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Is Brown Worm Found After Rain Parasitic or Harmless?

One of our readers discovered a small brown worm inside her home and worried it might be a parasite related to her dog's upset stomach. We believe she has found a flatworm, and that it is unrelated to her dog and not harmful! Continue reading [...]

How Common Are Hammerhead Worms?

A reader in Tennessee found a hammerhead worm in his yard. Although these broadhead planarians aren't dangerous, they are invasive species that are sometimes considered pests. Continue reading [...]

Worm in Toilet Could be Hammerhead Worm or Flatworm

One of our readers discovered what we believe is a flatworm in his toilet. We don't think he has anything to stress about, but if he is worried about his health he should of course visit a doctor since we are not medical professionals! Continue reading [...]

Toxic Flatworm or Leech?

A reader's dog accidentally transported a terrestrial flatworm into his kitchen. We are confident that this creature isn't a threat to him or his dog. Continue reading [...]

Are Hammerhead Worms Pests?

A reader asked us about some hammerhead worms he found in his yard. We have offered a few options for getting rid of these flatworms. Happy hammerhead worm hunting! Continue reading [...]

Brown Worm With Black Stripe Could Be a Flatworm

One of our readers discovered a brown worm in her home. Based on the photograph she included, we think this organism might be a terrestrial flatworm. Continue reading [...]
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