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Worms on Bed Frame Are Carpet Beetle Larvae

We believe the small worm-like organisms our reader found on his bed are carpet beetle larvae! Carpet beetle larvae are common household pests and, like most larvae, require thorough cleaning in order to get rid of. Continue reading [...]

Orange Worm In Bathroom is Carpet Beetle Larva

One of our readers discovered a carpet beetle larva in her bathroom. Getting rid of carpet beetle larvae is all about cleaning, so we encourage our reader to start a daily cleaning routine ASAP! Continue reading [...]

Worms Under Leather Settee Are Carpet Beetle Larvae

A reader reached out to us after discovering what she thought might be carpet beetle larvae under her leather settee. We have confirmed her suspicions and provided some steps for getting rid of carpet beetle larvae. Continue reading [...]

Is Reader Dealing With Carpet Beetle Larvae Infestation?

We believe that one of our readers is dealing with a carpet beetle larvae infestation. Although these larvae aren't dangerous, they can be quite annoying to get rid of since eliminating them requires intense dedication to a daily cleaning regime. Continue reading [...]

Worms That Leave “Skins” Behind Are Carpet Beetle Larvae

One of our readers discovered carpet beetle larvae and skins on some of her clothing. We recommend she begin cleaning to get rid of these larvae immediately before she is dealing with a full-blown infestation! Continue reading [...]

Getting Rid of Carpet Beetle Larvae in Scalp and Hair

A reader asked us about the best household product to get rid of carpet beetle larvae on the scalp and in the hair. We have provided the name of several oils that people use as home remedies in these sort of situations. We wish our reader the best of luck! Continue reading [...]
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