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Worm Found in Bedding is Actually an Immature Carpet Beetle Larva

"I found this worm in my bedding" says this reader about the virtually featureless, beige worm-like creature with subtle segmentation and miniature bristles. This article will aim to answer our reader's question of what this "worm" is. Continue reading [...]

Black or Dark Brown Insect Found on Freshly-Laundered Clothing is Likely a Black Carpet Beetle Larva

"I found a worm-like insect [...] on my clothes" begins this reader in her query to us about the "black or dark brown", "tall" bug she discovered on her newly-washed clothing. She asks that we identify the bug, as well as tell her how to get rid of it. Continue reading [...]

Bug of Brown Stripes and Bantam Bristles is a Carpet Beetle Larva

"I found this bug in my pantry. I'm not sure what it is?" asks this reader about the little critter photographed below. The bug looks to have a bristly, ovate body and has horizontal stripes of varying shades of brown; it looks exactly like a carpet beetle larva. Continue reading [...]

Brown, Segmented Critter Found On Bed is Likely an Immature Carpet Beetle Larva

"What kind of worm (or whatever it is) is this?" asks this reader about the brown, segmented larva-looking creature his girlfriend found on their bed. This article will attempt to answer this question of the worm's identity, or at the very least provide some ideas as to what it might be. Continue reading [...]

Striped Worms Found in Air Vent are Wireworms and One Lonesome Carpet Beetle Larva

"What are these?" asks this reader of the creatures he found in an air vent where an old chimney used to be. From the pictures our reader sent us, there seem to be different creatures, one of which is a yellow, segmented, worm-like creature, while the other is a brown-striped, bristly bug of sorts. Continue reading [...]

Freezing Pillows to Eliminate a Worm Infestation: is it a Good Idea?

"Can you put decorative pillows in a bag and leave it outside in below 0 temperatures to hopefully kill the worms or larvae?" asks this reader in her short, but frank query. We assume our reader wants to know for the sake of real-life application and not simply for curiosity's sake, so we will do our best to answer this question and provide some useful tips our reader can use for eliminating any worms or larvae that may be infesting her pillows. Continue reading [...]
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