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Smooth, Pink Worm Found Next to Dog Excrement is Potentially an Earthworm

"I woke up and saw this next to my dog's poop" states this reader in her submission. "What is it?" she asks about the small, pink-colored worm in the picture below. Continue reading [...]

Tiny Clear Worm in Sink is a Flea Larva

"I found this tiny clear worm with two white lengthwise stripes in my son's bathroom sink," says this reader in her submission about this creature photographed below. "Is this a drain fly larvae?" Continue reading [...]

See-through Super Small Worms Found on Laundry are Flea Larvae

"I was folding some laundry and found some super small worms in some of my shirts," this reader says. The small worms in question appear to be translucent, with long, black entrails extending the length of their bodies. Continue reading [...]

See-through Worms Found on Bed are Flea Larvae

A "bunch" of this worm-like creature was found on this reader's bed, who is scared as to what it may be. The creature in question appears to be almost completely transparent, with a black string of matter on its inside. Continue reading [...]

Woman Discovers Flea Larva Underneath her Fingernail

This woman found a clear larva under one of her fingernails, and wonders if we can identify it for her. The worm is minuscule in size, transparent in color, and was first dismissed as "nail dirt" before she saw it moving. Continue reading [...]

Clear Worm Crawling on Man a Flea Larva, or Something Else?

A reader of ours contacted us about finding a little worm crawling on him after coming inside with dogs. He asks that we help him identify this worm, which appears to be clear, with a black inside. Continue reading [...]
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