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What is Worm Found in Puppy’s Poop?

One of our readers discovered a worm-like organism in her dog's feces. We think it might be a caterpillar. We don't believe it is anything parasitic, but if she finds more, or has any concern's about her puppy's health, we advise her to take her puppy back to the vet. Continue reading [...]

Tiny Worms in Bed Could Be Flea Larvae

One of our readers found tiny worm-like organisms with translucent and black bodies. We believe these specimens are flea larvae. Continue reading [...]

Worms Inside Plush Dog Toy

A reader discovered an infestation of brown larvae in plush dog toys. The larvae were even able to miraculously survive a wash in the laundry machine. We think that our reader should throw out the toy and replace it with one that is worm free! Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

Could Pet Dog Have Spirocera Lupi?

a reader in Israel is nervous that her dog has been infected with Park Worm. We recommend that she take her dog to the vet as soon as possible. Continue reading [...]

Reader with Worms Emerging from Skin Needs Immediate Medical Attention

A reader wrote to us in an understandable frenzy because she has white worms (or worm-like things) coming out of her skin. She included the following picture: Continue reading [...]
worms Sciaridae driveway

Could A Pile of Worms on Driveway be Sciaridae (II)?

On August 13, a reader sent us this picture of a mass of living worms on her driveway. The worms were wiggling and had a black dot at one end of each worm. She was concerned that the mass of worms could have been vomited up by one of her dogs, which had been exhibiting symptoms of illness, but we think these Fungus Gnat larvae (Sciaridae) came from the lawn. While the shiny mucal gloss on this mass may have caused her concern about the worms having been passed by her dogs, it’s actually the very thing that allowed this mass of larvae to move as one onto her driveway. Although the adult Dark Wing Fungus Gnats (Sciaridae) live on the types of fungal growth that grow in overwatered lawns and potted plants, the larvae will sometimes move in a ‘slick’ of mucous secretions they Continue reading [...]
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