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Reader Finds Snakefly Larvae Around Her Home

We have identified the brown and white creature our reader found as a snakefly larva. We hope that cleaning up and keeping her doors and windows shut will help eradicate these specimens. Continue reading [...]

Pink and Translucent Worm Discovered in Toilet

One of our readers found a pink and translucent worm in his toilet. We think the creature looks a little bit like an earthworm, which readers find in their toilets all the time, but since he is concerned about his health, we encourage him to see a doctor to find out if the worm is something to worry about! Continue reading [...]

Worm With Antennae and Tiny Legs Is A Centipede

The dead creature our reader found in her bathroom is a centipede. These arthropods are commonly discovered in homes and shouldn't be a cause for concern. Continue reading [...]

Is Rash From Bug Bite In Greece?

We believe the creature our reader found in her jeans is a carpet beetle larva, which is a common household pest! Also, while the rash she has might be related to the carpet beetle larva, we can't confirm this or weigh in on the matter because we aren't medical professionals. Continue reading [...]

Little White Worms Are Likely Mealworms

We believe the white worms our reader found on her counter are mealworms. We don't think these larvae are related to her husband's cat, but if she is worried about the health of the cat we encourage her to bring it to the vet! Continue reading [...]

Where Are Earthworms Coming From?

One of our reader's reached out because she has found earthworms in her bathtub on several different occasions. We think they might be coming from her drain, and we encourage her to hire a plumber to have a look around. Luckily, earthworms aren't known to carry or transmit human diseases! Continue reading [...]
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