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Parasites or Harmless Larvae? These Small White Worms Invade this Man’s Home

A man found small white worms in every piece of wood in his house and hopes that we can help identify what they are. The image sent in below is difficult to make sense of; there appears to be a smear of white in the center against the green background (which we assume is supposed to be the worm) as well as rings of white surrounding it on all sides. Continue reading [...]

Tan & Yellow-Striped Bug in NYC Apartment is a Carpet Beetle Larva

A woman recently contacted us with the following image of a bug she estimates to be about 1/4-inch or smaller. She found this creature on her couch, and from the picture we can see it is brown and tan striped in color, with a darker brown head at one of its ends. Continue reading [...]

Simple, but Effective Steps To Follow for Any Worm Infestation

A reader located in the United Arab Emirates recently reached out to us after finding black worms in her home. She describes the worms as being a little bit hairy on top, and white on their underside. Unfortunately, our reader did not include any pictures to provide a visual depiction of the worms. Continue reading [...]

Clear Worm Found After Cuddling Dog is a Webbing Clothes Moth Larva

A reader of ours recently sent in a video of a worm she found on her arm after cuddling her dog, and wishes that we identify it. The worm in question appears to be a translucent whitish color, and has a black head that is wider than its body. Continue reading [...]

Black and Gray-Striped Bug is Indeed a Carpet Beetle Larva

A reader recently sent in this image of a creature, asking us to confirm whether or not it is a carpet beetle larva. The creature in question appears black and gray-striped, with a black head, and a double-pronged tail. In comparison to the fibers of the material this worm was found on, we can presume that this worm is tiny in size. Continue reading [...]

Larva Found on Blanket is a Webbing Clothes Moth Larva

A reader recently found a larva on a blanket in her closet. She described it as being tan in color, with a black head, and no stripes. Continue reading [...]
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