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Tiny Worms Sticking to Walls and Ceilings are Carpet Beetle Larvae

A woman in Poland is currently dealing with an infestation of hundreds of tiny worms inside her house. According to our reader, the worms are only found sticking to the top parts of her ground-floor walls and ceilings, are 1-2mm long (0.04-0.08-inches), and appear to be black in color with a segmented outer gray layer. Continue reading [...]

Worm on Bed a Carpet Beetle Larva or Maggot?

A reader sent in this image of a creature on her bed, asking us if it was either a carpet beetle larva or a maggot. The image displays a ovate creature with bristles around its body. One half of this critter's back is striped brown and beige, and the other is a solid brown. Continue reading [...]

Dead Worms in Carpet Might be Carpet Beetle Larvae

One of our readers found some dead creatures in a carpet she recently bought. We believe these are carpet beetle larvae, which are known as household pests. We recommend she clean the carpet before installing it just in case there are living carpet beetle larvae in it that could spread to other parts of her home! Continue reading [...]

Worms Found Outside Might Be Carpet Beetle Larvae

We believe the group of worm-like organisms our reader found on the outside of her house are carpet beetle larvae. We encourage our reader to clear away these larvae and to keep them out of her home, where they could become destructive pests. Continue reading [...]

Worm Crawling on Bathroom Floor is Carpet Beetle Larva

The organism our reader found in his bathroom is a carpet beetle larvae. Continue reading [...]

Tiny Worms in Laundry Basket Are Carpet Beetle Larvae

These are carpet beetle larvae. Carpet beetle larvae are the most common household pests that we write about. They are especially annoying because they can eat basically anything, live for long periods of time without food, and sneakily travel to different rooms searching for additional things to eat Continue reading [...]
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