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Tiny Black Worms On Skin Remain a Mystery

One of our readers recently reached out to us with a worm-related health concern. She explained that she has discovered tiny black worm-like organisms in her house and on her skin. Continue reading [...]

Are Worms Found In Shower Tapeworms, Flea Larvae, or Something Else?

A reader reached out to us about a golden worm she found in her hair while showering. Although we are sure the organism isn't a tapeworm or flea larva as she feared, we don't know what it is. Continue reading [...]

Lyme Disease Patient with Potential Parasites

A reader found worm-like organisms coming from several places in her body. We understand this is an unpleasant experience for her, but we can't offer any advice since we aren't qualified to weigh in on medical matters. Continue reading [...]
parasitic worms in stool

Are Worms in Stool Parasitic?

a reader wrote to us about some mysterious worms she found in her stool. We aren't medical professionals and therefore aren't licensed to give medical advice of any kind. Continue reading [...]

Potential Parasites in Cheek, Eyes, and Hair

A reader reached out to us because of a worm-like parasite she is suffering from. Since we are not licensed to administer medical advice, we encourage our reader to see a doctor for answers. Continue reading [...]

Is Worm on Foot Parasitic?

A reader discovered a shiny brown worm on her son's foot. We don't believe that the creature is parasitic,but we can't say that for certain, and we are unfortunately unable to identify it.  Continue reading [...]
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