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Mysterious Purple Matter Photographed by Woman Seeking Help

"Can you help me?" is all this woman asks of us before loading her submission with a plethora of photographs of her hair, red-marked limbs and an unidentified, purple matter that looks like it has been photographed through a microscope. Continue reading [...]

Hair Worms Feeding of Man Justify a Visit to an Infectious Disease Physician

"Need help" begins our reader in her query to us about her husband, who has "something like hair worms that host his hairs and use his skin to reach out and feed off him." In what sounds like a dire situation, our reader reaches out to us for any assistance that we can provide. Continue reading [...]

Maggot-like Creature Found in Dining Room Window is a Root Weevil Larva

"I have found the attached maggot/worm in my dining room in front of a large window," writes this reader in southern Ontario. The maggot appears to be a creamy-white color, with a brown head and no legs. Continue reading [...]

“Feather-looking Wormy Thing” May Be a Caterpillar, or Just a Feather

"Can you please help me identify this black (sometimes white) feather looking wormy thing that moves when I uncover it?" asks this reader in her query. From the photos our reader sent us, there seems to be what looks like a gray feather, and a small, ovate organism-looking piece of matter that our reader states may be the same organism at a different stage of its life cycle. Continue reading [...]

Transparent, White Worms Found in the Soil of Pea Plants are Pea Moth Caterpillars

"The 'very tiny and almost transparent white' worm that was in the lady's soil is also in my soil" says this reader in her query concerning the worms she has found in her pea plants. "Are those small worms harmful to my plants or do they help the plants?" she asks. Continue reading [...]

Cream Colored, Tailed Worm in Toilet is a Rat-tailed Maggot

"What is this worm?" asks our reader about this cream-colored creature she put in a glass jar. The creature looks to be an ovate shape, with a thin tail emerging from one end of its body. Continue reading [...]
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