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A Variety of Unidentified Substances Has This Reader at Her Wits End

"I'm writing you because I'm at my wits end and my family thinks I'm crazy," states this reader in her submission to us concerning the array of photographs of various organisms/matter below. "What are these?" she asks. Continue reading [...]

Organisms Melt Into the Skin of Woman in Portland Who May Wish to Consult a Parasitologist

"What are these and how do I get rid of them?" asks this reader in Portland, Oregon. She refers to organisms that have been plaguing her for almost five years, showing up in her hair, eyes, ears, feet, skin, stool and urine. Continue reading [...]

Man with GI Issues Worries About Parasites; Where He Can Find Help

"I coughed this up" states this reader in his submission concerning the glossy-white organism pictured below. He worries that he suffers from a parasite after his dog also had a worm, and hopes that we can help him with his issue. Continue reading [...]

Iridescent, Curvy Parasites Pollute This Woman Who Wants Proper Medical Attention

"I am polluted with this parasite," starts this reader in her submission to us. What she describes as an "iridescent, curvy, wiggly worm" has been causing her trouble for a year and a half, and she writes to us to find out what it is she can do about her situation. Continue reading [...]

Woman Asks for Help with Potential Parasites Which She Captures in Amazing Detail

"Is this a parasite?" asks this reader about the cottony, white substances pictured below. Our reader, who is based in Modesto, California thinks this substance looks like an "aspicu", which we assume refers to the aspiculurus tetraptera, which is a type of pinworm. Continue reading [...]
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