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Brown and Beige-Striped Organism on Mattress is a Carpet Beetle Larva

A reader in Toronto, Ontario found this worm-like critter on his mattress after taking his sheets off to wash. The creature in question is brown and beige-striped with a darker-colored, brown head, and our reader states he would appreciate any help with this matter. Continue reading [...]

Segmented, Worm-like Creature on Bed Cover is a Black Carpet Beetle Larva

A reader in Cairo, Egypt asks for our help after discovering a worm-like creature crawling on his bed cover. The creature appears to be black and white, with a segmented, elongated body. Continue reading [...]

Dark Brown Worms are Either Carpet Beetle Larvae or Millipedes

Five bugs/worms were found by this reader which are "brown to dark brown" in color. Our reader says she searched our site and read through our articles but could not find any information on what she was looking for. Continue reading [...]

Woman Living on Californian Golf Course Bombarded By Multiple Organisms and Medical Conditions

A Californian living on a golf course thinks she may be dealing with several different worm-related problems. She says she has been experiencing an infestation both outside and inside her house for the past two years, and describes multiple different organisms and the effects they have had on her life. Continue reading [...]

Striped, Brown, Worm-like Creature Found in Dryer Lint is a Carpet Beetle Larva

Two live, small, brown worm-like creatures were found crawling on the blanket of this reader. She thinks they may be carpet beetle larvae and asks for our thoughts on the matter. Continue reading [...]

How to Spot a Pupa

Most of the articles we write at AllAboutWorms deal with some sort of worm-like creature, which is usually either an insect at the beginning of its life cycle (a larva) or a mature worm (an earthworm or millipede, for example), but what about that in-between stage, where a creature will neither look like a larva, nor whatever creature it grows up to be? Most insects will have a pupal stage that comes between the larval and final stage, and this article will provide some insight into how to spot an insect at this stage, before it breaks free an adult. Continue reading [...]
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