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Bed Bugs Or Carpet Beetle Larvae?

We think the small brown organisms our reader noticed near his bed are carpet beetle larvae, not bed bugs. The trick to getting rid of carpet beetle larvae is to clean, clean, clean! Continue reading [...]

Worm Found on Bed is Carpet Beetle Larva

The small worm our reader found on her bed is a carpet beetle larva! Carpet beetle larvae are common household pests, and to get rid of them our reader will just need to do some thorough cleaning. Continue reading [...]

Worms On Wall Are Carpet Beetle Larvae

One of our readers discovered a few carpet beetle larvae on her wall. As most of our readers know, saying farewell to carpet beetle larvae requires 2 weeks (minimum) of thorough cleaning! Continue reading [...]

Bugs Found While Removing Sheets Are Likely Carpet Beetle Larvae

We believe the worm-like organisms our reader found on her son's mattress are carpet beetle larvae. Although these organisms are considered to be pests, they typically aren't thought of as harmful or dangerous. Continue reading [...]

If Not a Bed Bug, Then What?

One of our readers asked us to identify some bugs she found on her bed. We think the creatures could be carpet beetles, which require intense cleaning to get rid of. Fortunately, they are not considered to be harmful or dangerous towards humans. Continue reading [...]

“Short Maggots With Legs” Invade Drawers

We believe the organisms our reader found in his kid's drawers are carpet beetle larvae. While these specimens can be a headache to get rid of, he might find some comfort in knowing that they aren't known to carry or transmit human diseases! Continue reading [...]
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