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Red-striped Worm May be Bloodworm but Woman Worries About Parasites

“What is this worm?!” asks this reader in the UK about the red-striped worm-like creature pictured below. “Hoping it’s not a harmful parasite.”

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Red Worms Found in Mobile Home are Indeed Redworms

“This is the second one I have found in our mobile home”, states this reader in Belding, Michigan. She is referring to the minuscule, red worm-like organism pictured below, and wants to know how they are getting into her home.

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Worm Found Next to Dog Poop is Likely a Red Wiggler, Though Owner Worries About Intestinal Parasites

“Can you identify this worm?” asks this reader about the striped, red worm pictured below. “I found it right next to my dog’s poop.”

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Long, Striped Worm Found in Toilet is a Red Wiggler

“Is this an earthworm that I found in my toilet?” is all this reader writes in his submission. The “earthworm” he is referring to is the long, red-striped worm in the photo below, which is a screenshot from one of the two videos our reader sent in.

earthworm in dirt
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Plastic Waste Harms Not Only the Soil, but the Worms Too

We all know that the trash we throw out on a daily basis has unfortunately played a big role in laying waste to our planet. One material that is especially toxic to our Earth is plastic. Not only does plastic harm our soils, but also the worms in them.

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Bright Red Worm Found in Toilet is an Oligochaete

A red worm was found in the toilet by one of our readers one night. This red worm appears to have sheer skin, is quite long and has a thin body, and our reader asks that we identify it for them.

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Little Red Worms Coming From Tap in the Philippines are Midge Fly Larvae

“Very thin, little red worms” have been coming from this woman’s tap in La Union, the Philippines. She asks that we help identify the critters and provide insight on how to get rid of them completely.

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Stripey Red Worm in Toilet in Scotland is a Red Wiggler

A long stripey, red worm was found in a toilet in Southern Scotland by this reader on the first floor of his home. He wonders if we can tell him what it is.

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Long, Striped Worm in Toilet is a Red Wriggler

A worm was found in the toilet of this reader, alive, and she wonders if we could help identify it for her as she is “freaked” out. The worm in question appears to be red in color, with segmented stripes, and a long, smooth body.

Worm in the Shower
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Canadian Worms Can Take A Shower Too

One of our Canadian readers’ two-year-old son and her husband had just finished up a shower when they found this…

worms and flood
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What Happens to Worms in Hurricane and Flood Weather?

As Hurricane Matthew moves off the east coast of the United States leaving flood waters behind, communities are reeling. Did…

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Eradicating Red Worms From Your Home

We just heard from a reader who seeks advice on keeping red worms from entering her home in Central Florida.

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Reader Discovers Red Wigglers in Landfill

We recently heard from a reader in British Columbia who continues to find some interesting worms after it rains. We can see from the picture that the worm is very long, red, and has yellow stripes (or segments) lining its body. He said that he has lived all over different parts of Canada and has only had encounters with this creature when living in Victoria. What could this be?

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Miracle-Gro Peat Moss as a Bed for Red Wiggler Worms?

One of our readers emailed us inquiring about adding Miracle-Gro peat moss to some of the red fishing worms he had recently purchased. He wanted to know if they would grow and reproduce.

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Tiny, Red Worms in the Kitchen and Bathroom

A frustrated reader wrote to us a while ago about tiny, red worms that he has been finding in his kitchen and bathroom. According to the reader, the worms are actually “redish” (reddish, presumably), approximately the color of rust. The tiny, red worms do not have any legs, and they don’t appear to have hair either. The reader finds the worms when he is sweeping – they crawl out of the piles of dirt that accumulate. The reader insists that no one knows what they are, and that no website dedicated to worms and larvae (including All About Worms) has any information about the worms in his bathroom and kitchen. What are the tiny, red worms he is finding?

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Worms You Might Find in Your Compost

Worms and compost are a match made in heaven. Worms love the stuff of compost bins, happily consuming it and then leaving behind worm castings (a.k.a. vermicast, worm humus, or worm manure), which is excellent fertilizer. So, we are able to convert our organic waste into something of value, and in so doing we make a lot of worms happy. We’ve written a lot about worm composting before (check out this article on the general topic of using worms in your compost, and here is another about a specific way to compost using worm farms), so we are certainly no strangers to this fantastic natural process.

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Worms for Sale! Yes, That’s Right, You Can Buy Worms

If you saw a sign that said “worms for sale,” you might think you stumbled into an alternate reality. Worms for sale? How could that be? Who on earth would actually want to buy worms? Even if an advertisement promised “cheap worms for sale” or even “free worms,” you still may think it would be crazy to take someone up on this offer.

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Red Worms for Sale Near Vancouver, WA

While there are plenty of places to find red worms for sale near Vancouver, WA, you can also purchase red worms online through dozens of retailers. You can buy worms from sites such as Planet Natural and Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm.

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Can You Use All Worm Castings for Plants?

Also called “vermicompost” or “worm compost,” castings are such powerful fertilizers because worms eat nutrient packed fruit and vegetable scraps. When worms consume vegetable scraps, the scraps become compost as they pass though the worms body. The compost exits the worm’s body through its tail.

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Can Red Worms and Flies Eat a Large Animal?

Red worms are epigeic or detritivorous earthworms. They do not eat animal or human flesh. Red worms are vegetarians, so they eat vegetables and other organic matter. There are more than 120,000 species of flies around the world and many of the most common flies, such as the fruit fly, eat decaying fruits and vegetables as well.