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Centipede and Millipedes Coexist in this Reader’s Home and She has Questions

"I live in Spain and often find what I believe to be millipedes in my apartment," starts this reader in her query. She has also found what she suspects is a centipede, and wonders if millipedes and centipedes can coexist, as well as if "Raid is the best thing" to use to "get rid of them." Continue reading [...]

Small White Organisms Found on Wooden Structures in Home are Woodworms

"We have been finding small white things (as well as other strange things) all around our house for at least a year now," states this reader in her submission regarding the organisms displayed in the photographs below. She describes the situation as an "ongoing and life-consuming nightmare" and appreciates any advice we can give her about the creatures' identity and how to get rid of them. Continue reading [...]

White Worm-like Critters with Brown Heads Popping Out from Behind Stove are Pantry Moth Larvae

"What is this type of worm? Is it dangerous?" asks this reader in her query regarding the white creature photographed below. "Only one pops out every four weeks [...] around the stove area and we cannot find where it is coming from." Continue reading [...]

Black, Hairlike Organisms Cause Welts on Woman’s Skin; What Resources She Can Use to Find Help

A woman in Sydney, Australia recently moved house and has been finding all sorts of bugs and creatures in her home, including the organism pictured below. She describes it as a "little, black hairlike thing" and she has found it all over her house; she wonders what it might be and seeks our answers. Continue reading [...]

White Worm Found in Toilet Bowl is Likely a Larva and Not a Parasite

"Can you please identify this dude?" asks this reader at the end of his query about the white worm-like creature he found in his toilet bowl. The creature was found in the morning, and our reader has "not yet ascertained whether this thing came from [his] body or not." Continue reading [...]

Minuscule, Black Worms on Daughter’s Jacket are Flea Larvae

"I just found these on my daughter's jacket hidden under her dresser" says this reader about the creatures photographed below. Our reader asks us if we have any idea what these black-colored creatures are and how she should handle them. Continue reading [...]
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