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Red & Brown Bug on Comforter is a Carpet Beetle Larva

This reader wonders if the creature she found wandering on her white comforter is a carpet beetle larva. The creature in question appears to be a brownish-red color, with stripes and a long tail that spans the length of its body. Continue reading [...]

Brown & Tan-Striped Bugs are Carpet Beetle Larvae

Two photographs of some kind of creature were sent in by this woman who wonders what they might be. The creatures in question appear to be brown and tan-striped, sport multiple pairs of forelegs, and are somewhat oval in shape. Continue reading [...]

Extremely Tiny, Larva-Looking Worm on Mattress is a Carpet Beetle Larva

After finding a 'single, extremely tiny, larva-looking worm' in the 'cracks' of her mattress, this reader wonders if this is a flea or not. She is already in the process of treating her cat for fleas, but has not seen a single adult flea in over a month, and so wonders if she will need to treat her house again for fleas. She adds that she never actually saw any fleas around her house, but only on her cat. Continue reading [...]

Mother Finds Carpet Beetle Larva on Son’s Mattress Protector

A concerned mother wrote to us about a creature she found on her son's mattress protector in the laundry room. Although the photograph provided is quite blurry, we can tell that the creature in question appears to be oval in shape, and is brown and tan in color, though not much more can be ascertained. Continue reading [...]

Fleas and Carpet Beetles Infest Woman’s Home and Cat

'Little black debris' has been found on the fur of this reader's cat after brushing, and subsequently, tiny organisms were found in her cat's bed, as well as on a chair the cat likes to sit on. Our reader has attached photographs of one of the organisms, a far-off shot of the aforementioned black debris, as well as a photo of another organism that looks entirely different from the first. Continue reading [...]

Bristly Worm with Twin Tails is a Black Carpet Beetle Larva

A small, black worm was found by this reader, who wonders if we can help identify its species. The worm in questions appears to be black in color, bristly, and possessing two especially long bristles, which could either be tails, antennae, or simply bristles! Continue reading [...]
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