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Foot Long Worm is Probably Horsehair Worm

A reader asked us to identify the super-thin brown worm he found in his yard. We are confident this creature is a horsehair worm! Continue reading [...]

Are Tiny White (Potentially Parasitic) Worms Related To Raccoons?

One of our readers reached out to us about a medical issue. We aren't medical professionals and therefore aren't licensed to weigh in on medical matters. Continue reading [...]

2 Worms Found in Human Stool Sample

One of our readers recently sent us a photograph of a worm-like organism she discovered in a small portion of a human stool sample. She found 2 of these creatures, and while she explained that she was expecting to find worms, she wasn't expecting to find specimens like these. Continue reading [...]

Pink and Translucent Worm Discovered in Toilet

One of our readers found a pink and translucent worm in his toilet. We think the creature looks a little bit like an earthworm, which readers find in their toilets all the time, but since he is concerned about his health, we encourage him to see a doctor to find out if the worm is something to worry about! Continue reading [...]

Black Worms Emerge From Skin And Cause Itching

One of our readers wrote to us about some black worms that emerge from her skin and make her itchy. We recommend that she see a doctor who will be able to diagnose and treat her much more effectively and safely than we could even attempt to. We hope she finds herself back in good health soon! Continue reading [...]

Reader Dealing With Potential Parasites Needs To See Medical Professional

Today we responded to a reader who believes she is dealing with a parasite infection. We wish her the best of luck solving this mystery and hope she is able to return to good health. Continue reading [...]
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