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Carpet Beetle Larvae Chew Their Way Through Home

We believe the organisms chewing through our reader's home are carpet beetle larvae. For more cleaning tips for getting rid of these specimens, our reader can check one of our various articles on carpet beetle larvae. Continue reading [...]

Tiny Worm on Bed is a Carpet Beetle Larva

The small brown worm our reader found on her bed is a carpet beetle larva. Unfortunately, these organisms can be really annoying and destructive, but luckily our reader only found a single larva, so she should be able to start cleaning in time to prevent an infestation. Continue reading [...]

Thin Red Worms in Shower Could be Bloodworms

We believe the small red worms our reader noticed in his shower are bloodworms. Although these larvae aren't known to carry or transmit human diseases, we still think he should act fast to get rid of them! Continue reading [...]

Worm In Toilet No Cause For Alarm

We think the creature our reader found in her toilet could be either a bloodworm or an earthworm. It is also possible that it is a different species entirely, but these are two of the most common worms found in toilets, and they share some resemblance to the organism our reader found. Continue reading [...]

Bed Bugs Or Carpet Beetle Larvae?

We think the small brown organisms our reader noticed near his bed are carpet beetle larvae, not bed bugs. The trick to getting rid of carpet beetle larvae is to clean, clean, clean! Continue reading [...]

Snakefly Larva Found on Reader’s Comforter

The brown and black organism our reader noticed on her comforter is a snakefly larva! Since these aren't household pests, our reader doesn't need to worry about a potential infestation. However, we did touch on a few ways she can prevent other larvae from sneaking in. Continue reading [...]
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