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Worm on Mattress is Carpet Beetle Larva

We believe the orange creature our reader found in his bed is a carpet beetle larvae. He should start the daily cleaning regime we laid out above ASAP to ensure he doesn't end up dealing with an infestation. Continue reading [...]

Reader Finds Clear Worm in His Cheek

We aren't sure about the clear worm our reader found in his cheek. We aren't able to weigh in on medical matters since we aren't medical professionals, so we encourage our reader to visit a doctor. We wish him the best of luck! Continue reading [...]

Brown Caterpillar Discovered Hiding in Broccoli

Today we responded to a reader who found a brown specimen on some store bought broccoli. We agree with our reader that the creature is likely a cutworm, which is a type of caterpillar. Continue reading [...]

Orange Worm Remains a Mystery

Today we will attempt to answer the classic question, "What is this?" Along with the question, our reader sent a photograph of a small orange worm-like organism on what appears to be some sort of linen. Continue reading [...]

Dead Worms in Carpet Might be Carpet Beetle Larvae

One of our readers found some dead creatures in a carpet she recently bought. We believe these are carpet beetle larvae, which are known as household pests. We recommend she clean the carpet before installing it just in case there are living carpet beetle larvae in it that could spread to other parts of her home! Continue reading [...]
earthworm in dirt

Reader Pops Worm To Find White Goo

Today we responded to a reader's message about two worms she discovered. Due to the limited information provided, we were unable to identify these worms or fully answer our reader's question. Continue reading [...]
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