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Dark Creature with Many Legs in Kansas City Apartment Complex is a Millipede

"It was dark and had many legs", said this man. living in a "hotel-like apartment complex", about something he found curled up on his floor. The creature in question is an elongated shape, has multiple pairs of legs sprouting from each section of its segmented body, and is a dark brown/black in color. Continue reading [...]

“Is it a Baby Snake?” Asks Reader About the Dark, Slender Serpent On Her Wall

What seems to be a long, dark-colored worm-like creature is stretched across this reader's wall. Our reader found it there and asked us if it is a baby snake. Continue reading [...]

“Some Type of Worm” with 20 Sets of Legs Turns Out to be a Centipede

"Some type of worm" was found by this reader in her house, and she asks that we tell her what it is. Our reader has never seen a "worm" like this before, which appears to have a long body, with "15 or 16 sets of legs" (though we count 20) sprouting from its sides, a yellowish coloration, antennae on its head, and a set of "hard" pincers at its rear. Continue reading [...]

Off-White Larvae Roaming Kitchen are Pantry Moth Larvae

"We found these larvae on our kitchen floor," says this reader, who asks if we can help identify said larvae. The larvae are an off-white color, with segmented bodies and a black dot where we assume their heads are. Continue reading [...]

Bristly, Black and Brown Larvae in Bassinet are Carpet Beetle Larvae

Worms were found by this reader in her infant's bassinet, and she wonders what they could be. The worms appear to have segmented bodies, with long bristles extending from the entirety of their bodies. One of them is black in color, and the other brown. Continue reading [...]

Bristled, Striped Creature May be Disfigured Carpet Beetle Larva, or Something Else Entirely

"Is it dangerous?" asks our reader, who sent in these photographs of a creature he found in his house which he is unable to identify. He wants to know if the presence of the creature will bring any harm, and how he may get rid of it. Continue reading [...]
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