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Worms with Incredible Abilities

We think it goes without saying that a website that specializes in writing about worms holds a certain appreciation for worms. This appreciation may be something that is not reflected by the general public, but is something we want to change with this article, which will give a couple of examples of worms with abilities so extraordinary that one might have to reconsider their negative view on worms.

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Remarkably Thin Slug Found in Battersea, London

“Blimey!” says this reader, who found “the thinnest slug” that he has ever seen. The slug in question appears to be minuscule in size, our reader including an “inch-wide star handrail” in the photograph he sent in for size comparison, and is a dark brown color.

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Is Dead ‘Worm’ in Man’s Home a Slug or Leech?

A reader wonders if the creature in this photograph is a dead slug. From the photo we can tell that the creature has black coloration, a smooth exterior, a shape that is bulbous at the head but thins out towards the tail, and is small compared to the $10 bill our reader exhibited for size comparison.

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Baby Garden Slugs Cling to the Fur of this Woman’s Cat

Small, slimy worms have been found on the fur of this woman’s poor cat a number of times over the course of a few weeks. In the picture our reader sent in, we can see a minuscule, brown worm-shaped creature, with two antennae at its head, and a tubular body that thins out at the tail. Another thing worth noticing is the obvious split in color and texture along its middle, the upper half of the creature being a lighter brown than its lower half.

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White Slimy Creature on Kitchen Floor May be an Underdeveloped Slug

A reader from the UK found a white, slimy-looking creature on her kitchen floor. The creature is inconsistent in shape, its body having a round, thicker middle and then thinning out to a tip on one end, and into a more circular shape on the other, which seems to be curled into the body. The latter end also has a black circle with a white middle, and seems to have some discoloration.

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If You Lick a Banana Slug Your Tongue Goes Numb!

If you ever find yourself in the forests along the Pacific Northwest of the United States, look around on the ground and you might spot a banana slug crawling along, and if you are feeling especially like a dare devil, perhaps you will even lick it!

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Black Worm On Asphalt Is A Slug

We are confident that the black worm-like organism our reader discovered is a slug. We think it could potentially be a black slug or a black velvet leatherleaf slug!

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What Is Worm Discovered After Steady Rain?

A reader sent us a photograph of two creatures she noticed on the side of her house after steady rain. We believe that one of these creatures is an earthworm and that the other is a leopard slug!

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“Worm” Found in Florida Garden Might be a Slug

One of our readers found a green slimy organism in her garden. We believe that the specimen is a slug!

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Dead Black Creature is Probably a Slug

We received some very interesting pictures from a man who found a creature in his living room. The critter appeared to be dried out and dead. It was about 1.25” (~3.2cm) long. Its body was black in color, though its underside was brown. The interesting thing is that it has two or three hook-like appendages around its mouth. He has scoured the internet, but has not been able to identify it.