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Black Wiggling Worms In Toilet Likely Drain Fly Larvae

We believe the black worms our reader noticed in the toilet at her work are drain fly larvae and did not come out of her body. Since she did mention having symptoms, even if she thinks they are psychosomatic, we encourage her to see a doctor if she is truly worried about her health or thinks that these might be parasitic specimens. Continue reading [...]

Discovering Case Bearing Larvae and Carpet Beetle Larvae Together

We have explained why case bearing moth larvae and carpet beetle larvae are sometimes found together or near each other. Neither of these creatures is actually harmful, but they can be destructive and are therefore both considered to be pests. Continue reading [...]

Is Lipstick Covered In Microscopic White Worms?

We don't think the white stuff our reader find on her lipstick tube is worm-related. We think it is probably just dust or powder. Continue reading [...]

Reader Bitten By Click Beetle Larva

We believe the "creepy crawly" our reader was bitten by is a click beetle larva, a.k.a. a wireworm. These creatures don't usually bite unless attacked or under threat, so we don't know why it bit our reader while he was sleeping. Continue reading [...]

Worm Found in Cupboard Might be Carpet Beetle Larva

We think the specimen our reader discovered in her cabinet is a carpet beetle larva. Getting rid of carpet beetle larvae depends solely on cleaning! Continue reading [...]

Could Worms In Chinchilla’s Bowl Be Carpet Beetle Larvae?

We believe our reader has discovered carpet beetle larvae in her chinchilla's food bowl. Although they can be annoying houseguests, carpet beetle larvae are not considered to be harmful or dangerous towards humans or pets. Continue reading [...]
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