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Worm Crawling on Bathroom Floor is Carpet Beetle Larva

The organism our reader found in his bathroom is a carpet beetle larvae. Continue reading [...]

Tiny Worms in Laundry Basket Are Carpet Beetle Larvae

These are carpet beetle larvae. Carpet beetle larvae are the most common household pests that we write about. They are especially annoying because they can eat basically anything, live for long periods of time without food, and sneakily travel to different rooms searching for additional things to eat Continue reading [...]

Discovering Case Bearing Larvae and Carpet Beetle Larvae Together

We have explained why case bearing moth larvae and carpet beetle larvae are sometimes found together or near each other. Neither of these creatures is actually harmful, but they can be destructive and are therefore both considered to be pests. Continue reading [...]

Worm Found in Cupboard Might be Carpet Beetle Larva

We think the specimen our reader discovered in her cabinet is a carpet beetle larva. Getting rid of carpet beetle larvae depends solely on cleaning! Continue reading [...]

Could Worms In Chinchilla’s Bowl Be Carpet Beetle Larvae?

We believe our reader has discovered carpet beetle larvae in her chinchilla's food bowl. Although they can be annoying houseguests, carpet beetle larvae are not considered to be harmful or dangerous towards humans or pets. Continue reading [...]

Moth Larvae Infestation in Closet and Garage

Our reader is dealing with clothes moths and case bearing moths, and their larvae. Clothes moths and case bearing moths are actually both types of clothes moths, and both are found in North America. Continue reading [...]
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