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Stripey Red Worm in Toilet in Scotland is a Red Wiggler

A long stripey, red worm was found in a toilet in Southern Scotland by this reader on the first floor of his home. He wonders if we can tell him what it is. Continue reading [...]

Tiger Worms in Compost Pose no Risk to Garden Wildlife

Recently, we received a question from a woman who had a waterlogged wormery. She threw the entire contents into the compost bin and now she finds that her compost includes big, happy, healthy composting worms in it. She suspects that the composting worms are tiger worms. This is probably correct, since tiger worms (Eisenia fetida, also known as red wrigglers) are often used in wormeries. They’re great little composters. Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

Types of Fishing Worms

Red worms are quite easy to use as bait as they can survive a wide range of temperatures ranging from 38 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. Once on the hook, the red worm becomes quite active. Continue reading [...]

African Nightcrawlers

When the African nightcrawler eats organic matter such as leaves and grass, the worms' excrememt, called “castings,” becomes a powerful fertilizer that can be used by gardeners and farmers to help manage crops. Continue reading [...]

Red Wiggler Worms

In just one day, red wiggler worms can consume organic material equivalent to their body weight to produce castings equal to 75% of their body weight. Red wiggler worms can convert organic materials into high quality humus, which will provide gardens with earthworm castings, which is considered a complete (and powerful) natural fertilizer. Continue reading [...]

Tiger Worm

Tiger worms have the ability to consume their own body weight in food each day. This means that because there is plenty to go around, the organic waste material that their bodies produce can also be used as a powerful fertilizer. Continue reading [...]
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