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Reader Finds Flea Larvae in Bed

We are confident that the worm-like organisms our reader found in his bed are flea larvae. We recommend he take his pets to the vet ASAP and get started cleaning to eliminate these specimens! Continue reading [...]

Is Worm Found Near Dog Flea Larva?

We believe the larva our reader found near her dog's bed is a beetle larva, not a flea larva. If she is worried about her dog having fleas or is concerned about his health, we recommend she take him to the vet! Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

What If My Dog Ate A Wolf Worm?

One of our readers asked what might happen if his dog ate a wolf worm. There is some possibility that his dog's skin might become infected with these wolf worms, but we don't have enough information to declare if this will occur or not. Continue reading [...]

Are Worms Found on Mattress Related to Dog?

One of our readers discovered a strange organism on his mattress encasement. Sadly, we weren't able to identify the organism. If any of our other readers recognize this specimen, we invite them to comment below! Continue reading [...]

Worm on Mattress Probably Flea Larva

We believe a reader discovered flea larvae in his bed. In order to get rid of fleas, our reader will need to do some thorough cleaning and get his pet treated! Continue reading [...]

What is Worm Found in Puppy’s Poop?

One of our readers discovered a worm-like organism in her dog's feces. We think it might be a caterpillar. We don't believe it is anything parasitic, but if she finds more, or has any concern's about her puppy's health, we advise her to take her puppy back to the vet. Continue reading [...]
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