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Lint-like, White Matter Found by Woman Who May Need Medical Advice

"What are these?" is all this woman asks in her submission to us. She sends in multiple pictures, of which we have included only a few, of what appears to be white, lint- and hair-like matter all around what we assume to be her home. Continue reading [...]

Pinkish-white Worm Found on Curtain by Baby’s Bed is a Clothes Moth Caterpillar

"My sister found a worm in her baby's bed curtain and we didn't find out what kind of worm it is," states this reader in his submission to us regarding what appears to be a pinkish-white larva-like creature with a black/dark brown head. Our reader wonders if it is dangerous, and hopes that we can tell him what the creature is. Continue reading [...]

Various Organisms Infest this Woman’s Home for Three Years; Who She Can Turn to for Help

"I am going on three years now having had strange organisms in my clothing and home" states this reader in her query regarding the creatures in the photos below. Our reader is leaning toward the explanation that "humans and human homes are made up of the same cells and material which would leave behind the same debris", but she would still like our opinion on the matter. Continue reading [...]

Shell-like Critters Hanging From the Ceiling by Threads of Web May be Inchworms or Something Else

After finding several organisms that resemble "white shell[s]" hanging over her bed, this reader contacts us in the hope that we can help with this recurring issue. "Sadly", our reader did not send any pictures, but she hopes nonetheless that we can identify the creatures and give some advice as to how she can ensure they do not reappear. Continue reading [...]

Black Dots on Lamp Could be Moths or Something Else Entirely

"Help!" exclaims this reader at the beginning of her query to us. "What the heck is on the couch crystal lamp shade?" she asks, likely referring to the black dots one can see in the screenshot below. Continue reading [...]

Brown and White-speckled Bug with Six Forelegs and a Pronged Rear is a Beetle Larva

"What type of worm or bug is this?" asks this reader in her query concerning the brown and white, speckled bug in the photograph below. Our reader found it on top of her bed cover, and we will do our best to identify this critter for our reader. Continue reading [...]
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