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Black, Hairlike Organisms Cause Welts on Woman’s Skin; What Resources She Can Use to Find Help

A woman in Sydney, Australia recently moved house and has been finding all sorts of bugs and creatures in her home, including the organism pictured below. She describes it as a "little, black hairlike thing" and she has found it all over her house; she wonders what it might be and seeks our answers. Continue reading [...]

Man Plagued with Organisms for Two Years; Where he Can Go for Help

"Can you identify these please?" asks this reader in Olean, New York who has been plagued by these organisms for almost two years. His dermatologist says he is better off getting help from an exterminator to diagnose his skin ailment. Continue reading [...]

How to Find a Doctor to Test and Treat You When You Have Worms or Parasites in Your Body

"I was wondering if you know of any doctor in my area for me to go get tested for these parasites" asks this reader from Wichita, Kansas. He wonders "who would really help [him], unlike the rest of the doctors who just automatically dismiss [him] even though [he] could actually have a parasitic infection". Continue reading [...]

Woman With Rashes Suspects Worm- and Fluke-like Creatures are to Blame

"PLEASE HELP ME" begins this reader in her submission, in which she details a "form of infestation" she has been dealing with for three months. Our reader has been to see multiple medical professionals with no luck in treating what she suspects to be the real problem, and she asks for our help in identifying what that problem may be. Continue reading [...]

This Woman Wonders Where She, Her Dog and her Family Can Receive Medical Attention for Potential Hookworms

"Where can I get help?" is the first thing this woman writes in her submission, posing the question that many face when they are concerned about parasite-related health concerns. This reader in particular is concerned about a "hookworm" that "came out of [her] dog" which has spread to her and her family members. Continue reading [...]

Man Worries the Spots on His Body May Be Caused by Something Under His Skin

"Can it get on or in a man's blood and skin? Because I have [...] different spots on my body." asks this man in his one-line query. No photos or more context accompany his question, but we will do our best to help our reader with his issue. Continue reading [...]
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