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Reddish-pink Worms Found in Pool are Either Earthworms or Tubifex Worms

"Not sure what these worms are that I found in my pool after heavy rain," states this reader in Florence, South Carolina. The worms in question appear to be a pinkish-red color, and are 1-2-inches in length and very thin, according to our reader. Continue reading [...]

Black Worm with Pinkish Underside Found on Bathroom Floor May be a Flatworm, Earthworm or Brahminy Blind Snake

"What kind of worm did I find on my bathroom floor?" asks this reader about the black worm with the gray-pink underside in the photo below. She says that she is "super freaked out", so we will do our best to put our reader's mind at ease. Continue reading [...]

Earthworms Emerge Through Concrete Patio: How to Control Their Populations

"Earthworms keep pushing the grout up, breaking the seal" says this reader about the creatures who have been emerging from "between the slabs" of his concrete patio in his backyard. Our reader asks us if we know how he can get the worms to "get out from under the slabs." Continue reading [...]

Dead Earthworms in a Compost Pile: Is It Useful and What Does it Mean?

"Is there any use for dead earthworms? Can they be used in a compost pile?" asks this man in his submission to us. No further context is given, and no pictures are attached, but we will do our best to unpack and answer this question. Continue reading [...]

Black Worm Found in Tub is a Drain Fly Larva

"I found this on our water while I was filling the tub", states this reader in her query concerning the black worm pictured below. She is not sure if they are leeches or something else, and wants to know if it is harmful. Continue reading [...]

Smooth, Pink Worm Found Next to Dog Excrement is Potentially an Earthworm

"I woke up and saw this next to my dog's poop" states this reader in her submission. "What is it?" she asks about the small, pink-colored worm in the picture below. Continue reading [...]
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