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Horsehair Worms and Casemaking Clothes Moth Larvae Discovered Among Various Organisms by Concerned Woman

What seems to be a variety of organisms of various appearances have been found by this reader, who sent us screenshots she took from a video showcasing the organisms moving. The first pictures displays what looks to be a collection of brown and/or tan pieces of matter, the second showcasing the worm that "looks like a piece of hair but isn't", and the third shows the "fuzzy" "sack" that is taken through the lens of a microscope. Continue reading [...]

The Key Differences Between Centipedes and Millipedes

Centipedes and millipedes are two of the most commonly feared creepy crawlers, along with spiders. These long, worm-like creatures both have a multitude of legs, which is what terrifies the many haters of these creatures, and are thus often confused with one another. This article will tackle how centipedes and millipedes are actually distinctly different in a plethora of ways. Continue reading [...]

Clear-White “Worm-looking Thing” in Bedroom is a Clothes Moth Larva

One of our readers recently sent in a picture of a "worm-looking thing" they have been finding on their bed at "random occasions". Upon zooming in on the photograph our reader sent in, the worm in question appears to be a clear-white color, with a dark spot on one end of its body, which we assume to be its head, and a slightly darker inside. Continue reading [...]

Dozens of White Larvae Falling From Ceiling Fan are House Fly Larvae

Several dozen larvae have been falling from this reader's bathroom ceiling fan over a span of several days. The larvae appear to be white, have no legs, and, in the words of our reader, "one end" of the larvae "is flat and the other has a tapered pointy end." Continue reading [...]

Organisms of Varying Colors, Shapes and Textures Live in Black Mold in Vents

"Would you know what kind worm/maggot/pupa this/these might be?" asks our reader, who found such creature's "under toe" and "dropping down" from her ventilation, which is filled with black mold. The photographs sent in display an array of organisms of various shapes and colors, ranging from a slimy green worm to what looks like a gray pupa with long hairs sticking out of it. Continue reading [...]

Hairy, Black Caterpillars with Yellow Dots are Likely Scarce Footman Moth Larvae

Tiny, black worms have been infesting the house of this reader, who wonders if we can tell her what they are. Our reader, who lives in Sri Lanka, describes the worms as being black and hairy, with a column of yellow dots running the length of its body, and being 1mm-1cm in length. Continue reading [...]
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