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Woman Believes She Suffers from Blood-Sucking Cutaneous Parasites; Where She Can Go For Help

"I have had a brown/white [...] blood-sucking cutaneous [...] parasite that besieged me in July 2019" says this reader in her query to us. After having gone to several dermatologists and her GP, who have all dismissed her problem, she is itching to know where she can go for genuine help from someone who will take her problem seriously. Continue reading [...]

Mysterious Purple Matter Photographed by Woman Seeking Help

"Can you help me?" is all this woman asks of us before loading her submission with a plethora of photographs of her hair, red-marked limbs and an unidentified, purple matter that looks like it has been photographed through a microscope. Continue reading [...]

Hair Worms Feeding of Man Justify a Visit to an Infectious Disease Physician

"Need help" begins our reader in her query to us about her husband, who has "something like hair worms that host his hairs and use his skin to reach out and feed off him." In what sounds like a dire situation, our reader reaches out to us for any assistance that we can provide. Continue reading [...]

“What parasite is this?” Asks Man About Irregularly-shaped Blue Worm

"What parasite is this?" is the only thing this reader writes to us in conjunction with this photograph of a blue worm-like creature. What resembles a shriveled leaf lies stretched out over a wooden surface, its body seeming to move from tubular to flat as one scans its body from top to toe. Continue reading [...]

Woman Battling Morgellons Disease and a Number of Parasites Checks in for an Update

In a follow up to a previous article we wrote on a woman facing infections of various parasites, the same woman writes to us again to update us on her condition and diagnosis. Along with her update, she proves several more images that she hopes "can help someone." Continue reading [...]

Tiny Clear Worm in Sink is a Flea Larva

"I found this tiny clear worm with two white lengthwise stripes in my son's bathroom sink," says this reader in her submission about this creature photographed below. "Is this a drain fly larvae?" Continue reading [...]
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