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Dark Gray Larvae Found in Bathroom After Leak Could be Drain Fly Larvae or Carpet Beetle Larvae

"EWWW!!!" says this reader upon finding larvae crawling up from the baking soda she put on a bathroom carpet in an attempt to clean it. The larvae in question are a gradient of colors, their bodies moving from white to dark gray, with a black tip on the lighter end. They also appear to be bristled, and from the video our reader sent it is clear that the larvae have no legs. Continue reading [...]
carpet beetle larva larvae

GUEST ARTICLE: Carpet Beetles & Carpet Beetle Larva

Carpet beetles are a household pest. While the adults cause little damage, their newly hatched eggs become larva that are very destructive. Continue reading [...]

Glossy Black, Segmented Creature is a Carpet Beetle Larva

A glossy, black worm-like creature was found by this reader in his friend's room. He says there are a lot of them and asks that we tell him what it is. Continue reading [...]

Striped, Bristly Creatures in Bag of Dehydrated Chicken are Carpet Beetle Larvae

"I found these in a bag of dehydrated chicken" states this reader, kicking off his query with a rather odd, but intriguing scenario. By "these", our reader is referring to brown and black-striped worm-like creatures with long bristles extending out from their bodies, all of which vary in size. Continue reading [...]

Bristly Bugs Found on Bedroom Ceiling are Carpet Beetle Larvae

In addition to finding carpet beetles on her ceiling, this reader also found this"bug" in three different spots. From the photo, these bugs look to be beige and brown-striped, bristly creatures, and our reader wonders what they turn into and how to get rid of them. Continue reading [...]

Bristly, Black and Brown Larvae in Bassinet are Carpet Beetle Larvae

Worms were found by this reader in her infant's bassinet, and she wonders what they could be. The worms appear to have segmented bodies, with long bristles extending from the entirety of their bodies. One of them is black in color, and the other brown. Continue reading [...]
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