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Worms Found Near Dry Food Are Pantry Moth Larvae

We believe the creatures our reader found in her home are pantry moth larvae. These food pests can be quite a nuisance so we encourage our reader to start following the steps to eliminate them as soon as possible! Continue reading [...]

What Is Worm on New Foam Mattress?

A reader found a worm on her brand new mattress. We think the creature is probably a pantry moth larva that was living in the box before it arrived at our reader's home. As long as it is just a single organism, we don't think she needs to worry so much about finding it. If she does find more of these larvae, she might want to reach out to the mattress company for a new mattress! Continue reading [...]

Worm Under Dog Bed Is Probably Moth Larva

Our reader found a worm-like organism under his dog's bed that we think is either a pantry moth larva or a palm flower moth larva. Between these two options, we believe it is more likely that he is dealing with a pantry moth larva. Continue reading [...]

Worm in Bedsheets Could be Pantry Moth Larva

One of our readers discovered a small yellow larvae in her bed. We think this could be a pantry moth larva, especially since she noticed moths in her pantry. Getting rid of these larvae requires some thorough cleaning, but their presence shouldn't be a source of worry. Continue reading [...]

Potential Indian Meal Moth Larvae Infestation

A reader reached out to us because she discovered some Indian Meal Moth Larvae in a new bag of dog food. She wanted to know the likelihood of an infestation. Since she threw out the bag after discovering the larvae, we don't think it is very likely that she will experience an infestation. Continue reading [...]

Worms in Guinea Pig Food Are Indian Meal Moth Larvae

One of our readers came across a few small larvae in some guinea pig food. These creatures are Indian meal moth larvae, which are common household pests! Continue reading [...]
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