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Bristly Worm with Twin Tails is a Black Carpet Beetle Larva

A small, black worm was found by this reader, who wonders if we can help identify its species. The worm in questions appears to be black in color, bristly, and possessing two especially long bristles, which could either be tails, antennae, or simply bristles! Continue reading [...]

Brown-Striped Worm Found in Sofa is a Carpet Beetle Larva

The son of this reader found 'tiny brown-striped worms' in the sofa, and his mother contacted us, wondering what they might be. Continue reading [...]

Several Carpet Beetle Larvae Found by Woman

Several "larva type things" were found by this woman in her house, and upon checking out some of our posts, she guesses that they might be carpet beetle larvae. She asks that we help her in identifying the critters by checking out the photos she sent to us. Continue reading [...]

Bristly Worms on Bed are Carpet Beetle Larvae

A reader wrote to us recently about a "worm/bug" he has been finding on his bed sheets for several days in a row. Upon zooming in on one of the photos our reader sent in, the creature in question appears to be ovate in shape, black and white in color (though given the image's quality this is uncertain), and has bristles surrounding its body. Continue reading [...]

Bug Found on Daughter’s Sheets is a Carpet Beetle Larva

A father in Arizona found a "bug" in his daughter's sheets, and wonders if we can identify it for him. The creature in question appears to be minuscule in size, ovate in shape, and striped in brown and tan colors. Continue reading [...]

Different Types of Worms One Can Find On Fabrics

This reader has been finding small "worm-looking things" coming out of her bed linens and clothes. These worms were found after our reader treated her bed for bed bugs, and thus our reader seems to insinuate that she thinks they might be something else. Continue reading [...]
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