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Reader Finds Clear Worm in His Cheek

We aren't sure about the clear worm our reader found in his cheek. We aren't able to weigh in on medical matters since we aren't medical professionals, so we encourage our reader to visit a doctor. We wish him the best of luck! Continue reading [...]

Reader Concerned About Worms Coming From Her Pores

A reader reached out to us about worms that are coming out of her pores and potentially causing open sores on her skin. Since we aren't medical professionals, her request for help lies outside of our area of expertise. We encourage her to see a specialist and we hope she receives the care she needs! Continue reading [...]
worm from bowel movement

Reader That Found Worm in Bowel Movement Should Seek Medical Care

Our reader found a worm in her bowel movement, so we think it might be a parasite. However, since we aren't licensed professionals, we can't provide medical advice of any kind, and therefore encourage her to see a doctor ASAP. Continue reading [...]

“Help! Black Worms Under My Skin”

We recently received this message from one of our readers, "I have black worms under my skin. They appear to be dead. I think they come from these migrating dark spots on my skin." Continue reading [...]

Worm Emerging From Reader’s Nose

One of our readers reached out about a worm coming out of her nose. We aren't able to diagnose medical issues, but we have given a brief overview of roundworms, which are parasitic worms that can emerge from their host's nose. We encourage our reader to visit a doctor ASAP! Continue reading [...]

Reader Curious About Parasitic Worms Retrieved From Cheek

One of our readers recently reached out to us requesting help. She explained that she had some "worms of parasitic nature" retrieved from her cheek. She acknowledges that she should see a doctor but is hopeful that we will be able to identify these worms before she reaches out to a physician. Continue reading [...]
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