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Earthworm In Toilet From Pipes Not Humans

A reader recently sent us this message, "I found this worm in my toilet. I am fairly sure it is an earthworm but I'm not an expert. What do you think? My wife is freaked out and would like reassurance that it hasn't come out of one of us. It was still alive in the toilet. I took it out and put it in a box. It was still alive about 15 hours later." The first photograph he sent shows the creature placed next to measuring tape, so we can see that it is about 3-4 cm long: In addition to its size, we can see from the photo that the worm is a purple/brown color and has a thin, segmented body. We agree with our reader's identification; this is an earthworm! Not only do all the physical characteristics of this worm match with an earthworm, the location of discovery is also a normal place to Continue reading [...]

Worm In Shower Likely An Earthworm, Not A Parasite

One of our readers discovered a worm in his shower that he thought might be parasitic. We are confident that the creature is actually an earthworm. Earthworms aren't considered to be dangerous or harmful, so our reader has nothing to worry about! Continue reading [...]

How Long Can Earthworms Live Underwater?

A reader asked us how long earthworms can live underwater. There isn't a clear-cut answer to this question because it depends on the oxygen level of the water and the worms, but in general earthworms can be expected to live for about 2 weeks submerged underwater before they drown. Continue reading [...]

Reader in Oregon Finds Giant Earthworms

One of our readers wrote to inform us that he found some rare giant earthworms in Oregon. This is an incredible feat and we are very happy that our reader has shared this worm experience with us! Continue reading [...]

What Is Worm Discovered After Steady Rain?

A reader sent us a photograph of two creatures she noticed on the side of her house after steady rain. We believe that one of these creatures is an earthworm and that the other is a leopard slug! Continue reading [...]

Worms Coming From Tile Cracks Might be Earthworms

A reader sent us photographs of some long worms he found crawling between the cracks on his tile floor. We believe he is dealing with earthworms, and he might need to caulk his tile floor in order to get rid of these organisms. Continue reading [...]
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