Reader Discovers Symptoms are Not Parasites but Mold Sickness

Reader Discovers Symptoms are Not Parasites but Mold Sickness
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An All About Worms reader has discovered that the symptoms they were experiencing, including little threads of hair-like things, and the thread-like things stinging them, are not parasites at all but instead turned out to be mold illness caused by previously undetected mold in their house. Ken urges people to consider this possibility and get your house tested for mold.

Mold sickness, also known as mold illness, and more technically known as chronic inflammatory response syndrome or CIRS, can cause a host of symptoms, many of which mimic being infected by parasites. In the course of Ken’s research (see their comment below which they have given us permission to turn into an article because we feel this is such an important thing to know) they discovered that mold illness can cause many of the symptoms that they experienced and had originally thought to be due to parasites.

How Mold Illness Mimics Being Infested with Thin, Clear Hair-like Worm-like Parasites

The symptoms of mold illness can be astonishingly like symptoms one would attribute to parasites, especially because some of those symptoms include the presence of thin, often clear, thread-like or hair-like things, and the feeling of being stung.

Those symptoms include, among other things, skin irritation, skin infection, feelings of being stung or bitten, rashes, headache, dizziness, brain fog, anxiety, poor memory, joint pains, body pains, weight gain or weight loss, numbness or tingling in the extremities, metallic taste in mouth, digestive issues, ringing in the ears, fatigue, mood changes, and symptoms of allergy, symptoms of asthma, and even symptoms of hormone imbalance such as hair loss.

Both Medical News Today and Genesis Performance Chiropractic have excellent information about the symptoms and treatment of black mold illness. We find the one at Genesis a bit more comprehensive.

Below, with permission, we reprint Ken’s comment, slightly edited by us (we added a link, etc.). You can read the original comment here.

Ken’s Comment on the Thin, Clear Worm-like Organisms Infest This Reader’s Clothing in Oklahoma article

“After looking through the comments I just came here to say my husband and I went through the same thing. The whole works. I’ve been down every rabbit hole including things that aren’t mentioned here. I’ve suspected every pest imaginable and people did totally think I was insane until I finally caught a really good video of what I was talking about. We tried everything under the sun, natural and medical remedies, pesticides, you name it. Ivermectin, other parasite treatments, antibiotics, enzymes, diatomaceous earth, essential oils, permethrin, bug bombs, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, neem, steam cleaning everything with a professional grade steamer, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, Lysol, ammonia, (not at the same time lol), changing our diet, supplements, seeing doctors, calling in exterminators, bought brand new mattresses with encasements, threw out half of our belongings, but in the end NOTHING was resolved.

I’m no longer dealing with this but I think I’ve come to the conclusion on what our issue was anyway. I highly, highly urge anyone dealing with this to make sure your home doesn’t have a source of mold that you may not be aware of.

It’s unbelievably frustrating when everyone thinks you’re insane, and you start getting in that dark place. Nothing like that has ever happened to me before but I’ll never forget it. Even if you think you don’t have mold, do a thorough inspection, and if you have connected floors/walls with neighbors, see if you can figure out if they do. Not only can mold cause so many skin/body/mind issues mimicking a variety of parasites, but it also is very attractive to many different kinds of mites, bugs, etc. Mold mites being an obvious one.

JW Homecare explains that “Mold growing on any surface in the home will release additional spores. Ultimately, that will then travel and spread to other areas of the house. With mold traveling through the air, it can get into heating ducts, people’s skin, clothing, shoes, shopping bags, and even on the fur of a family pet.”

It turned out all of our efforts were useless because the inside of our walls were completely infested with mold and our place had to be condemned. On the outside it mostly looked ok, but it wasn’t. At all. Even if you only have a moisture problem but no mold yet, GET A DEHUMIDIFIER, dry everything out. Save yourself a potentially massive headache. Once we were out of there it took awhile STILL for our symptoms to subside and to stop finding stuff in our hair and skin but eventually it did in fact subside. Depending on how long you’ve been exposed, your mold sickness can take awhile to recover from. I’m not saying this is the case for everyone. I also found ticks in my hair. I originally thought I had lice until I realized I must’ve walked into a tick nest, or we actually also had wood ticks living in our home.

Morgellons was originally thought to be a delusional diagnosis, but new research has shown for some very sane individuals that there is in fact a link to Lyme Disease and the others that can co-exist with it, having to do with the bacteria that gets into your bloodstream.

I strongly suggest looking into these things before you drive yourself into a darker depression or state of hopelessness. We got rid of almost everything we owned, got a new place and started fresh. With the exception of a couple of old bags of clothes. We eventually stopped having problems but not that long ago I opened up one of those bags looking for an old t-shirt and felt the unmistakable sting of what feels like a bite but isn’t, and saw the little threads of hairlike things attached in there. It made my skin flair up for the rest of the day and I ended up throwing it out. No problems since though.

Even if you don’t see anything obvious like water marks, white spots, black spots, or anything damp, it’s worth inspecting insulation, fixtures, etc to see if there is even a small leak or some source of moisture that’s causing an issue. Mold sickness is actually no joke and I’m so, so, so, relieved to be away from one of the worst 2 years of my life. And it certainly didn’t involve getting on an antipsychotic.

You’re not alone, but please consider looking into your surroundings. Mold attracts the mites, the roaches, and all sorts of things. Leading you to jump from one conclusion to the other. If it’s not in your walls or something else, make sure you don’t own something {harboring the mold}. Make sure there isn’t some cardboard or paper that’s molded somewhere. Check your window sills. Your air units. Make sure you don’t have a cross-contamination in your water system. Like a hose or some other inlet that’s submerged in water. Check underneath your carpeting. Floor boards. It’s no wonder those damn carpet beetles love it too.

Of course it’ll feel like it’s following you until you’ve identified the real source. But almost everything else, including the parasitic symptoms, the mites, while they can be very real, are probably being drawn in by something you may or may not be aware of. Just a few mold sickness symptoms include: skin irritation, skin infection, rashes, itchy red eyes, runny stuffy nose, post nasal drip, headache, dizziness, asthmatic symptoms, brain fog, anxiety, poor memory, body pains, weight gain or weight loss, numbness or tingling in the extremities, metallic taste in mouth, digestive issues, ringing in the ears, significant fatigue, changes in mood, excessive thirst/dehydration (even bedwetting in children), or can even give you symptoms that resemble hormone imbalances like hair loss.

If this helps even one person that would make me so happy. Good luck everyone!”

Reader Discovers Symptoms are Not Parasites but Mold Sickness


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Reader Discovers Symptoms are Not Parasites but Mold Sickness
Article Name
Reader Discovers Symptoms are Not Parasites but Mold Sickness
An All About Worms reader has discovered that the symptoms they were experiencing, including little threads of hair-like things, and the thread-like things stinging them, are not parasites at all but instead turned out to be mold illness caused by previously undetected mold in their house. Ken urges people to consider this possibility and get your house tested for mold.

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Author: The Top Worm

5 thoughts on “Reader Discovers Symptoms are Not Parasites but Mold Sickness

  1. Ken…
    Thank you so much for this article as I’ve been going thru this… All of this for far too long… I’ve never been diagnosed by a physician for the simple fact I don’t wanna end up in a looney bin like I’m convinced most my family believes as well… It’s a lonely lonely long uncomfortable not to mention very risky road to walk alone… Face it…. Or trust me when I say it’s the loneliest way you’ll ever feel…. Everyone thinks you are effing crazy … Don’t believe anything you say cause you lost their attention or reason to believe something is wrong the second you told them about these fibers coming out of our skin…. Which reminds me AMANDA from 2nd comment… These things strings threads that are coming out of our body are actually mold spores… Gr8 now y’all are gonna think I’m crazy too but that’s ok… You can read on it anywhere or Google the question can you grow mold spores in your body or can you produce them in your body…. However you wanna word it but the answer is…. We cannot produce them but they manifest in us… We become the host and I know anyone dealing w or that has dealt w this will agree when I say it’s like facing of w satin himself just invincible version… It’s the scariest loneliest most miserable life threatening humiliating disease/sickness I’ve ever known or heard of… Add a 2 yr old daughter to the mix and I’ll tell you first hand… Sorry to sound morbid… But sometimes it’s so much I wish the damn thing would take me so that my family will finally see the seriousness and severity of it and do something about it or to help you w it before your babygirl is just as sick as you are or were…. It sure as hell sounds easier at this point…. Everything I do and I mean EVERYTHING I do is a thought process… Things as simple as putting a diaper on my daughter…. Getting her ready for bed .. 3hr process… Bathing… Cleaning… Mopping… Changing bedding daily… Not letting anyone else help w baths cause if you rinse or brush hair the wrong way poor babygirl has one of the worst tension like migraines which you also know cause you suffer from them too…. And well it’s just easier to do it all yourself than to try and explain yourself only giving others any validity to believe you are just down right crazy and are on the verge of being admitted into a coocoo bird place… So far this beast has caused all the symptoms you touched on Ken… Along w untreatable hypertension… On a daily mine reads anywhere between 180/90’s to 210/105… Hr 116… No matter if I’m active or just waking up…. (Should I be lucky enough to even get sleep that night) which leads to my 2,3,4,5,6 and, 7th symptom… I have tachycardia (fast heart rate) along w 6 other heart rhythm problems/diseases… W no fix or cure unless I wanna get a difibilator and pace maker since the 6 ablations I’ve gone thru have not held…. They’ve blown thru again before my post opp checkup…. Aside from those being the most crucial effects this crap has done to me … Drs do find reason to believe I need to be tested for neck throat brain thyroid shoulder mouth gum cancer or ones such as lymphoma no big shocker tho as black mold spores contain carsinogen and I kid you not…. The us at one time considered using this in the chemical warfare let that sink in for a minute…. Crazy right it’s amazing how much you’ll find out about this stuff living with it and dealing with it for 5 years I almost feel like there is no cure or won’t be it’s almost too late… Not really sure what will happen I just know that something needs to sooner than later aside from those symptoms I told you about and or diseases I suffer from dental problems back problems kidney problems skin problems that you can’t even explain not to mention changes stress stress stress life is not enjoyable I wouldn’t wish this upon anybody not even my worst enemy thank you so much again Ken as you made me feel not so alone and I’m not the only crazy one in the world LOL and I also hope you don’t mind me posting the fact that I do know about it I’m just trying to spread the information because as you know you feel like you are losing your mind when you’re going through this so any information I can share as well I feel might help somebody and show the severity of it I’m so glad you overcame this beast and I will be sure to keep you and you all posted with any newer hopefully upcoming events with getting better and recovering from this crap God bless you all and you’re not alone!!!
    Also not that I’m a doctor or any kind of position or or assistant for that matter not even a student just been doing a lot of research for a long time and I wouldn’t share information if it weren’t factual but should anybody need help or have a question and if there’s any way I can help feel free to email me [email protected]

  2. I just want to add that if you don’t believe me, I still keep a video of my hair shooting straight up on the side of my head. Mold spores multiply, and they can stay airborne indefinitely getting into everything and onto you. If you’re immune compromised they can complicate existing conditions or make a home causing fungal infections. They don’t die with extreme temperature but can be temporarily inactivated with very cold temperatures or with very dry environments. Ask yourself why your moving hair seems so attracted to moisture! When it touches your skin or stays in contact with your skin, it can resemble a sting like bite that seems to be invisible or only leaves evidence of a mark. Not to mention you can develop an issue with other microscopic & non-microscopic organisms because of mold or a moisture issue. Systemic infections are hard to treat and often difficult to identify for this reason and many others. My son’s sicknesses & chronic allergies started disappearing only 5 months after starting fresh. It can take way longer than that for some people, and displays differently for others. Also, this website is awesome for posting this so that people can be informed enough to explore this option. I wouldn’t have believed me either if I heard it from the outside. We even bought an ozone machine & air purifier. It’s all a bandaid until you treat the causes. I’m sorry if this isn’t the case for you but if it is I hope you finally got some answers. If you can’t find the source, get your air quality tested. If you’re wondering why it seems so attracted to your phone or increases near EMF producing devices, you might also be interested to know that EMF can increase mycotoxin production. The more you know. Test your water too while you’re at it. I still keep photos/videos so feel free to email me: [email protected]

  3. Still doesnt explain how these thread like hairs are excreted from the poors of the body and can move and sting and multiply

  4. this is a beautiful article! I know this battle very well. The biggest problem is no body sees the problem they only want to see that you are crazy. I have witnessed so many suffer at the hands of their own loved ones who refused to believe that their environment was making them sick. Hypersensitivity is a very real struggle in a lot situations.
    thank you for talking about this

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