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Lint-like, White Matter Found by Woman Who May Need Medical Advice

"What are these?" is all this woman asks in her submission to us. She sends in multiple pictures, of which we have included only a few, of what appears to be white, lint- and hair-like matter all around what we assume to be her home. Continue reading [...]

Yellow and Red Marks on This Woman’s Scalp Cause Itchiness: Where She Can Seek Medical Advice

"What is it?" asks our reader about her "findings" on her "scalp" that have been bothering her for five weeks. She discovered the yellow and red markings on her scalp with her comb, and they were "itchy at first", though she does not elaborate upon the extent to which they are affecting her now. Continue reading [...]

Skin and Hair Parasites Bother Woman for Three Years; Where She Can Go for Help

"I've been battling this skin and hair parasite for three years now and no one knows anything," states this reader in her query to us. "What is it?" she asks, concerning the crusty, dark-red substance on her fingernail below. Continue reading [...]

Man Faces Infestation of Organisms for Years and Seeks Help

A man in Sanford, Maine reaches out to us in need of help as he has been dealing with organisms that his body has 'extruded' for years. These organisms include the matter in the photos below, as well as "hairlike worms coming out of [his] knuckles" and eggs coming out of his mouth. Continue reading [...]

Pinkish Matter Found on Scalp Forces this Woman To Seek Out Answers

"What is in my scalp?" asks this reader about the pinkish matter photographed below. She also sends in pictures of what we assume to be her hair, as well as of a green, leaf-like object. Continue reading [...]

Man Wonders if the Featureless, White Matter from Pork is Fat or an Organism

"I'm guessing it's fat" states this reader about the matter in the photo below which "rolled out on the knife" after cutting some ham. Despite this guess, our reader is unsure if it could be something else, and asks if we can confirm this as he has "a lot more meat from the same animal." Continue reading [...]
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