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Small Black Worms Take Over Koi Pond

We believe the small black organisms our reader found in her pond are either leeches or black fly larvae. Both are similar in appearance, though leeches are slightly bigger, and both are commonly found in ponds. Neither species are considered invasive and neither should damage her pond or cause any problems with the fish! Continue reading [...]

Is Red Worm in Toilet Parasitic?

We don't think the red worm our reader found in her toilet is a parasite, rather we believe it is either an earthworm or a bloodworm. Of course, it is good that she went to see a doctor, and she should refer to them for medical advice on the matter! Continue reading [...]

Earthworm or Intestinal Parasite?

The red worms our reader has been finding in his toilet are earthworms, not intestinal parasites. That being said, if our reader is truly worried about his health, he needs to address those concerns with a medical professional who is licensed to give medical advice! Continue reading [...]

Worm In Toilet Probably Not From Reader’s Body

We believe the brown worm our reader found swimming in her toilet is an earthworm! We think it probably came from the plumbing system and not from her body! If she is convinced it came from her body, she should see a medical professional ASAP. Continue reading [...]
earthworm in toilet

Brown Worm in Toilet Probably an Earthworm

We believe the brown worm our reader found in his toilet is an earthworm. Earthworms aren't known to carry or transmit any human diseases, so they are generally considered to be harmless! Continue reading [...]

Brown Worm in Toilet Probably An Earthworm

We think the brown worm our reader found in her toilet is probably an earthworm. Readers discover earthworms in their toilets a few times a month, so we don't think our reader has anything to be concerned about! Continue reading [...]
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