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Is Brown Striped Worm in Foot Spa Parasitic?

One of our readers found some tiny worms living on her daughter's foot spa. We have identified these specimens as drain fly larvae, which are common (and harmless) household pests. Continue reading [...]

Slithering Black Worms in Toilet Probably Drain Fly Larvae

One of our readers asked us about two specimens she found in her toilet, fearing that one of them might be parasitic. We believe both organisms are drain fly larvae. Continue reading [...]

Worm on Shower Curtain Could be Drain Fly Larvae

One of our readers discovered a tiny organism on her shower curtain, which we think might be a drain fly larva. Since she already cleaned her bathroom and threw out the shower curtain, we don't think she needs to spend any more time worrying about these creatures! Continue reading [...]

Drain Fly Larvae or Flea Larvae?

One of our readers wrote to us about small worm-like organisms he found in his bathroom and in his bedroom. We believe the creatures in his bathroom are drain fly larvae and the creatures in his bedroom are flea larvae. Continue reading [...]

Larvae Squirm Around Toilet Bowl Brush Holder

One of our readers sent us a photo of her larvae-infested toilet brush holder. We believe these larvae are drain fly larvae. She should clean the brush and the brush holder in order to get rid of these specimens! Continue reading [...]

Tiny White Worms in Kitchen Sink Probably Drain Fly Larvae

A reader reached out to us about some drain fly larvae that have taken over her kitchen sink. To get rid of these larvae she will need to thoroughly clean out the sink and its drain. In the meantime, our reader should know that drain fly larvae are generally considered to be harmless since they aren't known to transmit or carry any human diseases. Continue reading [...]
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