out to us with this question, "What is the best way to prepare eri silk frass to become a soil fertilizer for food crops?" Let's dive in by breaking down this question! Continue reading [...]

Horsehair Worms Found On Patio After Heavy Rain

We believe the dozens of white worms our reader found on his patio are horsehair worms. These worms are often found in large groups after heavy rains! Continue reading [...]

Worms On Old Trailer Window Probably Moth Larvae

Today we responded to a reader who found tons of tiny white worm-like organisms in her trailer on two occasions in one week. We are confident these specimens are actually moth larvae! Continue reading [...]

Tiny Translucent Worm Found on Moss Plant

Today we responded to a reader who found a tiny, translucent worm near her moss plant. We believe this creature is a nematode, which is a roundworm! While there are parasitic nematodes, and even some that infect humans, we believe the one our reader has discovered is harmless. Continue reading [...]

Moth Larvae Infestation in Closet and Garage

Our reader is dealing with clothes moths and case bearing moths, and their larvae. Clothes moths and case bearing moths are actually both types of clothes moths, and both are found in North America. Continue reading [...]

Foot Long Worm is Probably Horsehair Worm

A reader asked us to identify the super-thin brown worm he found in his yard. We are confident this creature is a horsehair worm! Continue reading [...]
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