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Flea Larvae Discovered on Cat Bed

A reader found small black organisms on a bed where his cat sleeps. We are confident that these creatures are flea larvae. Continue reading [...]

Worm on Mattress Probably Flea Larva

We believe a reader discovered flea larvae in his bed. In order to get rid of fleas, our reader will need to do some thorough cleaning and get his pet treated! Continue reading [...]

What is Worm on Cat’s Head?

A reader sent us a photograph of a brown insect she noticed on her cat's head. While the specimen has some resemblance to a carpet beetle larva, we believe the creature is probably a flea. Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

Are “White Pieces” Fleas?

One of our readers wrote to us about "white pieces" that could be flea eggs. We encourage him to take his pets to the vet. Continue reading [...]

Are Wolf Worms Contagious?

To summarize, a reader asked us if wolf worms in cats are contagious to humans. While we are confident that it is very unlikely in North America. Continue reading [...]

Tiny Brown Larvae on Couch

One of our readers found very small brown worms in her home. She said they were on her couch, among some dirt that was sprinkled around. Continue reading [...]
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