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Pink Worms With Dark Entrails in Shower Could Be Sexually Immature Earthworms

"There have been three occasions that when my husband showers, I find these worms in the shower and don't know if they are parasites," a reader writes in her query. One of these worms is pictured below, and appears to be pink in color, with semi-transparent skin revealing a long dark strand of entrails running the length of its thin, long body. Continue reading [...]

Beige-Pink Worm Found in Toilet in Nepal is an Earthworm

"I rescued this guy from my toilet in a 4th floor apartment," says this US resident about the worm she found during her visit to Nepal. The organism in the photograph appears to be mostly beige in color, with brown and pink accents along its body, has a segmented, elongated body, and is quite long in relation to our reader's fingers. Continue reading [...]

Long, Dark and Striped Worm in Toilet is a Pheretima Earthworm

A black and white-striped worm of considerable length was found by this reader in his toilet in the morning. After finding our website, which "seem(s) to be an authority on worms!" (thank you very much), he hopes we can tell him if the worm is anything to worry about. Continue reading [...]

Worms Crawling on to Cement to Avoid Moisture May Be Earthworms or May Not – Here’s How to Get More Accurate Worm Identification

Worms found on this reader's concrete are disturbing her as they "come to get away from water" and "dry up". She says she cannot "get them off" and asks what she should use to fix this problem. Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

Plastic Waste Harms Not Only the Soil, but the Worms Too

We all know that the trash we throw out on a daily basis has unfortunately played a big role in laying waste to our planet. One material that is especially toxic to our Earth is plastic. Not only does plastic harm our soils, but also the worms in them. Continue reading [...]

Worm Studies Tell Us About the Nature of Death

Death is one of the greatest mysteries of life; we grieve it, we run from it, and many are trying to solve it. Surprisingly enough, studies into the process of death in worms have given us a lot of insight into how death might work for humans as well. Continue reading [...]
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