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An Array of Toilet Paper-Like Worms Freak Out the Resident of this Fresno Home

Worms whose color changes depending on their surroundings have been discovered all over the home of this woman in Fresno, CA. She asks if we can identify the worms as she is "freaking OUT." Continue reading [...]

Carpet Beetle Larvae and Fully-Grown Grain Beetle are Found in Colorado Home

A resident of Northern Colorado recently contacted us about a suspected carpet beetle infestation in her home. She has found multiple larvae, which are of various colors, but appear bristly with segmented striped across their bodies, and what may be a fully-grown carpet beetle. Continue reading [...]

Curious Pink Worm with Antennae May be an Underdeveloped Centipede

Curious little worms were found by this reader in their Texas home. The worms in question appear to have minuscule bodies, a clear pink/off-white coloration, and one pair of antennae. No legs are visible, and from the video our reader sent in, the worms wriggles and slithers to move about. Continue reading [...]

Little Red Worms Coming From Tap in the Philippines are Midge Fly Larvae

"Very thin, little red worms" have been coming from this woman's tap in La Union, the Philippines. She asks that we help identify the critters and provide insight on how to get rid of them completely. Continue reading [...]

Orange Worms Found in Kitchen are Indianmeal Moth Larvae

Orange worms have been popping up all around this woman's kitchen, and she wonders how she can get rid of them, and where they originate from. Besides being orange, the worm in the photograph appears to perhaps be somewhat transparent, is minuscule in size, and has a brown head. Continue reading [...]

The 3 Things NOT to do When You Find a Worm

Our job is receiving and responding to the many queries we get from readers all over the world regarding the worm-like creatures they discover, but far too many times there have been cases where readers have limited themselves from getting a proper identification by handling the worm improperly. This article will outline some points on what NOT to do when you find a worm, so that you can maximize your chances of identifying the worm and figuring out how you can solve the potential problems that arise with this discovery. Continue reading [...]
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