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Woman Asks for Help with Potential Parasites Which She Captures in Amazing Detail

"Is this a parasite?" asks this reader about the cottony, white substances pictured below. Our reader, who is based in Modesto, California thinks this substance looks like an "aspicu", which we assume refers to the aspiculurus tetraptera, which is a type of pinworm. Continue reading [...]

Minuscule White Worms Found in Coffee Resemble Threadworms a/k/a Pinworms

Minuscule white worms were found by this reader on her coffee maker when she was preparing her coffee for the next day. She found another of the worms in a glass of tap water she had left out overnight, this one being dead, and wonders if we can tell her what these worms are. Continue reading [...]

Woman Blows her Nose and Discovers Worms

A reader recently informed us that she found a worm in her sink after blowing her nose, and has become paranoid as to whether it came from her or not. She describes the worm as being a wriggling, tiny thread; it was more than 0.5cm (0.2-inches) long and about 0.1cm (0.04-inches) wide. Continue reading [...]

Worms Inside Toilet Parasites or Something Else?

A man recently sent in this photo of two worms he found after going to the toilet. After being very bloated for a couple of weeks and showing other symptoms, our reader went to his doctor who told him they could be pinworms. However, our reader does not think they look like pinworms, as he has had those in the past and they looked different. Continue reading [...]

Black Worms Emerge From Skin And Cause Itching

One of our readers wrote to us about some black worms that emerge from her skin and make her itchy. We recommend that she see a doctor who will be able to diagnose and treat her much more effectively and safely than we could even attempt to. We hope she finds herself back in good health soon! Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

What Are Anal Worms?

We have provided some information about "anal worms", also known as pinworms. We believe our reader asked us out of curiosity and not concern, but if she is worried about her health or believes she might be infected with pinworms, we encourage her to see a doctor as soon as possible. Continue reading [...]
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