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Green Caterpillar Found Kitchen Counter is an Armyworm

"Just found this worm/caterpillar in my kitchen on the counter" writes this reader in Rochester, NY about the green creature below with a bulbous brown head. Our reader does not ask us any questions, but we assume she wishes to know what it is. Continue reading [...]

Whitish Worms on Shower Curtain Could Be Clothes Moth Larvae or Fall Armyworms

"Last night I was getting in the shower and everything was going fine until I look up and there are dozens of tiny whitish worms just chilling on my shower curtain," begins this reader in his query. Based in Northern Worcester County in Massachusetts, our reader asks that we tell him what these creatures are and how to get rid of them. Continue reading [...]

Gray and Black Caterpillar is a Budding Fall Armyworm

A gray caterpillar-like creature with a glossy black head was found by this reader, who asks what kind of "worm" it is and where it is coming from. This article will do its best to answer these questions and provide some insightful information on this specific organism. Continue reading [...]

Round, Dark Spots in Upstate New York Home are Fall Armyworms

Two large groups of small black worm-like creatures were found in this woman's upstate New York home. She asks if we can tell her what they are likely to be. Continue reading [...]
moth fly larva in toilet

Furry Moth, Accompanied by Black Larvae, May Be a Moth Fly or a Fall Armyworm Moth

"A few days before" removing black larvae from her living room ceiling, this reader "had seen a rather large, dark, furry moth." She believes the larvae to be moth fly larvae (otherwise known as drain fly larvae), but wonders if this moth, which was an inch in size and width, was indeed a mother moth fly, or something else entirely. Continue reading [...]

Three Clusters of Tiny Gray Larvae on Ceiling are Baby Fall Armyworms

After being gone for three days, this reader came back to his home to find "three groups of these critters" on his family room ceiling. The critters in question appear to be a dark gray color, with bulbous, glossy black heads and segmented, bristly bodies. Continue reading [...]
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