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Clear-White Worms in Bathtub are Ant Larvae

A few worms have been found inside a bathtub inside this reader's bathroom in his home. A photograph of one of these worms next to a cotton earbud tells us that this worm is minuscule in size, clear-white in color, and is dark on the inside. Continue reading [...]

Should We Let Centipedes Live in Our Homes?

Centipedes are often at the forefront of people's bug-related phobias, next to spiders. However, the common house centipede can prove to be beneficial to keep inside one's home, and this article will address the question of whether or not we should allow this to happen. Continue reading [...]

Oddly-Shaped Pupae Found in Black Mold and Drains in Texas

Odd-looking, black organisms have been found by this reader in Ft. Worth, Texas. The organisms in question are being found in an area of her home that is moist and heavy with black mold, as well as near drains. Continue reading [...]

How to Spot a Pupa

Most of the articles we write at AllAboutWorms deal with some sort of worm-like creature, which is usually either an insect at the beginning of its life cycle (a larva) or a mature worm (an earthworm or millipede, for example), but what about that in-between stage, where a creature will neither look like a larva, nor whatever creature it grows up to be? Most insects will have a pupal stage that comes between the larval and final stage, and this article will provide some insight into how to spot an insect at this stage, before it breaks free an adult. Continue reading [...]

Carpet Beetle Larva Discovered Inside a Pill Box

A small, striped worm-like creature was found inside the pill box of this reader, who has identified the creature as a carpet beetle larva. She wonders if the carpet beetle larva may have some how come from inside her vitamin and if that is at all possible. Continue reading [...]

What to Do if You Have a Parasite (Don’t Wait to See a Doctor!)

Parasites are a huge medical problem across the globe and especially in third-world countries. We get quite a few questions from readers in the Western world who are infested with parasites, but do not seek medical help, despite having the privilege to do so. Continue reading [...]
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