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Mass Infestation of Various Moth Species Plague Woman’s Home

A woman recently contacted us about a moth infestation she has been experiencing over the past couple of months, and she asks for our help in identifying and dealing with the problem. She has herself identified the moths as pantry moths (Indianmeal moths) "because they have a stripe across their body", but is now wondering whether or not they could be drain moths. Continue reading [...]

Little Black Live Worms in Shower are Drain Fly Larvae

Little live black worms have been appearing in this reader's shower, who has "cleaned & cleaned & cleaned" in an attempt to get rid of them, to no avail. She wonders if we can tell her what the worms are and how to get rid of them. Continue reading [...]

Air BnB Guest Find Two Drain Fly Pupae in the Toilet

A reader of ours found two worm-like creatures in a toilet at an Air BnB and wonders if we have any thoughts as to what they might be. The creatures in question appear to be black and white in coloration, with a segmented body striped black and white, a sharply-pointed tail, and a bulkier head sprouting two antennae. Continue reading [...]
tiny worm in tub

Are Tiny Worms Drain Fly Larvae?

A reader recently sent us some photos of worms he found in his bathtub. He wrote, "I believe they may be drain worms. I think there might be eggs around too. Your input would be great." Continue reading [...]

Tiny Black Worms are Drain Fly Larvae, Not Parasites

We believe the tiny black worms our reader found in his toilet are drain fly larvae, not parasites. Drain fly larvae aren't considered harmful and aren't known to carry or transmit human diseases. Continue reading [...]

Black Wiggling Worms In Toilet Likely Drain Fly Larvae

We believe the black worms our reader noticed in the toilet at her work are drain fly larvae and did not come out of her body. Since she did mention having symptoms, even if she thinks they are psychosomatic, we encourage her to see a doctor if she is truly worried about her health or thinks that these might be parasitic specimens. Continue reading [...]
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